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Three Month "Break In"?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by davidphd1866, May 28, 2008.

  1. Lately I have noticed a quiet trend towards women wanting we chaste boys to undergo a significant "rite of passage" instead of the gradual increase in lock-up times. Specifically, I am reading that the current "ideal" is to lock a man up for three full months (immediately after fit issues are resolved) without any relief. My understanding is that this three months of "shock therapy" will recalibrate the man towards chastity very thoroughly, thus making his eventual training all that much easier.

    My question is: Do you all agree? Disagree? Please share your thoughts, comments and experiences. My keyholder has all but decided to put me through this three month journey.

    Thank you.

  2. I think its a very individual choice.

    I doubt I will lock my pet up for 3 months solid without any release... but who knows!

    I intend not to have him fully locked until I myself can remove and replace the device. This may be completely unrealistic, or it may just take an awful long time to learn.

    3 months...? What Mistress says, goes, I'm afraid!
  3. :tongue:Whatever Ma'am says is law in our house:tongue:
  4. It all depends on what you're trying to achieve. Some here want the shorter term CB play, others want to go forever. The first may be trying denial for a while to eventually get the bigger and better cums. The latter may be trying for a total sexual tranformation. The sex drive is very powerful. If you block off the 'normal' release, the body will find other ways. The mind follows.

    If you consider the very essence of CBs, it is the male wanting to try an alternative sexuality not involving his genitals....

    I think three months would do this. Depending on the training his primary sexual organs would become his mouth and/or his ass..


  5. Thanks for responding Fred. (and Mistress Watchful, Chastitycuckold)

    I think you make good points. So far, I have "only" been locked for 11 days. (longest without cumming was 37) However, I already feel my mind starting to "transfer" away from the penis and on to other means for its (the mind's) attempts at getting me relief.

    For example, since I have been in chastity off and on for about a year, I find myself fantasizing about intercourse, blow jobs and the like far LESS often. Now, I imagine myself pleasing my keyholder, hoping for prostate massage (not in this house, alas), wondering what cum tastes like, etc.

    You are so right Fred, the mind is the most amazing thing. I am not sure if my keyholder will ultimately hold me to three months or not, but she sure knows that I am prepared to follow her wishes.

  6. David,

    If you do go the three months you might be able achieve the whole body orgasm. This is a tantric thing, but is also discussed in a book, I think, "The Multi-Orgasmic Male". Others may know more about this than I. But I've read that it is totally mind blowing, and goes on and on. That once experienced a male doesn't want to go back to the wham-bam-thank ma'am sort of sex. I think it may be something like where I am after 3 weeks locked down. I'm always on an edge, about 75-90% of the way to the orgasmic peak. Frustrating but pleasurable.

  7. David,
    Experimenting in a loving relationship is always the way to go. Three months seems a little steep to me, but then (not so) short - sharp - shock, eh? Good luck. Fantasy is always differentr from reality. Never loose sight of your well-being (mental as well as physical). A good domme will also have the watchful eye.

    The point has been well made above - what you want to achieve? What you don't say is... Are you both tactile? Do you show affection with touch? My personal feeling is that three months could be a bit distancing, and perhaps more effort should be made to remain close. Touching is the most obvious way this is achieved. However, your relationship may be different, less tactile. How do you then show affection; so then how do you remain 'attached' as a couple? Whatever the way things are, frequent discussion is my recommendation.

    Hope this helps. Again, good luck
  8. Thanks to both Ptathuk and Fred for some more insight.

    Fred, I have on TWO occasions, but only two, felt the whole body orgasm while I was attempting to milk myself. They were incredible and I try to duplicate them from time to time with no success. Perhaps an extended chastity denial experience can make that easier.

    Ptathuk, you are dead on that closeness in the relationship is key. I have found that even the mere talking about it with my keyholder has led to an additional closeness. I can only strive for and hope for more.

    Have a great weekend guys!

  9. I have to once again agree with Mistress Watchful. Everyone is different and what works for some does not work for others. I do not keep My pet locked for long periods of time, I enjoy playing with him LOL
    But I do keep My online slave locked for extended amounts of time, months, last time I think he was up into day 140 something before I let him out, but, he is into long term denial. I would say though, that 3 months is not all that long of a period as long as your Mistress is in tune with your emotional issues, and as long as you dont ruin it by getting moody!
    Start it out as a goal, if it works, Perfect, if you dont make it, you can, and I'm sure will, try again.
    Mistress Michelle
  10. Thank you Mistress Michelle.

    I appreciate your thoughtful reply and feel your comments are precisely the way I should be thinking. Previously you also mentioned the importance to talk about this subject openly with my keyholder. I did exactly that, and you were again right on the money! We had a good conversation and, to my surprise, my keyholder didn't really realize that it was HER pleasure that was most important in the decision-making regarding a three month lock up. She thought it was a negotiation, rather than Her whimsey that matter most.

    As a result, she decided that a two month goal was a good starting point COMBINED with her overall assessment of my behavior. If I am doing well, dropping a few lbs, watching my diet, treating her like a queen, etc, then I shall be granted orgasm in about two months. Meanwhile, I shall remain locked (with occasional "out" time for cleaning and bike rides) for about two months from this point.

    Thanks to ALL who also helped chime in on this topic. I appreciate the support.

  11. hi guys iam super new to this sorry:(
    but 3 months in chasity?
    i dont tihnk i can stay a whole day in one just thinking about it.
  12. I've just done my first 3-month stint (self-imposed). I have to say that I could never have done so as a younger man - hell a few days was more than I could manage. I'll say that I'm presently hornier than I've ever been, and loving it. Extended denial can lead to some seriously powerful sensations, even when you're not gettin' any! hehe
  13. At the moment, chastity doesn't interest me beyond playtime, (or maybe 2 weeks before a big session. But of course, that could change. While I may or may not want to have sex with my boy, I prefer the idea of keeping him in a perpetual state of arousal.
  14. slaveron, thats why progression is usually preferred. your body needs time to adjust.
  15. yeh iam just hoping i can start slowely:)
  16. have you thought about looking up ideas on self-chastity? I mean, I realize you'd rather have a lady help you with that, but I think it would help you increase your indurance. And you can be surer, that chastity is part of your ideal dynamic.
  17. I have done numerous 3 months lock up... but they have never been "3 months but in the region of 3 months with the odd 6 month through in and No, you may not ask or I will double it...and still not tell you"

    Having done a number of these, I can suggest why 3 months...

    a) The 1st 2 or 3 weeks are the hardest, then comes a period of anger/bitterness but by 3 months, one becomes desparate... which is the goal I believe..

    b) None of my key holders could last 3 months without real meat

    but it was always 1-2-1 so cyber/cuckold may/will be different.
  18. i swear guys i dont know why but chasity is alittle scary:squigglemouth:
    i mean i can do pain and canes well sometimes canes lol
    and iam so open minded but just that chasity i tihnk ill wait with it:(
  19. nothing wrong with that slaveron. Alot of things that I like now, at 1st I was weirded out by. it's completely normal. it maybe something that just doesn't turn your crank.
  20. slaveron:

    If it bothers you that much, but you still want to try it, creep up on it. I consider the CB as the ultimate bondage, and that's what turns me on.

    Try a CB alone for a while. See where your head goes. There is always a period of adjustment to make everything comfortable. Then try a little longer. I find that after a few days, I start to 'float'. That is, I'm on a sexual high. This slowly builds to a level of about 75% of a cum. With the right partner and teasing, it can get to 90% of a cum. Very enjoyable, and it doesn't end like the post cum letdown. Just goes on and on... Still... not for everyone.

  21. yeh i want to try it bad but i just rather have the key at first, like u said get used to it and adjust it.
    i think i will wait for godess to come back.
    hopefully i can convince her to give me the key and let me get used to it.
    90% shes gonna say NO! but ill try:)
  22. Interesting response Icaraus 101.

    My keyholder apparently DID start me on a three month lock up. (cleanings, bike rides excepted) She just hasn't declared it officially.

    I just finished the three week period that you mention, and, yeah, I am getting a bit irritable. I am very glad you mentioned that you get over that phase.

    Can you elaborate more on what happened or happens regarding the cuckolding journey? Was that unplanned for you? Did the three months lead to it?

    We are not planning on any cuckolding in any way, but your post seemed to suggest a connection to the three month lock up.

    Thanks for writing.

  23. I agree with Mistress Michelle and Mistress Watchful. It is up to the individual and their emotional state. i am in long term chastity myself, it will be one year in August for me. Just be careful what you wish for. but i have accepted it.
    Best of luck
  24. I was seeing my Queen quite often when I ordered my jailbird. It was a poor fit and I had to modify it to make it comfortable. In the meantime my Queen and I parted ways , only because I ignored her texts. ( We don't live together ).
    We saw each other for a week or two at a time for the next year or so.

    One day feeling horny I dug my cage out and put it on.
    As usual it gave me a feeling of great arousal.
    It felt so good I decided to see how long I could wear it .

    After getting used to it , and thinking it could be worn permanently , out of the blue my Queen texted me .
    I was very aroused telling her I was wearing it , and next thing I knew I was back at her feet being whipped and begging to be her sissy bitch gain.

    As I mentioned we don't live together or have a steady relationship.
    A few weeks after being her sissy bitch again ,and caged this time , I became bored with her and took a couple of days off from answering her texts.
    Surprisingly , I wanted my cage on , no matter what our relationship I wanted to keep wearing it .
    Mind you , wearing it prevented me from having orgasms .
    I began feeling like it was a piece of jewellery.
    After a few days off I went crawling back , and now have been with my Queen longer than ever before , and hope to make it my life .
    Regardless of being her sissy or not , I intend to wear my jailbird for the rest of my life , even if I date other Ladies .

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