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The push I needed.

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by Thatgirl, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. I am mad as hell right now. @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet admitted to giving himself a caged ruined last night while I was asleep, supposedly to pictures of random women. But how am I supposed to know what he was really up to since I was SLEEPING. So disrespectful especially considering we are getting married in a couple of weeks and I am making him wait until the wedding night. I will admit, I have not been in Dom mode in the last couple of months due to things like the hurricane, moving, buying a place and planning a wedding. Well, him admitting to the ruined was the push I needed to snap back into Dom mode. I am just SO MAD! So, here I am posting and looking for punishment suggestions. Of course, his ass is getting reddened tonight. I was planning on putting the porn lock back on his phone and making him wear the locking mitts to bed since apparently he can rub one out, albeit ruined, in his cage. Then I got to thinking, yes on the phone lock, but instead of the mitts, maybe I will have him wear the plastic KTB to bed at nights. What do you boys think? Also, to ensure he is thoroughly embarrassed, here's a pic of him wearing his very feminine panties. I know he hates them. They even have a pouch built in for his little caged pee-pee.

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    Oh dear, it's bad enough that you are cross, that you are cross and stressed and domme all at the same time. I am just going to say, not a sensible move by @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet

    You could of course go the other way as a punishment, remember the way parents used to get kids if they caught them smoking, make them smoke a pack at once. How about sitting him in front of porn and keep him wanking till his dick is too sore for any more? Or is that too evil?
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  3. placing punishment aside ... and adding to @Mistress Jules@Mistress Jules ... I think that part of dealing with the situation would be to have him show you what he did (giving up his "secret") and then decide if corrections need to be made to prevent him from doing it again in the future. Some simple examples would be ... he used some sort of vibrator / well vibrators are now locked up ... he rubbed a certain area through his cage / maybe that area needs to be covered (cage modified).
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  4. I already keep the vibrators locked away for just this reason as he's done that in the past as well. Nope, this time, he just used his hand and i can't very well cut his hands off. Also, the cage has little spikes in it, but it didn't deter him, so going to be reordering with longer spikes. He came home to bring me lunch so I spanked him, plugged him and had him put on the panties in the picture then go back to work.
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  5. No, it's not too evil, just not my style. If anything, I'll put in in a KTB and play with his nips while he watches porn. Negative reinforcement.
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  6. Lol you already know what I think ;)
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  7. They would match nicely haha
  8. Another way of looking at this is that he did want to push you because he missed what you two have created, he misses his domme. Still doesn't make the unauthorized O okay but I imagine he wanted to feel your heat. I know when I feel my mistress toning down her domme side I will do something to get a reaction from her. Rarely does it work but hey I'm a guy and do stupid crap like that.
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  9. Yes, that crossed my mind as well, that he was bored and needed a response from me. I'm pleased he admitted it because he could have just kept quiet about it.
  10. Along with your usual punishment i.e. spanking etc, you could make his cock too sore to use. A good way to do this would be take a Q-tip, put some minty toothpaste on it, then slowly push it down his pee hole It burns as your doing it, and burns every time he will urinate for the next day or so.
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  11. Hello @Thatgirl@Thatgirl You have a lot on your plate for sure. If it's the Domme he wants, then don't be too shy about helping him remember who is in charge of what. Wearing the KTB for an extended time, perhaps even a whole weekend,(God forbid), while you plan some arousing activities, erands, etc.. for him sounds like a game changer for sure. Love his pink panties. KTB and a plug !! oh my... Maybe he needs a nice new shorter cage. ?? Glad to hear from you. Hope your smiling again soon.:eek:
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  12. Embarrassed by serving you and a few of your more intimate friends at the house while wearing nothing but his cage and panties ? Then again, he may like that..lol....
    How about an evening of viagra while wearing his cage ?
    Ok, I'll stop now.
  13. Best have Members also PM you with ideas, so he won't know what's coming:);):)
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  14. Holy moly! I like @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet too much to suggest anything too harsh lol. I will however say that if you want him to keep being completely honest with you about this stuff, not to go too hogwild with the consequences.

    I recently told @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté that while I was unlocked, woke up touching myself and instead of stopping I kept going. I stopped before anything finished but I did tell her. She was happy with my honesty, and I’m glad I can tell her without her going crazy.
  15. What a naughty one :p suggesting terrible things already got me in trouble for a whole year so I won’t dare this time. But he definitely shouldn’t get off lightly :p
  16. Not that it excuses anything but if you haven't been in Domme mode for a while this was probably more of a cry for attention than anything. I say that because I start to feel the same way if my KH isn't sexual for a while. And I know it's wrong; being a chaste sub is about meeting her needs... but we're all still human and we all have breaking points.

    The fact that he told you reflects really well on your relationship, in my opinion. When we tried chastity in the past we were in a rocky part of our relationship and I ended up getting myself off and not telling her. It happened a few times and when I eventually did confess to one she got genuinely very upset. It was really bad for both of us. Now we're in a much better place and although I have not tried to defeat my cage, if I did I'd feel comfortable telling her right away with fear of retribution in a D/s context but knowing that we wouldn't have to have a real fight over it.
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  17. Custom work? What model? Might be worth ordering it at least a half an inch shorter; just to be on the safe side.
  18. Let me start by saying what would happen if I ever did that:
    My mistress would say "OK, the game is over. You wanted me to be in charge, but I won't be because you are violating the rules." And it would be over.

    It doesn't sound like that is the way you want to go, and that's great. I do think you need to be somewhat measured in your reaction since you don't want to push him towards not telling you if this ever happens again.

    Why not ask him what he suggests as a punishment, and also ways to keep this from ever happening again? It is very possible that longer spikes would not work, but HE will know what will and what won't work. You can always reject his ideas.
  19. Just a note of "caution" ... Spikes were definitely a big deterrent in the beginning ... but the longer I'm denied the less effective they are, to the point of "the pain feels good" ... so I would not be 100% sure that the longer spikes are the answer to your situation.

    As far as removing his hands ... that I'm sure is not necessary ... I imagine that there is a spot that all he is using is a single finger or less to stimulate enough to get him there ... for me if I can get to my frenum (most cages allow this) that is all I need, playing with the rest of the cage area is not going to do it (for me).
  20. well somebody has sayed already that he shud has a smack but as well he shud has to stand after he been smacked in a corner and n ot move for a long time. That's the worstest bit i think.
  21. Most men would think that would be pleasurable, It's not after one or two it's humiliating and painful. Also you should add that everything that comes out get consumed.
  22. Take enjoyment out of his vanilla life. If he likes watching a certain sport, don't let him. Don't let him eat his favourite foods. No internet access allowed. No phone... whatever.

    The punishment has to be an *actual* punishment and not related to sex imo. The submissive side of a person can make almost anything seem hot and therefore not strictly a punishment.
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  23. ok, you could look at it the other way........he loves you and he is in awe of you........you literally drive him crazy and he did it for you.....to show just how much he loves you. Perhaps give him the benefit of the doubt before you make him wear the "Teeth"
    Naaaah, sit him it front of the tv, put on porn, headphones, Viagra, vibrating butt plug, nipple clips, a penis gag, numbing cream, rough leather gloves, and No lube!.......wow, that just came off the top of my head.....lol
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  24. Wow that sounds like a full evening of fun. Just kidding. May sound kind of lame, but ask him what................... he is doing. He told you he did it.

    I don't think he would do that unless there was a reason. That being said, he should know better than to do that. Find out the reason and find a solution.

    Sounds to me like he trying to get your attention and he did. Give it to him a chance to explain. If it's not a good reason and he is playing you I

    think you will know. Then to the sharks he goes. Talk it out.
  25. Rebecca: you got right to the point here. But a punishment is without doubt a must.
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