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Thoughts? Didn't expect to be here.

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by JayDub, May 5, 2017.

  1. So, "we're" married (17 years) 40-somethings. After several false starts, we got properly in to Femdom about 8 years ago, from a discipline perspective. This led to chastity, which She initially rejected (when the cage arrived in the post), but enthusiastically fell in love with the first day I wore it. I'm now locked about 50% of the time. I'm also still spanked (hard and properly) when I piss her off (seems to average about once every two to three months).

    We both travel fairly frequently for work. We have a child. She recently was away for 10 days and I was left unlocked as to solo-parent whilst trying to stay undetected is too risky... however I was ordered to only pleasure myself over the 10 days once. I obeyed this request.

    Upon her return I was rewarded with a hand job before being locked back up. To my surprise She asked what I had fantasised about when I had my one wank while she was away. It had been her cuckolding me with a young black guy... classic BBC. But I didn't have to guts to say it. I just said I'd thought about Her just generally being Domme.

    Three nights ago, after sharing a bottle of wine and being allowed to go down on Her (no orgasm for me), I surprised myself and plucked up the guts to tell Her I had thought about Her fucking a young, hung black guy. Her instant and immediate response was "well I don't want to do that!".

    Last night. I get unlocked as I travel myself for a week later today. She's giving me hand relief and says "So, what's this about thinking about me fucking a black guy?"... I instantly get harder, she notices.
    Me: Well the dude isn't really in focus, it's more about watching you fucking and cumming hard.
    She: Wow. That's a surprise. Why would you want to watch? Why not you make me cum?
    Me: It's a wank fantasy, don't overthink it.
    *she's still vigorously pulling me off.
    Me: Doesn't have to be a black guy, could be any young, athletic (she smiles at this) well hung guy.
    Her: I see. (she's still pulling on me, but doing a bit of a middle distance stare).
    Me: Well, we could be at a fancy hotel, he could be a kind of butler... is this turning you on?
    Her: *laughs nervously* I'm just surprised, but whats not to like?
    Me: So maybe you are in the bath, in the hotel suite, and he comes in to dry you off and help you dress and you notice he's hung and rock hard...
    Her: OK, my head is spinning. I can't believe, I'm not sure. I'm walking you off and you're talking about me fucking another guy...
    Me: Do you find it hot?
    Her: It's too much, my head is spinning. Stop talking about it.
    Me: Are you going to lock me up when I get home?
    Her: Oh yes. 2 weeks.
    Me: with lots of servicing you?
    Her: Oh yes
    ...and the night continues.

    Do you think she'll broach the topic with me again?
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  2. I think she'll do more than Broach the topic with you. Just wait till you get back from your trip and are locked for two weeks. I think your Mistress has a surprise planned. Lol Enjoy. Looking forward to the update
  3. Oh I doubt very much she'd act on it without much more discussion. And, to be fair, I am not sure if I would proceed with anything "real life". But it does seem so that she finds the idea a big turn on... and I'd certainly be willing to have some fun with it as a fantasy concept.
    Either way, I shall leave it to Her to mention again.
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  4. This will make a good caption on Tumblr. I cannot even remember what my wife said last night, what she wore and what we did in bed. You remembered it word for word. Wish I had your memory at my age. I am lucky if I remember what sex is. :)
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  5. Yeah, I think I would remember that little conversation for awhile! Then again, maybe that kind of chit chat is old hat to some people.

    To me that kind of chat would be very exciting but not something I would try too initiate, due to the fact I am not all that comfortable with it becoming reality. No she wouldn't do anything, but just throwing it out there opens your relationship up to it. What would happen if it turns out you lit a fire for it in her, and then you get cold feet or change your mind. There are some things you can't unknow.

    For us, this is something she could tease me with, but not something I would request. Now if you know this is something you want, you are well on your way.
  6. I started wearing a chastity device in October 2015. In December 2015 we were in a motorway service station on our way back to England from our home in Europe. My Wife announced that if I managed to lose weight when I went on my diet in January, she would dress me up in lingerie and give me a night to remember. (I lost a lot of weight, it was an amazing motivator.) I can remember where I was sitting, where she was sitting, the way she leant forwards, the evil grin on her face and the manic giggle she let out at my startled expression.

    I can remember the time not long after when we were out walking our dog and she announced I no longer needed orgasms. I was shocked as I thought she meant I would never have another orgasm. I was relieved to find out she only meant I didn't need them, not that I wouldn't get them.

    I could go on. I could say how I remember when I told my Wife about my fantasy to see her have sex with another man, and then can remember her response, in detail. There are certain conversations that we have had that are burnt into my memory. They stand out because they were something more than run of the mill.
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  7. Very well put. I can't remember your name but I can remember the colour of your stockings