The Retirement Gift

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    Retirement Gift

    My husband, Chuck, and I have been married for over 30 years. We met back in 2008 - he was just 29, and I was 31. We were both on the rebound from divorce, and looking for a better match. We found each other on Back then, it was a very popular online community for people into kink, like ourselves. He was seeking a Mistress to totally dominate him, and keep him locked in a Chastity belt. I was looking for a somewhat less intense relationship, as a Dominant. I hadnt ever had a sub who was into chastity before. The concept immediately intrigued me.

    You see, like many women, my first sexual experience was an unpleasant one. I was 15, he was 18. It was nothing less than date rape. I had tried to stop him, and was unable. The experience left me devastated. I couldnt confide in my parents. I was too embarrassed to confess the loss of my virginity. As a consequence, the boy got away with it, and I was scarred for life.

    The sexual relationships that followed were all unsatisfying. I found that I was totally put off by dominant men. Only men who were submissive to me in bed could get me aroused. Dominant men caused too many flashbacks. Still, even with submissive men, I found I could only be aroused and brought to climax orally. I never came to enjoy vaginal penetration. This ultimately became the wedge that drove my first husband and I apart. We had both hoped I could get over it. I just couldnt.

    Enter (if youll excuse the pun), my second husband-to-be. He was submissive, and adored bringing me to oral climax after climax, all the while being locked in his steel chastity belt. I had never had such satisfaction with a man before. I would, of course, let him out for his own climax. I made him aware that vaginal penetration was unpleasant for me, in our first weeks. He never asked again. He was such a gentleman!. I pleased him as best I could in every other way. I was very happy.

    It wasnt long before I began to have very serious feelings for him. Unfortunately, it didnt seem to be going the same way for him. He confided in me that the failure of his own first marriage was because he craved more and more domination, and that his wife could not handle it. For my part, I could see he was WAY kinkier than I, but I was so utterly happy with him, I began to explore my Dominant side outside the bedroom. The turn-around was almost immediate. Where he was reticent before, he suddenly became totally enamored.

    Finally, after dating just 6 months, I raised the issue of marriage. I remember the conversation vividly. He stopped what he was doing, and said the strangest thing. Mistress, I would like to discuss this as equals, if we may. He paused. This may be the last time I ever do so.

    I was intrigued. I asked what was on his mind. He said quite bluntly that he had never been happier, but that his appetites were only increasing. He craved more domination, stricter control, fewer orgasms, and more discipline. I nodded my head. I too, was beginning to have my appetites to control him. This did not seem like an issue to me!

    We discussed it for many long hours, as equals. Really, we were in total agreement almost from the start, but it was good to air it all out up front. Finally, late into the evening, I said Its settled then, slave. We will be married this summer. Thank you, Mistress was his reply.

    That was 30 years ago. Ive kept my promises to him every step of the way, with more and more control, fewer orgasms, and firm (and often quite painful) discipline. By our 20th wedding anniversary, he was having very few orgasms every 3-4 months. From the moment he came home from work, until he left the house the next day, he was my slave. He waited on me hand and foot, serving my every desire. As the years passed, I came to love his reactions to his punishments, and I became more sadistic than I ever imagined. I beat him. I mean, really beat him, when he would fail at some trivial task. His tears would flow, and he would beg forgiveness and make promises for improvement. Still, all the while, he never rebelled. As stern and harsh as I became, he took it all, and craved more.

    By our 25th anniversary, he slept bound on the floor by my bed each night. On the morning of our 25th anniversary, I tossed the keys to the floor, as normal, and he released himself to use the toilet and fix my breakfast. He came to bed with the tray, and knelt by the bed as I ate quietly. Today is our 25th Anniversary, I said. Yes, Mistress. He said smiling. Just then, I lifted the cover over one of my plates, and found a single rose, and a lovely anniversary card. For a moment, I thought he had forgotten. I should have known better. I smiled at him.

    Slave, Ive decided upon your gift, I said, as I looked at his card. The orgasm you had last month was your last. You will never cum again. I heard him gasp, and look distant for a moment, and then he smiled up at me and said Thank you, Mistress. I love you.

    That was five years ago. Unfortunately, this past year, our life took an unhappy turn. Just days after I retired from my job, I was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early and my treatment and recovery were swift and thorough. Chuck took a lot of time off work to care for me. He still had a few years before his retirement was maxed out. We had planned many healthy happy years together, retiring in our early 60s. This brush with mortality took us both by surprise.

    Our 30th Anniversary was two months ago. As every anniversary, I found a card and rose under the silver service with my breakfast tray. He had enclosed a long note. The words brought tears of joy to my eyes. Though we had never discussed it, Chuck had surmised one of my deepest fears, and proposed a solution.

    My darling Mistress. Your recent illness has brought home to me that we should prepare for our future, however it may come. We both envisioned many happy years together, traveling the world. I hope that can still be true, but the inevitability of our age will eventually catch us.

    On our 25th Anniversary, you gave me a gift I both feared more than anything I had ever feared, and yet craved like nothing before. You declared that I should never cum again. I love you, and desperately wish to fulfill that wish.

    As weve discovered, some day, our health will fail. We may end up in a nursing home, or otherwise incapacitated. There are no guarantees that I will be able to wear this chastity belt forever. The thought of being released and out of your control horrifies me. With that in mind, I did some research. Ive found a practitioner who will remove Your penis and testicles from my body, for a reasonable fee.

    Since this is a decision that is beyond anything youve made for us in the past, I wanted to let you know that it is one that I would support. I promised you my fidelity to the grave. This is the best solution I can think of to ensure that. If you order it, I will gratefully submit to the procedure.

    Besides, airport security will be a LOT faster when we travel, if we dont get delayed at the security checkpoints any more! I still feel badly that we missed that plane two years ago! :evilgrin0010:

    I chuckled at that last bit, as tears rolled down my cheek. I drew him up to me and kissed him, deeply.

    Of course, two weeks later, he had the procedure. Hes recovered completely now, and looking forward to his retirement next year. Weve already booked a cruise!

    The End
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    I loved this story! A life just flashed before my eyes!

    A grand teasing from a gifted wordsmith.

    Respectful (of truth in all its funny forms.)

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    great story mike .it is both heartwarming and also a little scary but that is the lifestyle that so many of us here on this forum are searching for albeit maybe not quite so completely.:anim_37:
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    very well written . a bit heavy though.
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