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The Wife Files.

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by LadyS, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. There is a young man who isoften working when I go get groceries.
    I noticed him in December.
    Every time I am at his till he can't take his eyes off me.
    I remember mentioning it to my boy the first time It happened and we both brushed it off.
    Months down the road and the smiles from red are still there.
    I mentiond to my boy about giving the young man my number.
    He shared with me he has already thought about me taking red for a drive.
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  2. That's hot, lucky Red!
  3. I always like to try and think about how us humans Are the one who get to exsist like this.
    Our ability to live life the way we do, evolve they way we have and be civilized.

    The way we have developed ownership over people just as much as we have developed devotion.

    Growing up my babysitter was a young woman(let's call her a cousin) who played a very important part in my life.We weren't related but our familys chose each others to be family. She was very open and shared a lot of things with me. Her pubic hair was the first public hair I remember seeing and what a woman's body Looks like when you grow up.

    My mother was never very open, even talking about your period was a no no.
    I was left to figure out the world of being a woman on my own.

    There is one thing I will never forget this cousin telling me when I was 13 or 14, there was no reason to just have one one boyfriend. I was young and there are so many boys.How would I know who the right one is if I didn't kiss more than one?

    Untill I met my husband I lived by that.

    Befor him,
    I hardly remember a time I only had one boy around.
    I always had more boyfriends than girlfriends.
    I always had some boys bike to ride or a skateboard to steal when I didn't want to walk home. As I got older is was boys with trucks, cigarettes and joints to smoke.
    There was always boys to give me the attention that I wanted but were never good enough and there were always boys I wanted more than they wanted me.

    When I found my boy and we had babies and got married all that changed.He was mine and I was his and only his. He never tried to have friends who were women but I still had friends who were men.
    I couldn't grasp why I had to give up all these people.
    My whole life I had been friends with boys some were very important friendships some where around becuase they were attracted to me and some were just family.
    I knew that I could handle friendships with out it turning sexual becuase I had done it for so long.
    But slowly I stoped talking to the ones who I had been friends with for years becuase I knew I never wanted to be with out my husband. Even if it ment Letting go of things that were important to me and my values.
    My boy would always make comments about how men and women can't be friends and they are only around for one thing.
    He always said he trusted me,just not everyone else.
    I never agreed with that saying, always thought it was bullshit.
    He became very possessive over the years.
    I would want to hang out with girlfriends and we would end up fighting over it, so I just stoped.
    Girls nights were stupid according to him.
    I gave up almost all my friends. I gave up identitying as and individual and fell into the trap of just feeling like a run down mom...
    everything I did was catering to other people. The highlight of my days were getting ready to go to work so I could interact with all the adults.

    Every time I would get down and say I felt like I had nothing in my life my boy would say you have us and that's all you need.
    So I would push it away and tell myself I was being selfish, that him and the kids were more important than me wanting to have time to hang out with friends.
    Our realationship was based around me being submissive to him.
    Except for arguments. No matter what they were about he was always the one who came to apologize. ALWAYS!
    He always begged me to forgive and move on and to love him again.
    Sometimes I would be mad for 3 days and wouldn't talk to him.
    It was the controll that I had.
    I didn't have to talk to him and I still knew he would come begging, every time.

    So many things have changed.
    Although I would never do anything without thinking of his feelings first, I now own him.
    He is my boy, he takes care of me the way a good boy should take care of his misstress.
    I will always make sure he is well taken care of and loved.
    I would never do anythign to hurt him or put or relationship in jeopardy but I will always think about my happiness.
    Becuase I know I deserve it!

    Everything I shared all leads me to my beliefs that
    Humans are social animals. We need to be in packs to be fulfilled in life.
    Led by a woman of corse.
    When I look at my life experiences I always did well in life with a network of men around me.
    There has always been uncles or my dad, cousins and friends that I could call on to come take care of any task.
    The older I get, the more I learn about myself, I realize I have always had dominant qualities.

    It seems so right that our relationship has found it's way here.

    We have recently learned about collaring a sub.
    This has something that has really sparked something in my boy so much that the other day he asked it was something I might be interested in.
    I did a bit of reading and learning about what it means.
    I am very interested in this new direction.
  4. Man, I was a dick when I was younger.
    I am sorry and I love you.
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  5. A weekly update.

    It amazing what a couple of weeks with out any orgasm will do for a man.
    Besides one day of laziness this week, he was almost a perfect boy.
    It was his second week of afternoon shift and after reciving some heart wrenching news at the end of last week he held himslef together very well.
    He was caring and loving and desperate to please.
    He woke me up a few time after work this week for some loving,mostly he just wanted to smell me I think.
    There was a lot of bottom worshiping this week. He has been in very submissive state spending more time on his knees than usual.
    We talked about me having other experiences with other men and where we both sat with that.
    He also talked about how he would prefur to not share me but if it's something I really want to do I should. I said that's ok ... we have a lot of life left to try a lot of different things. And just because you have the whole cake doesn't mean you have to sit down and eat it all at once.
    I deffintaly want to make sure our relationship is the most important.
    However I have been thinking of starting up an old friendship again.
    I think it would be nice to have the friendship again and if my boy doesn't want it back then it will be a tease for him to wonder what I might be doing out on my lunch date.

    We have been a lot of him getting his frenum pierced in hope of moving into a tube device.
    He really doesn't want to get a PA and I'm not forcing it.
    I am however heavily considering it.

    Yesterday we snuck off to bed for a little snuggle and rest time... now we all know nap time is never really for nap time. It turned into me having a very pleasing time.
    Hubby really almost had his whole hand in me this time.
    He was on a mission to ruin my pussy and boy was he doing a wonderful job at it.
    He said it was just a hole begging to be opened and filled.
    There was no orgasm at the end of the day yesterday but it didn't even matter.
    I felt almost euphoric. My whole body had pins and needles and my legs forgot how to work.

    I was still debating what to do over this lazy day when he left all the chores for me to do.
    I had mulled over the idea of spanking him. He took it upon himself to tell me I could spank him , that lead me to believe that he wanted a spanking. So instead I decided to give him one ruined orgasm and tell him that I won't even be concidering giving him another orgams untill he is begging.
    And I mean begging.
    We just did two and a half weeks without any release.
    I am interested to see how long it takes until desperation starts setting in.
  6. Since it's National Women's Day I was doing dsome reading about woman. This sign of a dominant woman made me want to share it.
    Whining and complaining is futile.

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  8. Ma'am, with all due respect, it's hard for me to believe as a man that he would neglect his chores after weeks of chastity and it makes me suspect he's sneaking in orgasms without your knowledge. I highly recommend pushing strongly for the PA, it's fool proof and you'll know for certain he hasn't had a release behind your back as you keep him chaste for weeks or longer. I suspect there will be no more neglected chores and a lot more begging. I've heard way too many times from women who've discovered this little secret and they always said they wish they got him pierced sooner and how most of the disobedience they observed before that disappeared. Suddenly, extending his chastity time became a much more real and serious consequence or punishment to him.
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  9. I am not sneaking shit. Why would I do all of this if I was going to break the rules? Sometimes Im a prick and I don't help out cuz I am lazy. Most of the time when I don't help out it's cuz my body is kicked to hell and I am utterly exhausted (and you know what? Most of the time i DO help out whether I'm exhausted or in chastity or not). Come do my job for an hour I bet you wouldn't be able to hold a dish let alone do "chores."
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  11. 20 Minutes

    What a foolish boy I have!
    I seem to say this a lot.
    Last night he asked to use his 20minutes he earned and since it is ugly panty week it was going to be a blow job. Now although I live a flr and all the perks that come along with it doesn't mean I cant enjoy giving a good bj. I would like to Toot my own horn and say I do a really good job and I KNOW my boy won't disagree.

    I made sure to let him know befor I started that if he came he would be getting a spanking right after and it would be counted as one of his yearly orgasms. Silly boy was at 13/18
    I was not giving him permission, I was letting him know that it was his choice so he better choose wisely and the wrong choice would be met with the correct punishment.

    He got on his knees and asked me if I would please release him for 20 min.
    Manners are something we have been working on. Nothing happens without a please and thank you Mistress.
    What a lucky boy he is getting to have that time to be pleased.
    He had one hand on my head on one hand grabbing my breast pushing and pulling my head up and down.
    He asked me several times if I wanted him to cum.... again that was his choice and I didn't give him an answer.
    He stoped twice trying to convince himself he didn't want to go all the way but like the desperate boy I know he is, he took the orgasm.
    Filling up my already sloppy mouth, I didn't swollow any of it. I just spit it back on that desperate throbbing penis and continue rubbing it. Hard and fast. I don't care that he's beggin me to stop. I want to torment him because he made a bad choice.
    I didn't do it for long.... because I wanted to give him his spanking.
    After a quick clean he was at the chair bent over hand oh the top of the chair and bottom out and ready.
    I didn't take as long as I usually did but I made it hurt fast.
    This was deffintaly the most aggressive spanking I have given.
    I stood beside him. My arm wrapped around his hips, his legs open just enough to hold his balls in place so I could get at them with my hand.
    I reminded him of his terrible decision and that a decision like that is the reason I took over his penis to begin with.
    I told him he had been a very bad boy.

    He had 22 whole minutes to use for a bj an he literally blew it within 10.
    If that would have been me I would use my 20 and begg for more.

    I was done, he got down and thanked me but decided to throw in one smart ass remark.
    So he bent back over the chair for five more hard smacks on each cheek, counted out loud, then back on his knees to thank me the right way.
    I order him to cage up immediately. He tried asking if he could stay out for the night but I just laughed at him and said no.
  12. You woulda done it too. Trust me.
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    It's always been a dilemma of mine.
    Last longer by using delaying tactics like thinking of unsexy things or people, but what a waste of a good time that is, not to mention a headfuck. Actually, it'd be a good punishment and another level of ruined orgasm to ruin the sex that way and be forced to look at your worst turn off during a BJ.

    Sounds like a fun time anyway.
  14. Nice update, what a fascinating story
  15. A weekend with a Twist!

    After a terrible week of me being sick I was ready for some play time.
    MY lovely boy had a hockey tournament this weekend and was released with the promise he would not make any stupid decisions.
    We both took advantage of this time to have a lot of sex and a lot of him holding me down. It always is so much fun when he wraps his hand around my throat though he can't do it for long. I think he like it's a little to much and it always brings him to edge very fast.

    I have been playing with rope lately teaching myslef a lot by watching you tube.
    Saturday night we decided to give it a try.
    I tied a basic harness on my hubby and tied his hands up.
    I had been trying to teach myslef a wrap for tieing up legs but doing it on myself was confusing and backwards.
    Once I got it going on my boy it was easy and I was so proud of my end result!
    I knew there were things that could have been done differently but for my first time I couldn't of been happier.
    He was safe on the bed and safely tied up.
    I was wearing one oh his favorite gstrings to see me in, so I took it off and put it on his head, inside out so he couldn't get any of the good stuff.
    I must of kissed every inch of his body, followed by licking. After I touched his feet I soon realized how ticklish he had become so I went ahead and gave him a good tickle all over his body!!! That was fun.... he loves sitting on my and tickling me so it was payback.
    By the end of some edging fun I let him have a spurt. I'm pretty sure I at least ruined it.
    Then I gave him some post orgasm play rubbing him with the lube he provided.
    And sat on his face so he could help finish me off.
    I know I enjoyed myslef... and I know he wasn't complaining.

    After I told him that orgasm was going to be counted as one oh his yearlys and that would bring him down to 11 left.
    I soon decided to make it a game.
    He had one more hockey game left.
    I told him ....if he scored a goal for me drew a heart in the air and pointed to me I would give him back the orgasm.

    I have never seen that boy work so hard to score but the hockey gods were not on his side.

    He is now at 11

    I told him if he does some practicing and learning he can have a chance to tie me up this weekend.
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  16. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  17. Sounds like an fun and productive weekend. I wish I knew more about rope work, and could teach the wife some!
  18. Funny afternoon, with a lot of ideas and fantasies
  19. Back on the horse... there's no going back now.
    It's all about what I want.
  20. Welcome back.
  21. Welcome back, missed your stories.. ☺️
  22. For Him:

    1. No nagging. Don’t push her into doing it. Let her do it when she is ready. Don’t pressure. If she says “I am going to give this a try when I am ready,” you are to back off and let her approach it in her own way.
    2. No asking for more. When she’s done with the scene or session with you, don’t ask for more. Even if you think you are complimenting her by saying, “Oh I am so turned on, please can we keep going” — DON’T. There is a time for communication (more on that later), but when she signals that she is done, you can’t ask for more.
    3. Don’t top from the bottom. No hinting at her, no telling her what to do, no trying to “help” her unless she asks for it. No trying to manipulate her into doing more of what you like. THE PURPOSE OF THIS IS FOR HER TO FIND OUT WHAT SHE ENJOYS. You already know what you enjoy.
    4. Don’t get addicted. The rush will be fantastic. Separate your relationship from your passion for these games and don’t let it rule your life. Provide her with appropriate affection and encouragement in the hours and days following her exploration, without expecting anything in return.
    5. Retain dignity. If groveling is your kink, please tone it down. Keep your reactions in check and note how she responds to your reactions. The goal here is to not have her feel uncomfortable when she sees you submit. All women react differently to varying degrees of humility in their mates. It’s your job to find out what her comfort zone is. It might change with time, but out of the gate you want her to enjoy it and not be distracted by you acting too pathetic for her taste.
    For Her:

    1. Enjoy yourself. Let go. Don’t compare yourself to the stereotype of what you think “female domination” is — whether it be a dominatrix you saw on TV or something you read in the newspaper or saw in an adult movie or B-movie. This isn’t the same thing.
    2. Enjoy yourself. Make sure you do the things you like and do them lots. If something feels right but you feel confused about it, know that you can reflect on it later, communicate with your mate and find out how you feel about it.
    3. Enjoy yourself. This is YOUR time. Do not get caught in the trap of thinking, “Ok, I can do this. I can stomach it to please my partner because I love him.” That’s not the point. It defeats the purpose.
    4. BE SAFE. Most of these examples are fairly tame, but always know your partner, his health situation, allergies. Always have a communication mode set up, either agree to talk openly during the entire time (So if he says “STOP”, that means stop), or set up a “SAFEWORD” if you prefer to role play — so if he says “STOP” and is just being dramatic, have a code word that really means “STOP”. Personally, I prefer open communication, especially if you are just starting.
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  23. welcom back. thats som good guide lines/rules