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The Wife Files.

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by LadyS, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. I figured it would be, it didn't sound like she was playing around!
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  2. In my album my locked penis is a picture of his rosy bum go check @Nicoftime@Nicoftime
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  3. I hope there were no tears
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    Oh? I would think it would be good for Steve-O to let go of his manly self once in a while and to shed a few tears.
    With a pair of panties round his ankles maybe and wearing a bra with stinging nettles inside it. And maybe a small dick shaped dildo taped into his potty mouth. :)

    Sorry Steve-O, dont mind me - I just get carried away thinking of ways of emasculating the masculine.

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  5. Silly boys never think with the right head.... in a moment of desperation he traded all of his minutes(he had earned 22) for 2 min of piv. Right then....
    He seemed to forget he had enough time saved up that he could use them for a good time.
    But he wanted What he wanted and I wasn't going to remind him.
    They are his to do what he wants with after all.
    So I unlocked him for 2 minutes to fuck.
    And now he is trying to convince me to use my viberator on his sensitive spot to try to make me come in his cage, and not count it as one of his orgasms.
    Hmmmmm........... thoughts?
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  6. Bro code...gotta go with cum in cage, without it counting.

    I just got a six week lock up cause I wasn't thinking ahead either.
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  7. You don't count
  8. Lol! Just don't let cat answer...he will try to throw the key away!
  9. My wife would count it... But I don't think it needs to count!
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  10. Thanks boys. Solidarity.
  11. Well you boys and your big mouths won't be getting him a buzz.
  12. Oh just pull that thing out the back and finish up, shhh no one will know:oops::rolleyes::):D
  13. That would end very badly I think...
  14. I'm a terrible influence, you should be around when I drink!
  15. Ok, ok, ok, now enough of this on my thread it's not man power thread. Go start that somewhere else.
  16. Haha! Nic, just cuz you're screwed for the next howmanyever weeks doesn't mean you have to bring me with you!
  17. Just throw the key away
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  18. Love reading all your entry's
  19. Well, we have passed 5 weeks of lock up.
    He's used 3 out of his 18 orgasms for the year so far... if could of been only 2 but he chose to take the hard road.

    Last week I managed to get my little caged penis to come in his cage by rubbing a sensitive spot. I thought that I would be a wonderful mistresse and not count that as one of his yearly orgasms if he ate the cum of my fingers.
    But he made a big stink and wouldn't do it. It wasn't untill I said ok whatever don't do it that he decided to say ok. I was over it and informed him he was down to 15.
    He spent a few minutes grumbling over it but I wasnt really into discussing it. I was dissapointed in his choice and just wanted to go to sleep. I wasn't angry even my boy thought I was, just a little cheesed.
    In the morning we talked and I explained why it had to count and that I wasn't changing my mind.
    So upward and onward!
    I do remember I mid day fisting in the bathroom. That was a time to be had. I'm not even how that started ...it must of started with a little bum kissing. It was AMAZING I can remember how good it felt to have his fingers in me and how good he is at using them. There was a few time we had to stop and all I wanted was more.
    He was inside of me and all I could think about was how much I wanted him inside of me. It was a crazy head space. Hehe ...a very lovely one.

    There was a lot of loving this weekend.
    He wanted to prove to me that he could be a good boy.
    And also wanted to earn some freedom time.
    He made the bed everyday, wore his panties, used a but plug a few times. He earned those minutes so fast!
    He even said he felt guilty over how easy it was.
    So we had a good 20 min of fun, houneslty I didn't know if he was going to make it but he did.
    After I told him he was to go sit In The tub and wait for me.
    With only my pants and panties off..(as I have mentiond I love to use my breast as a treat)I climbed in the tub over top of my boy and my penis and I let out a hot stream of pee.
    I though earlier what better way to help clean him up and show my dominance.
    I giggled of corse and I could hear him moaning.
    He showered and cagedup right away.
    The next night I needed to ride some penis so I unlocked him and used him to have an orgasm. And locked him back up. Was great for me maybe a little frusterating for him. That's why he is caged and I am not. Lol

    So far he has bee great at not complaining about recaging. I imagine this will change eventually.

    Now we don't celebrate valentines with gifts of cards. We simple love each other as much as possible everyday!
    But I decided since it was out 5 year week mark I would take him out for a lilttle play time.

    Now my boy said I edged him within and inch of his life.hehehe... and that might be true... becuase when it came time to give him a ruined orgasm it went so fast he hardly had time to tell me to stop.

    I started out with a hand job ... me dressed in my favorite pink satin nighty, denying him the pleasure of looking at my body. But never without one arm strap carefully fallen off a shoulder as a bit of a tease.
    I even claimed on top of him and pretended my penis was actually mine. Placing myself so as to look like I have a cock. Ohh he loves it when I do this as much as I love it!
    I bet I could of sent him over the edge so fast rubbing my cock like that.
    I knew I was going to give him a gift of a ruined orgasm and not count it this time.

    I feel like since he is the person feeling when its coming he should be giving me ample warning when it's time to ruin it.
    I think he let it go one or two rubs to long. But that's ok I could tell it wasn't satisfying like it should of been.
    I am going to start bringing in the number system so when he gets to an eight or nine he should bewarning me so it never makes it to a 10!
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  20. Food for thought....
    Last night me and my boy had a huge conversation about his way of acting to motivate change.
    This has been something we have discussed many times over ther years and a problem that is sure to always pop back up.
    I have never been one to point out to people the things they do wrong, unless it's something I really think needs to be acknowledged.
    This goes for mine and my husband realationship.
    I don't like to pick out his faults and the only time I ever really say anything mean is if I'm at my worst point.
    I have been working really hard to not going there these days. I have spent a lot of time in life being one of those angry yelling people. I had a lot of rage but I also had a lot of depression.
    And although I still have my moments I'm nothing like what I use to be (most of them I blame on being an emotion woman)
    I always feel like hubby likes to point out faults befor he tells your strengths.
    Over the last few days I had been holding on to everythign he had been saying and it felt like he was constantly knocking me down.
    As he says there is always room for improvement. He alwyas like to say you did a great job but.......
    I don't react well to this, more or less it makes me feel like crap about myslef and question everythign I do.
    Last night it seemed like it was never ending....he heard me I heard him, but no one was really hearing anythign!
    We talked we didn't talk but in the end we worked it out.

    But it got me thinking about how getting over something like this is a vital thing to ever trusting one another out side of our relationship. NOT saying we are doing anythgin like that anytime soon but we have shared things and we both know each others fantasies, so I can't say it will never happen.
    It just leaves so many what ifs? Will I be able to feel confident in my choices and know he will agree with me?
    What if he doesn't? What then, will I be made to feel bad about it and then have regrets?
    Becuase I have done a lot of stupid shit and never even questioned it,and of corse I have things I do as well, something's I never even questioned untill he did....

    NOW this post is in no way trying to put my boy down.... I love him and everythign about him even if he insists on pointing out the crap I don't like.

    IT just really made me think about things in a perspective I didn't befor him and I got into this world.
    We always talked about people who slept with other people and how it could never be something that could work. But when you present the idea you really have to think about how deep Your trust for one another goes. How far your respect for them goes, and how far you are willing to go to let go of their faults.
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  21. Just read all 10 pages. Spectacular.
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  22. Deliciously naughty ideas! He's lucky there were no stinging nettles in his pants!
  23. It been ugly panty week around here and my sweet subby boy has been spoiled!

    One night I let him use his masturabating toy. It's always fun to watch and tell him how lucky of a boy he is to have such a wonderful mistress who lets him maturbate
    One night he got the nicest blow jobs I think I have ever given!!!!
    Slow and gentle.
    The best part....telling him to lock back up with no release, both nights.
    That must be the most frusterating thing ever.
    But he doesn't put up a fight.
    Maybe a little groan of displeasure but it's never an issue.

    I can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday but the silly boy made a comment on here about wanting to give his domme a hard fucking spanking.
    I think he was asking for it and I promised him that come Sunday he would be over my knee.
    There Was a lot of talk over the weekend about that spanking.
    He might of tried to convince me he didn't need it....as if I'm giong to say ok hunny... at one point I bribed him to do something for me. By taking away two smacks but ther he just grumbled about it so I gave him two extra instead.
    He told me he had stinging hot cheeks all night.
    I still don't think he thinks my punishments will work.
    I think over time he's going to start thinking about it befor he choses to let out a shitty comment.

    So since it was my off ,down there, I decided I would offer him one free spurty into the toilet.
    I left the offer open for him untill he got home from work that night.
    But he never woke me up.
    He asked the next day if he could have the spurt and I informed him that ship had sailed.

    So here we are just past the 6 week mark and he has had 2 real orgasms and a few ruined ones.
    I can notice him slowly slipping deeper and deeper into being a more submissive boy and that gives me great confidence that we are on a good path.