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Tips for getting the base ring off?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by chasteta, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. So I know there was a thread recently about base rings being too tight during sex but I didn't find many tips about how you get the damn things off. :)

    I'm in a MM Jailbird with a pretty tight double base ring. It's a half-size smaller than my previous ring which I found was allowing a lot of slippage. The new double ring is very comfortable and secure during normal wear. My cage is 2 7/8" long so it's fairly heavy. I'd like to go shorter but I'm still working on it, not much you can do when you're 3 1/2" flaccid.

    So this spawned because I'd never actually gotten erect in only this new ring. As a rule I really try to get the base ring off because I'm not fond of the feeling of having an erection with it on. Furthermore it's almost impossible to get the cage back on again without having an orgasm and getting soft.

    Last night my keyholder was teasing me and decided she was going to allow me an orgasm. I mentioned the issue about the base ring (she's still learning a lot about how the cage works, for me). Since I was already really straining in my cage I put a little bit of lube on my shaft around the base ring. I took the cage off and then tried for the base ring... that was a no-go. I think it was a combination of how excited I was and that the lube actually made it hard to grip the skin behind the base ring and pull the shaft out. And after 30 seconds or so I'm at a raging erection due to not having come for so long and the base ring acting as the tightest cock ring ever. So it's absolutely not coming off at this point.

    Anyway we proceeded as normal. My cock was really purple and I only had maybe a 1/2" of play for stroking before the base ring pulled the skin on my shaft taught. When I was told I could come I did... but no semen. Apparently the base ring was so tight it restricted it and caused a retrograde ejaculation (when semen goes into your bladder).

    And I'm not getting soft. Yeah, it was so tight I wasn't able to lose my erection, even after orgasm. So I'm kind of freaking out. I'm going to have to go to the fucking emergency room and have them cut this thing off. I sat down on the toilet and tried to pee. Eventually I figured out by pulling up on the ring and toward my body and pushing down on my shaft I created a little bit of extra room and I could soften a bit. After 5 minutes a little semen came out and after 10 minutes I was able to finally get the damn thing off along with releasing a (yes, very gross I know) piss/semen mixture.

    I'm considering going back up a half size and having that made into a double ring to see if it helps. Regardless I don't think I'm comfortable having that happen again so I'm looking for a way to make sure I can get the ring off.

    tl;dr If you're straining hard and take your cage off, how do you make sure you can get the ring off, too?
  2. Normally there is never any need to remove a base ring once fitted.
    In your case it sounds as if it's simply too small to begin with.
    A well fitting base ring should allow for an erection (with bearable discomfort) and for penetrative sex ( when rotated so that any pins or fittings are re located behind the scrotum).
    A correctly fitting base ring should not only assist im maintaining an erection but also allow the wearer to ejaculate.
    A little discomfort during sex will help you to perform for longer before ejaculating or perform for longer without ejaculating.

    In my opinion you should definitely consider going up half a size
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  3. Ice it down or just take it off before sex. I started out wearing the base ring but saw no purpose in it and as you noticed, difficult to remove. If you want a cock ring get one of those that tighten like a noose and easily taken off.
  4. I'm open to the possibility it is too small however the half-size larger ring does allow for more slippage during day-to-day wear. That makes it more uncomfortable overall and if I get erect like that I get the classic "balls taken for a ride" problem by the shaft that's now behind the base ring. That being said I'm not sure if I've actually worn the larger one after having my cage shortened, now that I think about it. I'll have to wait until my KH is home to try it but it's worth a shot.

    I've heard pretty mixed opinions about wearing it as a cock ring but if I could find one that works as you described I'd be very happy. I like the idea of my discomfort increasing my performance and, consequently, my keyholder's pleasure.

    Also considering having the half-size larger ring I mentioned made into a double ring. I can only find $100 out of my budget every couple months though to make these adjustments, so the process is slow. Thank you for your input.

    I've tried the ice trick in the past and found it usually as the opposite effect on me. I like CBT so the cold pain is a turn on for me. I haven't tried it in the context of chastity though so I guess it's worth a shot.

    Yeah I don't currently want to use the base ring as a cock ring. This particular instance was involuntary. :|
  5. Try pushing the shaft of your penis into your abdomen until you can slip the head behind the ring and get it outside the ring.

    Then slip your testes out one at a time.
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  6. I've tried this and while it can work while I'm semi-erect, it's pretty much impossible to do with a 7.5" fully erect cock. :/
  7. I just outlined the purpose of it Vinny. In detail.
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  8. @chasteta@chasteta I have had similar experiences to you. A very small base ring has its advantages when you're wearing the cage as you pointed out. It keeps everything in place better, and is more secure preventing pullout. I have a Lori 2a with a very small base ring and small cage (touching all sides all the time. No growth possible). It took some getting used to, but now that my body has adjusted, its comfortable and much more secure than a larger device.
    So I have attempted sex a few times with the base ring on and like you, found it unbearable after we got going. I was in pain and turning purple. My advice is to be quick. As soon as the cage slides off, push the shaft down and through. If you don't make it in time, reverse the order of your story: You said 'We proceeded as normal' and then later you said "after 10 minutes I was able to get the damn thing off". So simply reverse that: wait the 10 minutes first and then proceed as normal. You may need ice or a distraction during those 10 minutes as well, and hopefully this doesn't kill the mood... but that's my advice.
    Good luck!
  9. Yeah that was 10 minutes after an orgasm. If I hadn't been permitted one, I don't know that I'd ever have been able to get soft enough. Usually I'm totally flaccid well before the 10 minute mark after an O.
  10. I would say that the base ring is to small ... I understand that you choose that size to support the weight of the cage ... I personally found that having the base ring at a size that is described by others above is better ... and I found that any cage that allowed an erection (meaning that enough force was being applied to the cage by the penis growing so as to drag the base ring away from the body and pull on the testicles) was a cage that is too big. I'm 7 inches erect and 2.5 - 3 normal flaccid ... but when I got a cage to fit those flaccid measurements I needed a base ring that was to small to support every thing. So I tried different sizes and found that a cage (2 inches) that 100% prevents erection (as defined above) allowed for a correct fitting base ring. There is a down side to a cage that fits like this, because my penis is forced into a cage that represents the smallest size my penis ever gets (you know when you are not turned on in anyway and its freezing cold and your penis is shrived up to try and stay warm ... lol), there are lts of skin folds and even though I wear a looker 01 that allows access VERY well for cleaning there is no way to get in all the creases effectively. So you will have to remove the cage more often for cleaning ... or do what I did buy a hot tub and go sit in it everyday ... when sitting in the hot tub soaking every day for 10 minutes (or more) I can go weeks without removal of the cage and hygiene is not an issue.
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  11. Trying to get the base ring off when fully erect is not an easy task, and I’m pretty small. For us it’s all about timing. From the moment she unlocks me and takes the cage portion off, I have a few seconds where my penis is confused with it’s newfound freedom. While in its dazed state is the time to hurry and get that thing off.

    I’ve had plenty of times where she tried, and missed my moment, and said we will just have to leave it on.

    That being said, it didn’t prevent ejaculation(maybe subdued with less volume). So I agree that the ring is a bit too tight, but since it is comfortable for you, I wouldn’t suggest going too much shorter.
  12. It can't hurt to try lube. If it helps to get the base ring on, it should help to get it off.
  13. Thanks for your input, everyone. I've moved up to the 1/2 size larger single base ring that I mentioned and it seems like it's still supporting everything fairly well. Despite only being 1/16" larger in diameter it is like night and day in terms of how easy it is to get on. I don't think I'd tried it since having the cage shortened, perhaps I was using a smaller base ring to compensate for a cage that was too large. I think I might give it a shot to have a double base ring made in this size instead.

    Yes mine is also over half an inch shorter than I am flaccid so I do get those skin folds you mentioned. I haven't had any hygiene issues yet but I might if I went smaller. I'm not able to get a full erection by any stretch. My skin is making gentle contact with the bars at all times and my glans rests against the end of the cage, pretty much everything I've read a well fitted cage should look like.. Despite that I still seem to have a lot of "straining" during tease sessions. I like the aesthetic and if the double base ring helps I'd be happy to stay this way.

    Mostly I don't know if I can or should go shorter/wider, just shorter, or the same length but more narrow. All of them have upsides and downsides in my book and 2 would involve trying new cages. I can't find any non-custom cages in my size that fit this criteria and I'm not at a point in my life yet where I can justify spending $700 on custom cages just to "try" a new size. :p

    Yeah the fact that it was so tight I didn't ejaculate was kind of a deal breaker for me. And I really didn't like the feeling of how taught it pulled the skin on my shaft.
  14. Just remember when researching into what is or isn't correct with regard to male chastity that the information you are presented with has been made up by people who are mostly none the wiser than you are and is generally based on their own very narrow field experience and personal preferences.
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  15. You could get advice from someone who has never worn one.
    However they are an expert due to the fact they spoke to someone who has.
    Me I think I would listen to someone who has worn one.
    Who has been through the trial and error of getting the right fit.
    Who knows what the pain of a ball popping out feels like.
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  16. I too have a really hard time with full erections, and especially orgasms, while in only the base ring. When the whole device is on it's fine because not enough growth happens to be an issue, but when just the ring is on and I'm able to grow normally, the ring becomes uncomfortably tight. I don't mind that feeling so much, but it's definitely too tight - can see veins in my shaft bulging, etc. But ejaculation is the worst. It's truly uncomfortable. Very much like having someone grab the root and squeeze hard right as you go. And for what it's worth, my ring is certainly nowhere near tight when I'm in resting state.

    I see a lot of guys who leave it on during sex, so I assume it's different for everyone. Some of us may swell more in girth than others, or even just swell more below the base of the shaft than others. Who knows. I just know its too tight when fully erect.

    You mentioned weight. For other reasons I began to prioritize weight as a factor when finding a device a while back, and I have to say, having a very light device has made a WORLD of difference. I too used a Jailbird, and though not quite as long as yours, the weight was nonetheless a total pain. Just like you, in order to get the ring tight enough to prevent the thing sliding down like crazy (and provide any semblance of security), it had to be so tight that I could barely stand it when erect in the ring only, and orgasming in it was downright painful. A lighter device will do you a world of good in this regard. But even so, you may simply not be built to tolerate much constriction down there when fully erect.

    I simply have to take it off if we're going to have sex. If left on it's a decent deterrent to orgasm though. But generally, even if we have to stop for a minute for me to calm down enough to get it off, that's what we do.
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  17. Yes, of course. Individual anatomy varies and experiences are subjective. However especially in an area like chastity where no one has funded (or probably ever will, but it'd be nice!) multi million dollar studies with thousands of individuals there is essentially no scientifically backed information available. In the face of such a dearth of knowledge the best I can do is take the averages and common themes out of the aggregate information I've read. I'm then left to apply that to my own situation, because anything else would be random whereas this is at least a moderately educated guess.

    However you're right, I should have phrased it more closely to "what seems to be what many people agree a well fitted cage looks like" or similar.

    Yeah I really didn't like the feeling of the orgasm with the ring on. Not only could I not stroke normally but it felt very constrained when I came. The orgasm wasn't very intense at all and if anything I felt like there was more pressure inside me. I'm happy to remain sexually unsatisfied for my keyholder as long as she deems fit but that "pressure" from not ejaculating is to some degree a physical need that requires alleviation.

    Mine (now the 1/2 size larger single ring) isn't very tight when I'm resting. I easily pass the finger test. I think my anatomy is working against me here as I've always had issues with rideout no matter what device I've tried. It seems like somehow even if it's flush against my body shaft will appear behind the ring. The double ring definitely helped with this since it's essentially the same with the extra ring sitting further back than would normally be covered, but it did not completely fix it by any stretch.

    That's interesting about the weight. I had a Ghost from Custom Chastity and I did love how light it was but the vents actually ended up abrading my shaft to the point that it drew blood. It was 2 weeks until I could get back into my jailbird. :/ My keyholder and I both much prefer the look and feel of steel but I think we're in agreement that a device suited to long term use which can theoretically stay on indefinitely is a higher priority than aesthetics. Honestly I have not noticed the slippage I did before with this ring but I think that's because I had my cage shortened since last time I wore it, so it's both lighter and more grippy on my shaft. Also it's gotten colder here so I'm not hanging as low all the time, and I've thrown out all my boxers in favor of briefs. :)
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  18. Well yes you could seek advice from one man who has had a bit of a go at wearing one or two devices or could even get advice from someone who has coached a great many sumissive males and succesfully fitted them with devices that they hapily wear.
  19. Bless your little heart you actually believe you are more qualfied to answer questions on male chastity.
    I have worked in thebuilding trade 40 years I have known hundreds of Plumbers I have seen them work I have spoke to them. I have even assisted them.
    I am still an Electrician.
    We have been here before hands on beats hear say.
    Its can be dangerous to give advise on something you only have second knowledge of.
    a guy who has wore a device for 48 hours will have more experience than someone who has never wore one.
    All I can say is beware of fake experts.
    A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.

    I have 3 kids am I now an expert on child birth?
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    No Lockit but you are rather an expert at being a xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    This isnt the Lockit and Amanda show, it's a thread about base rings and tumescence. That's such a lovely word isnt it?
  22. As the thread has transitioned and become more of a everyone is different and you will need to trial and error your way to the right fit most likely ... because like me (and others) you are not finding the long term comfort and fit you desire ... I started with off the shelf devices (CB6000 / holy trainer / etc) and quickly found they were not for me ... I then took the plunge and ordered a Jailbird ... while it "fit" it was not quite the right size and I had discomfort under my testicles ... bought a used Jailbird at what I felt was the right size ... and it was a better fit but still the ball irritation under the sac ... I remember a cock ring I had that was anatomical shaped and how well it fit ... so now that I knew the right size and shape and I ordered a Steelworxx looker 01 with an anatomical base ring and that was the magic bullet ...

    My point is as @Mascara^Snake@Mascara^Snake said "you are researching" for you and you are going to have to find what fits your anatomy best ... You are not lucky like some that take a CB6000 out of the box and they are all set.

    The two things that made the correct fit for me was an anatomical base ring and a cage size that did not allow my erection to push the cage away from my body.