CM Policy Time for changes - and some will not like it!

Discussion in 'Site announcements and information' started by Jens, Nov 17, 2016.

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    To All who cares for the future of CM:

    I have had changes and improvements pending for a while now. Busy in my "real life" has made it difficult to allocate the required amount of time.

    But there is also another reason for my hesitation:

    The constant infights between members in here is thankfully not that wellknown to the vast majority of users and visitors, but it does take up a lot of my time, energy and motivation. And Energy and motivation is what I need in order to find any reason in spending time and money on CM.

    I have decided to let go of a couple of members.
    @Mascara^Snake and @Billus. Billus because whenever I tried to get someone to behave, I saw Billus smear all over CM.....

    They are however not the only ones to blame. Absolutely not. Lets just say that they were in the forefront:)
    I happen to know that a lot of the so called nobilities in here - esteemed members - are bad mouthing one another whenever they feel like it. Really really sad to witness.

    I have decided to deal with those who seems to be more occupied with infights - and turning CM into their battlefield. They are welcome to leave CM if they insist on keeping up that unworthy approach. This place is supposed to be fun, helpful, openminded and honest. We should not double-cross one another here on CM, - and we do should not bad mouth one another. If we dislike someones comments or belief we face them and talk it through...
    No one will get kicked for being honest and gentle!

    This is the only way forward for me & CM I'm afraid....

    For those of You who will miss Mascara^Snake I will be happy to post contact information to her. But I have to get her approval first.
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