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The vanilla miracle

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Qveik, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. It's been a struggle, after the exquisite Saturday, things pretty much went downhill. I was kept unlocked for the wedding we were going and everything went fine until to the point when I've done something stupid and really upset my BH. Got left unlocked for the journey to the UK. She has already established the fact that I actually like to be locked. It's all only beginning so the feeling is interesting. She knew how to punish me and left me with my penis unsupervised yet still not allowed to touch.
    First couple of days were more likely about clearing the air and we kept exchanging huge amount of information about our feelings and plans with FLR. My BH has achieved nearly 20 orgasm for the last two weeks. Where me, one ruined one. This has put me in perspective I didn't know it exists. My wife got deeply interested in all of this and yet we didn't do much and haven't really started FLR. We were only communicating and establishing some ground rules. I was very exited and scared.
    My punishment was and is taking its tall. Not able to masturbate on honour system is crazy, for someone like me horny rabbit, used to getting normally orgasm two three times a day by masturbating as we have this long distance marriage at the moment. I still have not touch myself and going back to her tomorrow.
    But lots of things has happend this week. And as more communication was exchanged I started feeling that it is a little bit too much for me. And I don't get much in return. It's started piling up, as no orgasms for me, no initiate things, only ruined ones, obey, serve, please, and so on.. She gave me till December to decide. Than I will have no say in what's going to be on table.
    I got scared.
    My original wish was to be locked up while away from my BH to stop me masturbating and increase our appreciation to each other.
    I had no idea what sort of turn this will take.
    I am sub in nature, but without the release (even that I could do it) it was very hard and it's making me to consider to whole thing.

    Not sure where I am at the moment
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  2. Decision decision,
    I think I have come to terms that I am going to try FLR with my BH (better half) after today chat I must say a lot have cleared out and we have exchanged a lot of fantasies we would like to do to me. I believe I am ready to step on the path of being dominated by my wife which I love dearly. She would be able to do as she pleased and I will have no say in it. Luckily she agreed to do a test run till December so not sure what is going to happened afterwards. Possibly nothing good for me for sure.
    I am coming back to see her tonight and staying over for a week. She told me to take our strapon harness and the new 9 inch curved cock with me as she might need it. What a bliss. She has also promised me PIV tonight. With me able to come. This gives me the scare a little bit. Don't think I will get another one anytime soon. It's been three long weeks without orgasms apart one ruined one. Let's just enjoy the one I'm getting today and think about the rest later. It can't be that bad.
    I have no idea what is going to happen after the orgasm. But I am sure she will have lots of fun messing with my head. Oh. How I love her so much.
  3. Just a quick update while I am waiting for my plane.

    Just at the airport, aat the caffe cant wait to see BH and give her a long long hug. Why ?

    As I was packing and getting everything ready in the rush to leave, making sure that I have everything packed especially the new 9 inch strap-on cock she wanted me to buy for her to use it on me as she please, I’ve received a text message to put black lingerie panties on, instead of my trunks. I had to back indoor as I had all packed, and was about to drive off, the engine was already running. But I am going to take on this Hubby Subby role, wont get angry or frustrated. Just got out, quickly back inside, changed, took quick picture as a confirmation and of me and shoot for the airport. Just bear in mind I am taking almost empty hand luggage with harness and two dildos plus a bum cleaner through the airport today.

    Completely forgot the fact that I have now lost 10kg since April and the shorts I was wearing were real fall out without a belt. And here it comes my favourite airport security , I am not locked, so no stress there. Just the luggage, but that should be fine.

    All good. Although lady by the electronic gate was laughing why I am pulling my shorts up high?

    Than, here comes the tray with my belt inside.. me not thinking, grabbed the tray the shorts went just the direction newton had discovered.

    Now you would probably describe my moves as a belly dancer, or someone who ended up with snake in his trousers.

    Yes, they dropped down my knee level.

    Hurray. Life is fun.
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  4. Had to laugh! SORRY! Always a fear of mine to get outed like that!
  5. Holiday Week

    Hmm, not sure where to take off from my last post, as I never really did blogging or any of this venture before. You can also tell from my spontaneous and inaccurate English writing which I will try to improve on.

    I was driving across two countries to see my family for the last week and had some time which really put you in a different perspective of everyday life. There was not much going on about chastity and locking up, but rather normal busy life with kids and family.

    The big differences I have come across were the nights.

    The “fact” that my wife was enjoying everyday orgasm before I returned from my working stay in the UK did not lost its appetite. The first night (Friday) I was promised that I will be able to come.

    What a beautiful block I had in my brain after the week of being on honour system, really messed up my mind, I just couldn’t come. My BH had her desired pleasure and I could have to. Did anyone had the same block?

    Saturday was no difference. After my BH satisfaction and lots of oral pleasure from me , she had to get me there by hand. My wife took the opportunity to practice a ruin orgasm. Believe me, she is getting there. What a fun she had seeing me in desperate frustration. It was half ruined orgasm and it is very difficult to describe it. I believed I would get a pleasure from it somehow and be able to go to another one straight after. I did ejaculate and my penis was sort of going up and down. Searching for little touch of stimulation to cross the edge of pleasure. It did not happen, I believe that that was ruined orgasm.

    The sadness and frustration was so strong. Couldn’t believe that she did it after such a long break from my “O”s. She was at least 20 orgasm up to my two half ones. That is the lady which was able to go three months without one.

    As we travelled between the countries, seeing relatives and summer hot weather didn’t really give us much chance of chastity, we sort of put it on a side. But the whole FLR set up and the discovery of CM really opened our eyes and we might have started something completely new in our relationship.

    Every day was nearly the same, My “Better Half” had at least one orgasm from some type of pleasure, touch, me kissing her clit or our usual PIV every day.

    She made me come on Sunday by giving me a hand job which I came fully. Not ruined orgasm. Just full one. It almost made me cry out of happiness.
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  6. Almost forgot to mention that I am one month without masturbation. I am afraid this opportunity might be gone forever. And I was a high user. :(
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  7. The week was about to start being great.

    Not sure which day was it as I got lost in our pleasure nights. But one night I was told to clean my bum and get ready on the bed. My BH wanted to play.

    My heart was racing, I sort of new what to expect a part of the 9 inch new G spot curved monster strapon which she plugged me with at the end of our session.

    She started gently with smaller one (6 inch), which we did get for my birthday few months ago. That open me nicely. I was told to stay on my four, put my head down ona pillow so she get nice look and access to my ass. I so love my @withallsenses@withallsenses as she enjoys my ass so much. I couldn’t ask for more. We are at the point I can take her whole fist and that’s what followed afterwards. Me not allowed to come, I believed she was trying to milk me. I was rather apprehensive and my mind was getting lost in immersive pleasure from the back. Than I was asked to turn around and change her dick for the bigger one.

    When she entered me with this nine inch dildo I was losing my mind. I literary couldn’t take it. The curvature of the large one was sliding in and out against my wall where the prostate is located and it rubbed it gently. I was so sensitive after her full fist, I could not bear the feeling of constant prostate rubbing. The fact that she had now free hands which she used effectively on the balls and gave my (her) penis some strokes, didn’t relieve any of the already incredible feeling. Don’t know if I am a wuss and couldn’t take it or something, but I was actually pulling away from her. She turn me around again and start pumping again. After few strokes my legs started shaking and my whole body shivers for several minutes. I couldn’t take any more. my legs lost feeling and fall on a pillow with my head...

    We called that a night. After I kissed her obviously. ( and get her *some*)
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  8. Not sure if I have mentioned earlier, but in the whole holiday week, my BH came every night, more than once, only apart of one night which was for other reason not possible to achieve. Where me? That was a completely different story, one half ruined… one full and than one which followed the other night. ( will explain later)

    My BH was determined that whatever happens, I could come inside her or she would give me hand job, either way she wanted me to ejaculate.

    I will remember this night. I couldn’t come. Not sure why, what sort block I had this time? Was it the condom? As I hate them. I was also loosing the idea of FLR and the wholes cage thing as I wasn’t locked for about two weeks. My hormone levels must levelled and I have started feeling more masculine and with so much of daily pleasure I didn’t need to be the sub anymore.

    It got to the point that I couldn’t come and my BH took it to her own hands.. not long before and I was about to erupt.

    I have to say that practising really make you a pro, even in a short time. Just on the break of me coming she left my penis alone and I have ejaculate without any sort of strong feeling of achieving an orgasm. I believe that’s what you call ruined orgasm. A giggle and some sort of satisfaction feeling was pouring out from my wife. I could see how happy she was in her face. I was on the other hand very frustrated afterwards and I couldn’t come again, even though my BH have tried.

    We are still all new in this type of FLR but it has proved that it is going to be interesting. We might have started earlier than all you folks here, but I believe that better now than later. If it works?

    The rest of the week continued with more sex and pleasure for both us. It was perfect.

    On my day of flying back to UK, we weren’t planning on chastity. It might have sort of drift away for now and the fact we were planning VAS, it probably was time to put it aside.

    I got surprised and been told to go and wash him and gave me the tube with ring, while she was preparing the lock for HTv2.

    My wife came to the bathroom few minutes after. Wanted to check on him and started stroking him to give me a last bit of release. We locked the bathroom to get little bit of privacy as we weren’t alone in the house. I couldn’t come. Again! So told me to sit on the edge of the bathroom while she gave me quick blow job, than she even stood behind me and wank me.. at this point I couldn’t help and had to start stimulating her clit with my fingers while watching her hand stroking my fully erected penis. My block proved to be solid

    As time runs out and she had hers, she simply said give him a rest for minute and then put him in! she left the bathroom.

    Once I have achieved reducing his size with cold water and squashing him down, I put the ring on and then the tube. Holding those two parts together.. I called my BH. She returned with that brass lock and the key. Click!

    Little kiss , than she wished me safe flight!
  9. Back in chastity.

    No matter what people say, but I love to be locked. It gives me different perspective. I love my wife more, and I can’t stop thinking about her. I am also very happy that she is caring the key with her wherever she goes. I am locked for full two days now, until I get back to her which is another 15 days. This will be a long journey. the longest i have done. No matter how hard I knock on the tube there is just no way I can have any feeling at all. Can’t even scratch there.. Wish me luck as I am sure in 17 days of lock up I will have completely different perspective.
  10. Those days are over there buddy lol
  11. I am 4th day in cage and I am starting to be extremely horny, also the night errections are getting really strong. Had to apply instant ice pack as my balls were getting little bit sore this morning. I am getting two at night at the moment, around 2am and than between 4 and 5am. It usually goes down if I go pee, but not always. Better get up and get on with the day. The lack sleep is starting to show.
  12. My BH blown my mind yesterday AGAIN.
    I have never though that while I'm abroad alone for couple of weeks locked for her pleasure, that she would initiate anything so so interesting.
    I was allowed to share the email she send me. So please give me some comments on what do you think about it.
    Emailed copied bellow:

    "From time to time I'll send you some instructions on you email, once a week, maybe once a month or whenever something interesting comes to my mind.
    I would like you to learn how to paint the toenails.
    If I want to wear one of these pvc wet look zipped tight outfits one day a beautifully painted toenails would go with it nicely don't you think?
    Once I let you to do them for me I want them to look perfect, so you need to know what to do beforehand.
    And the only way to do that is to get some training on your own toenails:)
    So before I ask you to try some coloured nail polish on me, you will do your toenails with the clear one to get an idea. I will buy the tools needed and nail polishes tonight and you get them delivered tomorrow. But before you start you need to watch some videos to get an idea. The clear nail varnish is easy and you shouldn't have a problem with it, but even for the clear one your toenails need to be cut short, filled, buffed and than painted. For the colourful paints you need the firm hand and firm brush strokes, otherwise disaster strikes and you get an awful and messy toenails and I certainly don't want that. Anyway you get an idea once you start with it :)
    Isn't that exciting?
    Hope this email sends some smile to your face and if not, know that it does send to mine :)))
    I want to see your first effort on Saturday
    Love you:-* "

    How would you react to that?
  13. Today is Saturday.
    I am sitting comfy on the bed supported by pillow with my laptop on my stretched legs. Just behind the screen i can see my toes with pink separators and second coat of transparent nail polish. Reading an article about some natural oils my BH wanted me to read. I have almost start crying as i never knew how much she looked after herself with all her natural beauty and how much she had to research to get where she is now. I think she wants me to turn into same thinking about natural beauty, have me tested and train to her needs. Not sure if I am ready for all these changes. I am enjoying it, fiddling with file etc though. Not sure what changes to myself will all this bring? Was told to get a bottle of vine and enjoy my task to do my toenails training. i Was allowed one class only, but before i realised, two glasses have disappeared in me. Apparently I'll be facing some spanking now for this behaviour. Don't know how much yet. I am locked for 6 days and my last masturbation was 21.07. it feels like this will never happen again.
    hmm. the cage is making me emotionally unstable.
    Please see picture in my gallery of my success.:p
  14. to: @Administrator@Administrator Three minutes option to edit post is a nightmare!
  15. Already after.
    So I am after the "V" situation. (vasectomy)
    It happend yesterday and I am now cooling it down with ice packs.
    I have managed to wear my holy trainer for 10 days prior the surgery as I didn't tell anything to my KH about the date. It was agreed to tell her two days before to gain access to the key.

    I have quickly learned that I will need a smaller tube. After about a week of constant arousal, my penis went completely flaccid and finally I could see room in the tube.
    After removal there were some red spots, and scuffs. Near the top the skin was very red and sort of scalded.
    Not sure why this happend as I felt comfortable wear in it the whole time. Could it be the morning wood?

    Well, it was still two days before the "V" and I got to get shaved and heal little bit.
    Than it hit me, this will be probably the last time I could ejaculate with everything in it. So I asked my KH what to do about it. I was allowed to masturbate that morning before the surgery and told few choices what to do with it.
    Use it as ingredient to what I was cooking, smoothie or the best option was to have it on its own instead of a breakfast.
    Once she decided, breakfast it was!
    This would be the first time I've been forced to eat my cum.
    I also had to prove everything with evidence and had to send the video of everything I had done, to her. So she made sure none of it was waste it.
    The semen was extremely thick and a lot of it.
    It took me some time to come as it was one and half month since my last masturbation which was always accompanied by pornografy, as always for the past several years. This time no pornografy and it was in the early morning, just after six before I went to work for short period.
    I could not feel much and the orgasm wasn't really strong either. That's just about two weeks since my last release.

    It looks well planned from my KH to be honest, as she wanted me to have as little pleasure as possible.
    A Bonapettite, of i went to lick my fingers. I couldn't take the lot, so some of it ended up for later when I was allowed to have it with ice cream.
    I am turning into a slut
  16. Another Wednesday, another flight.

    So much has happened since my last post, but there seems to be no time left for me to write. I had some ups and down witch chastity lately mainly due to the vasectomy and some red blister from the cage and had to be unlocked to heal. Longer I am being unlocked, than harder it is for me to get back into it. I have been questioning myself over and over if I am really that much of a bottom and really want to reinforce this lifestyle. It always get complete turnaround when my Ms K comes into it, even simple teasing txt can turn awesome and make my day. She is having to like it, a lot actually. Like now for instance, I am wearing a very delicate man lingerie with string on it only. My ass is completely exposed and its rubbing against jeans. While I had to undo my belt and jacket for airport security screening my hand luggage was already going to the other side for thorough search. Apparently I am caring some sort of tools, drill bit or something? I have try to explain that it is a sex toy call urethral dilator or otherwise call “sounding”. The nice lady had to ask her supervisor and colleague next to her to verify, opened the package an look at it closely. They were all shocked, intrigued and apprehensive at the same time. The supervisor ok’d at the end and of I went.

    My keyholder is changing unstoppably. I have received two packages in post in the last month which I had to get to her. This time I knew what was inside as I had to take it into my hand luggage. The first one I never needed to open but already felt one item she purchased. Will post separately as this will deserve a full article .

    Things are going different direction than just locking up a penis.

    Although thing seems to be looking up. I am getting tangled into proper obedient bedroom hubby subby. There was a post from @Nicoftime@Nicoftime I have read, that he felt down at some point as well. I am having the same feelings sometimes, but they seems to disappear as my KH is surprising me regularly. And I definitely want more of that.