The Wedding

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    Authors Note: We are actually getting re-married this summer. It will be a Femdom wedding. This story was sent to Mistress by her orders through the course of a day by cell phone texting. While she enjoys the story, this is not necessarily what she envisions for our honeymoon. (Expect the sequels and prequels to come as well.)

    Our Honeymoon

    The first night:

    Its the night of the wedding. I am nude except for my chastity and butt plug. You are there with your best man from the ceremony. I had already washed both of you earlier in the shower, and now you are making out while laying next to each other on the bed.

    I am watching as I was instructed to do. Your arms are wrapped around him. Your moans tell me that you are feeling strong passion and lust. He is slow and tender. His fingers gently glide over your groin. He slips a finger into you. Your hips push against him, trying to take it deeper. Your hand is working his cock slowly.

    You motion me closer. You tell me to kiss your pussy. You tell me that I will always do this before and after you get fucked. I kiss your pussy. You then take his cock in your mouth. He gently slides in and out of your mouth. Your legs grip my head. After a short time I feel you near orgasm. Your leg pushes me away while you tell him to fuck you so that you can cum with a cock in you. He slides his cock into you in one stroke. His body hits your clit, causing you to cum. He does not move, allowing you to enjoy your orgasm. Your heels grip his ass, your arms hold him close while your climax subsides. He kisses you deeply, holding you tight. Slowly, his cock begins to stroke in and out of you.

    He is taking his time. You two are making love. Your lips are locked in passion. You continue, slowly, tenderly. I wait.

    He rolls on his back. You straddle him. His hands caress your breasts. He rolls up to kiss your nipples. You begin rocking your hips in unison. Slowly, passionately. I see your rings sparkle.

    He lifts you and lays you on your back. Your legs wrap around him again. His pace quickens. He is fucking you hard. Your body begins to tense. You whisper that you want him to cum. He shudders. You groan. You both cum. You hold him in your arms. You motion for me to come to you. His cock is still inside you when you kiss me. The way you kiss me reminds me that you love me and that you own me. You tell me to complete the sexual activities by kissing your pussy again. This kiss is much the same kiss I give your lips. It is sensual. I kiss your pussy lips as though they are the lips of your mouth.

    You tell me to lay down to sleep. You curl up behind me. I feel your breasts against my back. I snuggle into you. Then, he snuggles in behind you. His hand cups your breast, coming between us.....
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    great story... would certainly love to read more!
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