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The vanilla miracle

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Qveik, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Hi CM community. As I am reading all your posts and journals I would like to contribute and start sharing my experience as well. I have just been locked up for the first 24 hours without the possibility to get to the key which is in a possession of my better half (BH) for the first time far far away on the continent.

    I hope you will find my journal as interesting as others, although my English might be a bit stroppy as it is my second language.

    Not sure where to start to be perfectly honest. I have never wrote anything. But last night around 4 am it has started to write itself. Like everyone here I found was and is having some sleeping issues at the beginning of the time being locked up. Now with all that knowledge I was expecting to wake up in that discomfort as well. Sort of with excitement:) yep, and 4 am comes... bang. After only two hours of sleep as my late flight got me home around 2am I got up and my black Holy Trainer was trying to escape in forward motion pulling my balls, uau what a pain :eek: went pee as suggested on forum, use some soothing cream and of to bed again.. Very interesting indeed. I'm sure there will plenty of that to come.
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  2. Today, the first day was surprisingly good. The HTv2 feels awesome. It's very comfortable and you sort of forget about it sometimes...
    So I got on with my daily job and all. Wasn't really expecting to change out of my normal daily routine apart that I cannot jerk of anymore while without BH. Oh how wrong I was.
    Monday I normally go to the leisure centre for my class. It's a hard on class, Circuit.
    The first worry was, is the holy trainer going to be visible? What to wear as I normally wear shorts I couldn't this time as the bulge was visible. So I put some sporty trousers. Oops that didn't do any good either. They were little bit elastic. Yay. Had to go the way I was otherwise I would miss it.
    And like @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 journal I am also trying to loose weight for my BH. So no matter what will happend I am going. And
    Well I have survived the class somehow and I don't think I haven't been spotted.
    It s. Interesting how your perspective change by wearing a cage. You suddenly start thinking of other people. Maybe someone else also wears it. And you have no idea..
    Than the shower was a must as I always like to change before driving back home.
    Another surprise here, I never thought of public showers / lockers at leisure centre will be any problem.. They are generally always empty anyway. So of i went. Obviously today someone had to come to have shower as well. Quick super action with towel and dancing moved helped me to hide it and get out of there with incredible embarrassment but again, I didn't think I was spotted. Another adjustment I will have to think of.

    First day has broad quiet lots of changes. I can no longer pee standing. I've got to go and sit. Exiting times ahead.

    Tomorrow is a swimming day. Hmm
  3. Just remember there's nothing wrong or illegal about you being in chastity.
    You're at the cutting edge of male society and that's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.
  4. love your statement!
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  5. That is a very good point @Mascara^Snake@Mascara^Snake its not illegal but being seen in a public shower by people you know could change how they persevere you as a person and a coworker. It could cause changes in your life that you may not be ready for just yet.
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  6. It's much more likely that it wont though.
  7. That's easy for you and me to say but we're not the ones that are showing others our inner secrets. We also no very little about @Qveik@Qveik. We don't know anything about his personal life just what he has posted. I'm just saying that if your going to go to a public place where people can see you naked you need to think about am I ready for other people to know that I wear a Chastity cage. Because once they know you can't go back it's a one way street.

    When I was in highschool I guy I know got caught Masturbating and it was all around the school in a very short time. It had an effect on his life.

    Since people trust what we tell them we don't want them to get into situations that they may regret for a long long time.
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  8. I do agree that it's not the best place to show your naked self off in a chastity device. I just don' think you should feel ashamed or embarrassed about wearing one.
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  9. Great posts! Really intresting to read abouts others experiences. I find my HTv2 really comfortable but cleaning is a must every day.
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  10. That was one of the main reasons I ordered a steel cage. The closed design needs constant cleaning and if your locked almost all the time and live an active life by the end of the day your not Daisy Fresh anymore.
  11. Well. Thank you for all your response. I will continue to write my journal you can have look at it later.
    I went swimming today and it was fine. They also have private showers so that's sorted. And keep the HTv2 clean.
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  12. Thats great. We all liked this post and your journal. Keep us informed please!
  13. In and Out and In Again.
    Hello Folks, my life has turn around three times in the last 48 hours, believe me.
    I was wearing my cage only for one day and it also seems to be the last day of this curious adventure. I had no expectation and no desires of this whole future development. Only after first day i was discovering so many new views and feeling, that made me to set up the journal. Later that evening I have mentioned it to my better half (BH) and she wanted a peak. I wasn't sure if she would be ready and was worried for her to get overwhelming info about this forum and all. I've told her that i can tell her what she would like to know. But before i could do anything she was in deep reading everything i ever posted. This triggered a hell of a roller coaster night and ended up me removing cage with emergency key as per my BH wish early morning hours. com'on my bucket list? that was something i posted for fun and excitement. I never new how seriously this would turn up. how naive me. I have shrunk to a size of a match box. Only one day in HTv2 and i felt absolutely terrified. Such early exposure to the world of chastity mansion can be for one !way too much!
    This was the end for me. Back to traditional life as we knew it.
  14. The next day was a cage free day. Id was prepare to put it all behind me and get on with our lives. After the waters cleared, there was another roller coaster twist. Later on in the afternoon I was told (not asked) told to put the cage back on and not to remove it. I got confused, shaken, surprised and emotionally destabilised. :eek::D:p
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  15. Today was pretty much incredible , after work and some shopping we are still at the very beginning of our journey and started discussing heavily whats what. I might be super exited but now I am thinking if I am not going into some trap. What if this is a point of of long term denial and no tease? there are so many question in my head at the moment that i will need to sleep on that. Thinks happening too fast and might be short lived.
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  16. I was wrong. So wrong.
    She asked me to bring a bdsm checklist for the weekend. I am flying back to her tomorrow, as we going to a friend due over the weekend. Also I ment to pack my only two pairs of panties red and black she bought for me for my birthday surprise. I was wrong all along she is far away from vanilla. I don't know what to expect now.
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  17. This is good! Keep posting.
  18. Never underestimate the power of a your keyholder... deep down inside, chastity can trigger her inner kink just as much as yours!!! The first few months are a roller coaster for both of you, so keep that in mind. Have open communication, don't give up, and enjoy the ride (because she is) :)
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  19. The security.
    14 days no "O" and 4 days of chastity.
    It feels double than that already.
    So, I am on my way to see my better half. Already at the airport. This weekend is about us, away from kids as we going to a wedding. So exited, well until the security checkpoints. I have made sure that I'm not wearing any metal at all.. My HTv2 has little brass lock, practically undetectable. So I thought. With the confidence I pass the first frame with the smile on my face and suddenly, beeeeep. "this way sir" lady directing me for the queue to the full body scanner. O o, my heart started pulsating its way out, the penis went the opposite direction and the smile from the face was gone. Two weeks without orgasm and I have become more sensual to everything. Don't know if thanks to the chastity or the 2 weeks. Than I went. Step inside the scanner please. Than quiet. Lady is inspecting her screen, than let me out and say...
    "all clear sir"
    Uff, next time than.
    I thanked politely and went to collect my hand luggage.
    But the heart beat didn't calm down for another good 5-10 minutes...
    I believe it is inevitable that I will be searched one day and not only once.. So better to get used to the fact that I will get searched. (But easy say than done.) My flights are on average every 10-15 days.. But now every 6 days.
    Lets take it as a free thrill or mild tease... I should be OK.
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  20. I’ve got to write this while my mind is still fresh, while I am waiting for my flight back to the UK.

    I came to my BH on Friday night. I didn’t get unlocked, didn’t ask for it, didn’t mention it. ( as it should be)

    The trip originally I came for this weekend was a wedding. Great reason to loose kids and be free for couple of days. My BH (better Half) has booked an apartment hotel sort of thing for one night. How thoughtful. After checking in I was able to please her with cooking delicious dinner for her, yes I am quiet good at cooking but haven’t really taken up the task. Something I need to improve on so she can focus more on the things she wants. But in our current circumstances this is also something I unfortunately cannot do just yet.

    After we had the dinner she asked for the checklists, if you haven’t read this before I have suggested a BDSM checklist as I have come across it on CM forum. Obviously me super horny, two weeks without “O” and 5 days of being locked up have printed two copies of four different checklists, so she has got a choice. She choose the most detailed one as I suggested, it explained meaning next to the activity. I was already having mild shivers through out my body during the cooking. I felt how I am losing my power over and wasn’t really sure of what am I actually doing? Scared, confused and exited at the same time.

    She has started filling it all in the bedroom and me in the living room.

    I was really surprised and super exited, I would be happy if she would choose just chill with one of her favourite series like Game of Thrones and just spent time together on the sofa as this was our kink. But she took my breath away that night and I can honestly say that it was the most precious night

    Took us reasonable amount of the time to fill it all in, than we swap the checklists and went through it together see what each of us wants to do to each other and wish to receive. I can tell you that this was something very intimate and would not come in any sort of general conversation you would have with your love one. I could have my mind to go free and fill anything I desired. The fact that I was so scared and still locked, I probably chicken out little bit and because it was lots of unknown I rather left the decision on what could be done to my BH and fulfil the only desires I was feeling comfortable with. I still did fill up everything honestly though. Sipping delicious vine of her choice and going through the list on the sofa has broad us much closer. It was getting late and my BH has asked me to have shower together. What happened next is what follows next.
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  21. Vanilla ?
    Bring a bdsm checklist? Panties she bought for me ? Your little Vanilla girl may not be as Vanilla as you think if she holds the key she's in control "Her Control" Good Luck
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  22. I got unlocked.

    My BH loved the look of slow expansion in my lower department while the HTv2 was sliding off.

    I took the ring off and we have started washing each other. She was rubbing my body against her. It was ecstatic. I wasn’t completely hard which I just couldn’t explained why, but anyway that was not the point. Before I knew it I was kissing her clit and suddenly she inserted my (hers) penis inside her. It was incredible moment. I was so sensitive I couldn’t even take it. My legs were shaking like some teenager. Eventually I had to sat on the shower floor and let her do what ever she desired. Riding me to oblivion. Not far away from my release, my BH told me that I can not come and was surprised that I didn’t know that. I was little bit shocked. There was no space in my head to control anything at that point.

    We dried ourselves and she lied on the bed.

    I mention to her in one of our earlier conversation during the week that I always wanted to please her with my tongue and she told me that she always felt obliged to return it by PIV or other sort of stimuli. I said that that’s not the case as I get pleasure of pleasing her and don’t require anything else in return. I get the satisfaction when I am (me, yes myself) able to provide her and achieve endless pleasure to her. I just love the fact that I can provide her with one “O” after another.

    (I am start having all sort of feeling now. Good, bad stressed, sad, happy and all mixed in a big pot. This has never happened to me before. Handling power to somebody has shaken me dearly.)

    After she acknowledged, that this was not the case she has asked at the hotel, after the shower, in that bedroom to come and kiss her.

    That night could not get any better.

    Oh, how wrong was I.
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  23. (correction) "handing power not to somebody" handing power to my wife aka the ultimate keyholder.

    The rest of my weekend will follow. I just need to get out from the airport for now.
  24. So I kissed her (cunnilingus). I am actually really good at kissing her clit and love when she sits on my face. After she was happily satisfied with another two orgasms, (that’s after another two she had with me in the shower) she told me to lie down on the bed.

    I obliged. Was worried a little bit. I get this block in my head where I am really trying hard to come and be able to give her the pleasure of satisfying me, but I am focusing so much that I am actually not able to focus on what she’s doing to me and generally disappoint her by going flaccid, then I get disappointed and so on, it’s a vicious circle. But this night was different. I was able to open to her on so many different levels. Like a curtain in a theatre which has suddenly dropped and everything on the stage would have been exposed. It took her sometime to get to point of no return due to my block but She got me there. We played and achieved half ruined orgasm if I could call it that. It was a first time, extremely pleasurable and equally frustrating.. my Penis was pulsating while She still hold me at the end of the shaft, than she let go! I could not finish..i ejaculated and started twitching somehow, I remember hitting the bedding around me with my fists in some sort of anger aarghhhh. I wish she could touch my cock just a little bit longer to get me over the edge to full satisfaction. After normal orgasm I would normally go flaccid, but this time my brain just didn't get that info ("hey mate, yes that's it, you did ejaculate"), that message was not received. I could get hard again almost straight after.

    This was very strong experience.

    By the way, my wife was able to receive about as many orgasms as there’s months in the year. She was never that in need of sexual satisfaction as me or PIV as me who could masturbate 24/7 if not given. I always had to try to get her in some mood for sex and was expecting some sort of play. After several years in the marriage and our busy lives it was more about: lets have quickie, and good night.

    In the last two weeks since we start playing . the score is me 1\2 orgasm , her 14 !!

    How do you explain that, and those ones are the ones she told me about. That’s one every day on average. I am loving this so much.

    It looks like the black Holy trainer has open my wife’s pandora box and woken up the sleeping dragon.

    What’s next?