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Tips for making penis smaller

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by littlecuck, May 26, 2017.

  1. Natural loss of testosterone, heart medication and gradual feminization have done the trick. I now have a limp 2" dicklet that my wife adorns with a pretty pink bow and calls a clit.
  2. I empathize with this question, I think the pens and testicles are horrible and ugly, they also prevent you having nice lines when you wear a tight skirt. I was looking into herbal supplements and some were supposed to help but I never pursued it.
    I would love to shrink down half the size I am...
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  3. As would I. That insightly scrotum is the problem. Would love to be neutered.
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  4. Wow, interesting thread...

  5. What would you do in our position?
  6. I'm very far away from "that position" so it is difficult to answer that. My opinions are coming from the opposite end of the spectrum. I comprehend it obviously but I won't pretend that I can relate or that I truly understand the desire for it.
  7. please what is that man saying. i cant hear him.
  8. He's saying 'wow', jem.
  9. oh is that all. thank you anyway.
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  10. Me too, but I imagine we would be locked up as being mentally unstable if we even asked the question.
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  11. Weight Gain but then it's pretty unattractive.
    Age. I swear, i feel like i lost a good 3cms from my 16cm when i was in my 20s, i am in my 30s and it is smaller by that much. I am not caged that often that it would make a difference. I didnt gain weight. And we have sex regularly. So i think aging does shrink it. I must say, i wouldnt mind it smaller still as my wife is really great at humiliating me due to my size..
  12. They cut on of the muscles to make it larger, and there is a chance it can be limp. Also removal of the balls can get rid of hard-ons.

    My dream shrink is down to newborn size, but seems only with two years of drugs and becoming girly is the only thing close.