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Tips for making penis smaller

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by littlecuck, May 26, 2017.

  1. Aloha

    my Queen and I were curious if there were any tips/tricks to making your penis/testicles shrink without too much risk of bodily harm (safe methods plzz). currently locked in about a 1inch cage.

    thanks in advance
  2. update: After a little surfing i found a product called androease and calm made by the phoenix project or evanescence or something. just curious if anyone had experience with these and what the possible side effects. :p
  3. May i ask why you want a smaller penis?
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  4. I guarantee there has been zero research, or money spent delving into how to make this happen. Not a real large market
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  5. I think there are only two ways that I know of. 1. get fat and old. 2. take female hormones but even then its ymmv.
  6. Living example here. Keep it constantly locked for 5 years in a chastity device smaller then when it is flaccid and develop atrophy. It becomes smaller earn flaccid and also will not get any harder then the length of the small chastity device. Balls however remain the same.
  7. Yes, being caged for a long long time will certainly help in my experience with reducing its size both when flaccid and hard . but the balls not so much as they are not being emptied so often : )

    Careful application of anything ice cold will certainly make the little chap retreat taking its balls with him until warmer conditions return.

    Or buy a very large car!!
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  8. Nice yeah it scares me to mess with hormones but I love being caged. Just wasn't sure if it would cause atrophy. And My queen and I want it smaller because why not?
  9. At 16 I had a 6.5" penis that was thick. I was only 114 lbs so it looked bigger on my body. When I married, my wife said it hurt her mouth to give oral sex. My girth was perfect for many women who only got their orgasms from clitorial stimulation, which is most women believe it or not. My penis put a lot of pressure on their clitorises so they had quick orgasms. All was fine. I was a bull to a few cuckoldresses, married women sought me out and my wife got all three of her girlfriends to have sex with us to show me off compared to their husbands.
    Then in my 50's I started to gain weight. That formed what is called a fat pad which engulfed most of my penis which is now inside my body so only 1 1/4" shows and sometimes it turtles and you can see nothing. I had to get a custom made Jailbird whose smallest size was exactly the size of my flaccid penis so it is a perfect fit. Old age is also taking its toll. ED problems and after being locked up for so long, My penis looks to be smaller and my sex drive has gone down. I have not had an orgasm in a month and I am not interested in one yet. Must be low testosterone. I went from a 6.5 erect penis to a 3 1/2 " one erection. My wife and girlfriend used to call me big dick and we would go to nude beaches and hold my own so to speak with other guys. Now they call me little dick which I have gotten used to

    None FDA proof products end to not have verifiable proof so they talk a good game as to why not but the real reason is that they cannot get FDA approval. If they were selling something that can shrink or lengthen a penis, the FDA would be all over it and ban it until it was tested by them.

    Gain a lot of weight and keep your penis locked up for 4 years while waiting for nature to take its toll and voila you have a smaller penis, at least the part that is visible above the fat. This is one big reason we got into chastity. My now small penis and ED problems along with my wife's much lower libidio now that a girl does not share our bed, made chastity a perfect solution for us. It even appealed to my sexual masochistic needs without the whips and chains.
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  10. I have been in chastity for 4 years now. I went from 3 to 5 orgasms per week, masturbating mostly, to maybe a ruined orgasm once a month. My wife/keyholder has increased her orgasms 10 fold, so it is working out! In that time my penis has visibly shrunk, no doubt about it. My first custom device was a Lori's 18a 3 1/4" long 1 1/4" diameter, I now swim in it. I am awaiting a Red Chili Sissy Cage that is closer to 2 1/2" long and 1" in diameter, it will fit just fine. In summary, cage it and stop using it, and it will shrink. Focus on your keyholder, keep her happy and your penis becomes irrelevant anyway. Cheers!
  11. Holy moly this is indeed hot! I loved when i allowed my previous cuck out of his cage to try to fuck me doggy and his penis wouldn't reach throught my ass!
  12. You sound like my dream owner .
  13. SlightlyViolet,

    Wow, I must say you sound like an amazing mistress to offer doggy to your cuckold. On the rare occasions I am rewarded sex with my owner, I am tied to the bed so that she can control everything so I only orgasm if she allows and she can put the cage back on afterwards. If she wants doggy style or anal or anything else, she has her bulls to satisfy her. I must say I love how happy she looks when she is fucked by a nice large cock. Since I cannot give it to her, I am happy to submit and be her loyal cuckold.
  14. I can relate to this as being kept so small in my 2'' cage when I am let out my penis no longer erects enough to allow me to access my mistress via the doggy method either. Its now a little thicker but definitely about 1.5'' shorter due to my enforced caging :-(
    I also find it harder to erect too after being kept in such a small cage for so long as such I now don't try to erect while caged for my own comfort so this too is affecting my ability to arouse and erect.

    Mistress gives me viagra to help me when she wants me to fully erect and this works better :) However I can count on one hand the times per year I am allowed to erect like this anymore.


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  15. What if you want to make your penis smaller when flaccid but not when erect? Obviously as mentioned, there is no extensive research on the topic but from anyone's experience does this happen? Perhaps if I am locked on a regular basis, and gradually moved to smaller cages, but still granted erections on a semi regular basis. My wife still loves the idea of my raging thick hard on but I love the thought of a humiliating lying small locked cock for my wife.
  16. 2 easiest way i know of.
    1 - Get fat :D the fatter you become, the more fat will grow out around your penis. so it's not rly making it smaller, but because of the fat it looks and feel smaller, Also this works the other way if you are already fat and think your dick is small, just loose wight and you will see a noticable diffrence.
    2 - use a smaller and smaller cage that acually restricts the erection, many cages does acually allowed for a whole or partially erection, but if it's 100% not giving you and erection u can just use a smaller and smaller cage, the sponge tissue thingy that is inside your penis that makes it hard and makes it grow will in a way "shrink" over time if no blood ever gets down there. it pretty much works as a normal sponge. aa dry sponge is WAY smaller than a wet one.
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  17. Finasteride 5mg for 10 years plus -tiny, no erection and no cum. -- perfect
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  18. i don't think getting fat is a very good thing to do really. @Youngling@Youngling
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  19. I do believe the "use it or lose it method" is effective. Keep it locked up, ignored and erection/masturbation free and it will start to shrink...at least this has been the case with mine. I often find my little clitty in my panties with the the head retracted back into the foreskin (I am circumcised) and it presenting a stub of 1" or less.
  20. I totally agree that keeping the subs penis caged and not allowing them to erect will over time reduce the size and ease at which they can then erect and make it quite difficult for them to erect as forcefully as their pre caging capability. My mistress has also increased her girth around her rear which means a small penis has no real chance of penetrating her. As such the very few times I am allowed to erect I am given Viagra to help me erect to a size that will give me a chance to penetrate her. Keeping the subs penis caged within a very small device and not allowing the sub to erect will over time will affect their performance and ability to erect unaided. I have also found that not being allowed or freely able to erect causes me to mentally now not even try anymore as it is pointless and frustrating so I concentrate on other stimuli that is available like my rear is still accessible and mistress allows me to be serviced anally as long as I am caged which she sees as a pathetic sissy like performance with me dribbling out of a cage being anally serviced so it also re enforces her other requirement for me to be seen and used as a sissy and hence asked to dress like one.
    Still I am happy that I am controlled in this way as erections are now hard to maintain and the cage is a relief meaning I do not have to perform on demand an act I feel I would now struggle with so I am grateful that my mistress has decided to feminise me and keep me caged.

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  21. Have you bought the androease? and if so, how did it work out?
  22. Increasingly smaller cages and when/if you do get out to clean inspect etc . keep it brief and avoid getting erect whilst doing this... stand on Lego or something else painful you will be amazed at how quick you can get in and out. . In time your penis will shrink as already mentioned.

  23. Mock your cock up and don't take the cage off for a very very long time. You won't have to worry about how big it is or if it's shrinking because it will only be used to pee out of.
  24. As i've aged, it seems I've undergone a hormonal change (without any drugs or supplements) and now my body no longer grows hair beneath my chin, my skin is much softer, my attitude is much more mellow and my penis is smaller, too! At the same time, my wife has been feminizing me and I feel that is accommodating the feminine feelings that I get with increasing strength and frequency! I am loving it!

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