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The scrotum burn

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Katsbitch, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. I have read all the reply's. My bit of advice is about the device itself. Is it a true CB6000? or is it a knockoff? The knockoff units have ridges on the base ring. This is a major point of irritation. My first CB device was a knockoff and had these ridges, I filled in the ridges with silicone, others have used wax. I eventually got myself a metal device and now the need for lubrication is not so great. I use baby oil gel for lubrication.
    Good luck with your journey
  2. +1 for 2 toms sport shield. a little goes a long way
  3. Any chance you can expound on this approach? It sounds like it helped you but i cannot visualize it at all and would like to. Thank you! no worries if you can't though its all good
  4. Oh I think i get it. So you tie the string on the underside of the the ring and pull this string back like a thong around your back side and tie around your waist that waY?
  5. Ah yes, i understand now!! DUH thanks for bearing with me in my confusion. sounds like a good idea!
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  6. While I have a love hate relationship with my morning locked partial raging erections I don't want them to go away. I love holding and caressing my wife's body while I'm tortured with the locked erection knowing I can do nothing about it.
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  7. I also like this, it is a reminder of what I will endure for the love of my life. I do have a question since this is a scrotum burn thread. Does anyone here have experience with the skin on the scrotum becoming kind of tough after wearing a device for a few days? Sometimes mine feels quite a bit like leather after taking it of and if I massage it a bit it seems to go back to normal for a little while then it winter sac prunes back to the tough skin again. I am wondering if Im causing damage. Anyone?
  8. I feel the same way.
  9. Maybe it is cold and trying to pull back in for warmth but can not due to the ring, when you rub it it heats it back up some?
  10. I have had similar experiences with the skin becoming leathery. It doesn't really bother me though. I think of it more like getting a calus, the sort of thing that happens to your hands or feet when doing something repetitive. I am not familiar with it actually causing damage. Genuine chaffing is another matter, and I have been fairly successful lately at eliminating that. Also glad to hear I'm not the only one who wakes up with a wanna be rage erection, totally frustrated, but am allowed nothing but lots of snuggles and a hug when she awakes.
  11. I first noticed it after I removed the ring. Even my wife was like "whats going on there?" I thought the same thing that maybe it was cold but I have noticed it over the next few days as well even when Im warm. It feels different in texture. Sort of like the skin is thicker than it was before. I don't know. I will wait a few days and see after the burn from the ring goes away. Hopefully the new cage doesn't produce this effect. That would be a major let down to not be able to be locked up and teased by my wife
    Haha, so true. Thanks for sharing. I guess its nothing to worry about until it starts causing pain. Skin is a resilient organ and we put it through the paces in life for sure!

    Last night because i was out of cage for a medical reason my wife decided to use me as a pole and used her vibrating egg and had a very long orgasm. I think I had a mini ruined one as well and she made me go down on her after she was done to clean up any mess I might have made. I didn't have the slightest hesitation so I know I didn't have an orgasm proper! It made me so horny after too!
  12. I get that from time to time. I tried to research it and all I could find is that some guys like us get it and no one knows why but it is just called "burning balls". :)

    I still get it from time to time even if I am not wearing a chastity cage. You might want to try different lubes. I changed brands of my silicone lube and that helped a lot. I like silicon lube because unlike other types, it does not contain anything that will attract bacteria. It has helped a lot but I still get the occasional burning sensation and find that with or without the cage on it is the same so I just keep the cage on.

    You also need to get used to wearing a device. Start off with one hour a day and when that is completely comfortable, add another hours. If you are like us, you got your device, opened it and got an erection that made it difficult to put on. Then we tried to wear it for hours if not days and it hurt. Chastity only worked for me when I got used to wearing my device very slowly. It took 3 months before I could wear it all day and another few weeks before I could wear it at night. It took me 3 years before I could wear it to bed without a pillow in-between my legs. Now I am so used to it that I rarely am aware that I have it on.

    As for the CB6000, I stopped wearing that one. I could swear that I was allergic to it which makes no sense but when I went with an all stainless steel device, the problem lessened noticeably. To be honest, the only way I was able to go full time 24/7 wear was to buy a custom made stainless steel chastity cage. It fits like a glove and my skin seems to like it better. I was able to get a ring in a size that no one normally makes with off the shelf devices and also got the circumference to match that of my penis which is something you cannot control with off the shelf devices. You cannot really control the length either since there are two sizes that fit all. The difference in comfort between the 5 off the shelf devices and my custom made Jailbird was more significant than I though it would be. My CB6000 split on the top of the cage and two rings broke in one year. It seems that it is not designed to be worn 24/7, at least not by me. Try a silicone lube, wear it for short periods of time and see how it goes.
  13. I agree about going metal. I just purchased the queens keep from Mature Metal but it will be some time before it arrives. I was able to do 6 nights in a row with the CB6000 and really didn't have that many problems until it pinched my skin causing a wound that I am recovering from now. Pissed me right off because I can't stop touching myself all day and if I ruin myself in my pants my wife will be far less than pleased. Plus I really don't want to waste what we have building. Its almost 1 release over the last 3.5 weeks and I feel wonderful....that is until I realize I can have myself in a stroking hand on the verge of destruction!!

    Cant wait for the new cage. Just hope it fits well and feels comfy around my scrotum. I would hate to not wear it..:(
  14. +1 on the silicone lube. Just don't put too much and try not to get it on clothing other than underwear, will leave a stain.
  15. This is going to sound funny but here goes nothing.

    There is a product called Bag Balm. (I know, ironic). It is a balm used on cow bags and utters. It heals very nicely and acts as a nice long term lube. You should be able to find in the grocery store or pharmacy like Walgreens. Come in a little green tin. Works wonders!
  16. If all else fails you can use some numbing cream the same as tattooists use has lidocaine in it, I used it until the skin to stretched and used it till I could manage without it, It will stop the pain but not the cause but don't use to much might turn you into a stiff permanently and not just where you like to be stiff, only relief I found was keeping some petroleum jelly around the ring put some on before bed and after shower in the morning early morning showers loosens thing up I found it easy now after 12 months or so on and off lock up, once you learn to manage it its all ok good luck
  17. so, my wife/Domina recently got me a HTv2 with the 45mm and short. went on right away for about 6 hours and lots of ball bag burn. tokk it off for about 4 hours. back on for 12 hours, off for 12 hours, then on for a 3 day stint. Domina said it was time for a tease and dinial session and a good cleaning. upon removal I've got spots on the back of my scrote that are raw and open and one on the bottom of my penis right where it enters the tube. How long should i wait before going back in? is there anything that will speed the healing? I'm thinking that I should gett some 2400 or 3600 grit wet sand paper and smooth off the moulding lines as I think they might be what's causing the chaffing. best advice?