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the simplest and most comfortable homemade chastity device

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Anne-Lore, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Currently I am on holiday and I left my CB-3000 at home. I thought I wouldn't need it but I was wrong :) The urge to lock myself up came back this morning. I was thinking what to do and I came up with a VERY simple solution.

    All you need are:
    - a long shoelace (or a long thin rope that is similar to a shoelace)
    - one leg of a pantyhose

    Steps to follow:
    - Bind the shoelace around the shaft of your penis. It will function as a penis ring (or the A-ring of the CB-x000 series). The "ring" shouldn't be too tight and shouldn't be loose either.
    - Fold the nylon in two, this way it will be stronger. Drive it through the top of the previous ring. Leave one inch at your groin to prevent that it slips through the ring.
    - Now position your flaccid penis downwards, cover your penis with the nylon and drive the nylon through the ring at the bottom, from inside out.
    - Pull the nylon at the bottom to make it tight. Done! With some tests you can figure out the optimal length of the nylon.

    I couldn't make a picture but I think it's quite clear. Here is a similar picture though (http://www.chastity-uk.co.uk/homemade/cc2-sept03.jpg), I will explain the method on it too. Instead of a penis ring we use a shoelace. Instead of a tube we use a nylon that we drive through the "penis ring" at the top and at the bottom.

    - Extremely simple, its parts can be found at home.
    - Very comfortable. Since it has no solid parts, it's much more comfortable than my CB-3000. I really don't even notice that it's on.
    - Makes erections impossible!
    - When urinating, you don't have to disassemble it. Just pull out your penis from below the nylon. When done, squeeze it back.
    - The bulge is very small, minimal. Gives a nice result if you are into feminization and want to "get rid" of your dick.
    - Can be used at airports :)

    - Not secure, if you want you can take it off easily. However, I have no keyholder, so even when I wear my CB-3000, I always have the possibility to take it off whenever I want. So this method is for those guys who are disciplined enough and want to stay chaste by their own decisions.

    I recommend this method if your "real" chastity device is not available because of some reasons.

    That's it. Feedbacks are welcome :)


    Update: after wearing it for a day, I find the shoelace ring quite uncomfortable. Today I bought a set of plastic rings that are used to hold curtains (see http://www.google.ca/images?hl=en&q=curtain%20ring&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi). Problem solved :)
  2. Great idea! I like that it prevents erections too!

  3. Hey I didn't have any pantyhose but I used a sock with the toe end cut off is this ok ??
  4. what about some pictures for all of us ?? best reg. GWENY
  5. Here you go

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  6. Is it normal for the balls to start feeling funny
  7. Pair of panty on man part two toilet paper centers and shoelace

    1st put panty on man part
    Cut 2 tp center in half place on top of panty
    Tie the two 2 tp middles together and put pair of panties on top
  8. I made a good one using either paper or cardboard.

    Cut 3 paper pieces of width 13 cm and height 10 cm.

    Fold the pieces length wise at height 2cm ,5 times to get hard paper strips of length 13 cm and height 2 cm.

    Repeat with other two.
    Now you have 3 strips.

    Mark 11cm on the strips and roll each to a cylinder of height 2 cm. Staple to hold in place.
    Now you have 3 small cylinders.
    Place them one above the other. Now you have a 6cm shaft.

    To hold them together. Fold an A4 sheet into a 3cm wide strip. The length will be full now. Ignore it.
    Place each cylinder on this strip and staple it.
    At the top, bend the long strip over and back to the base. Staple it.

    Now you have a cock cage.

    Similarly we can make a cock ring paper strip. Punch holes at required distance.

    Voila, entirely paper chastity device!!
    You won't believe how hard paper can be.
    Put on a condom if you don't want to spoil the paper.

    Edit: I will post pics soon... :)
  9. Im waiting for your pics. Finding it a bit difficult to make without them
  10. I have tried a taping method recently using electrical or sport tapes works great. I have some pics as well. It takes a few minutes and after each shower I tape and now I wear it to work dont get hard and can't touch anything except the head for pee. I cover the head when home. Hope you like it.
  11. just a little modification to the above one. instead of a penis ring, I wore a belt around my hip, and looped a pair of stockings around it and tied a knot.
    it is amazing!. soft and comfortable, better than other homemade ones I had.
    on the downside, it feels weird on the balls on longterm wear.
    also you can just slide the penis out if you wanna access it.
    otherwise it is a great one!!

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  12. I used Val's knickers, some sticky backed plastic, fairy liquid bottle and a toilet roll.....

    And heres one I made earlier

    Some of you UK readers of a certain age will appriciate this, the rest of you won't have a clue.....

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