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    I have come up with a game that works well for my specific situation - my Wife is my KH and is reluctant to assert control. This game makes me track my performance to please her and earn a release without her being burdened by the task.

    We came up a chores list - what needs to be done around the house to keep it running well. We had this discusion over dinner, and no chastity talk or discussion of who was to do what was allowed.

    Later, I asked my wife to rate the chores list, 1 to 5, for how important it is for each task to be completed. 1 is nice to be done, 5 is has to be done. This was a non threatening was to approach this.

    I get one point for each task completed - no matter how difficult.
    I loose 1 to 5 points for each task not completed.
    I get no points if she does the chore.

    The goal points are set to the number of points I can reach in 4 weeks if I miss no tasks and get no penalties. Realistically, this means about 45 days between releases.

    The list (of about 90 things) is broken down into groups: daily (feed the dog, bring her coffee in bed, etc), weekly (clean the toilet, wash the floor, clean the bathtub) and bi-weekly/monthly (wash the front windows, clean out the fridge).

    I also have personal goals (my weight - weekly, one point for each pound lost, -2 points for each pound gained).
    Exercise will be added soon.

    She also assigns a M-F 'lunchtime' task so that I can get an extra point. (-2 points if it is not done)

    She is to take away points for poor service or misbehavior (or just for her fun). For example, she hates it when I hug her and then slide my hands down and grab her butt - I loose a days points for that. Leaving a tissue around -1 point. Running out of milk, OJ, etc is -10 points per item.
    The scale goes from -1 point (just in fun), -22 points (a whole days points- a real correction, - 150 points (lost a week), etc.

    The tasks are broken down as much as possible - for example, doing the laundry, folding and putting away her cloths, and putting away my and the kids clothes are three separate tasks. Laundry is to be done on Monday (-1 point for each day late). Her clothes are to be promptly hung up and put away ( -3 points if not) and so on.

    When new tasks are added, and the goal increased accordingly; for example, if the goal was 600, and a new task to be done every week is added, the new goal is 604. Credit is giver for the previous weeks (ie if we were in week three, I would get 3 free points for this month).

    For simplicity, the list is tracked in 4 weeks of 7 days. Points carry over to the next month.

    Other penalties:
    -22 unlocking the CD for adjustment
    -1 leaving hair in the shower drain
    -2 being out of CD with her permission (family trips, etc)
    -700 unauthorized orgasm
    -150 hint or ask for early release
    -22 forgetting a assigned task, and -10 for each day until it is done.

    Not immediately accepting a penalty graciously means 2x penalty and -50 points.

    I am tracking the chores in an excel spreadsheet.

    So far the results are good. She likes the house being cleaned and all the chores being done. She also likes that I am self motivated. It is a stretch for her to give penalty points, but it is the first step in me getting her to really let me know how my performance is (yes, topping from the bottom, but she has to internalize that she has special status).
    I explained that her giving playful penalty points helps me - it make this fun, keeps me focused and horny, and it also improves my behavior and is good for me. I am looking forward to the point when she gives a real penalty for something that I do wrong, not so much in play, but more as a correction.

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    Not completely ordered.

    Daily Task Points / Penalty if not done
    Kitchen Sink Empty @ bedtime +1 / -1
    Dishes in drain board put away +1 / -1
    Dinner made/bought +1 / -1 , 0 if not for all family members
    Coffee in Bed +1 / -1
    Travel Mug for work +1 / -2
    Dog fed AM +1 / -2
    Dog fed PM +1 / -2
    Cat Medicine AM +1 / -3
    Cat Medicine PM +1 / -3
    Litterbox emptied +1 / -1
    Litterbox area swept +1 / -1
    Dog droppings picked up +1 / -1
    Clean Cat foodplate in AM +1 / -1
    Lunchtime Task +1 / -2
    Offer Tea or Errand at night +1 / -1
    Make bed in the morning +1 / -1
    Son1 up early for school on Tue and Thru +1 / -2
    Clean 4 floor tiles in MB +1 / -2
    Son 2 AM medicine +1 / -5
    Son 1 AM medicine +1 / -5
    Son 1 PM medicine +1 / -5
    Son 1's h/w checked +1 / -3
    Make Breakfast on Sunday or go out +1 / -1

    Weekly Tasks
    Clean MB Shower area +1 / -2
    Clean MB Tub area +1 / -2
    Clean MB toilet, inside and out +1 / -2
    Clean MB bath counter and mirrors +1 / -2

    Clean Boys bath floor +1 / -2
    Clean Boys Bath mirror and sink +1 / -2
    Clean Boys bath toilet +1 / -2
    Clean Boys bath tub +1 / -2
    Empty Bathroom garbage cans +1 / -2

    Laundry washed +1 / -1
    Wife's clothes hung and put away +1 / -3
    Boys clothes separated and put away +1 / -3

    Vacuum upstairs +1 / -1
    Vacuum stairway +1 / -5
    Vacuum downstairs +1 / -2
    Dust Bedroom +1 / -2
    Dust Wife's Office +1 / -3

    Clean kitchen counters +1 / -1
    Clean stove +1 / -2
    Clean Kitchen island +1 / -1

    Garbage out Sun night +1 / -3
    Garbage out Wed night +1 / -1

    Food Shopping +1 once a week

    Bi-week or Monthly tasks

    BW - Clean front window and door +1 / -1
    BW- Sheets changed all beds +1 / -3
    BW- Clean wood floors Upstairs +1 / -1
    BW-Clean wood floors Downstairs +1 / -2
    BW- Clean downstairs Bathroom +1 / -1
    BW - Clean all tv screens +1 / -1
    BW- Clean fishtank +1 / -2
    M- Clean DR door +1 / -3
    M- Clean DR and LR windows +1 / -3
    M- Clean cabinets & appliances +1 / -1
    M- Clean fridge shelves +1 / -2

    Weight loss/gain per week +1/ -2 lb lost/gain
    Wife's Weight loss once I prep diet food +1 / -2 per lb lost gain

    Touching without permission -22 or ladies choice
    Hint/Ask for reward early -150 / all points if done again
    Annoying Wife -1 (fun) or more (correction)
    Wife's disapproval of behavior -1 (fun) or more (correction)
    No milk, OJ, 1/2&1/2 or other staple -10 each item
    Not in CD for any reason -2 per day
    Need unlock to adjust CD -22
    Unauthorized you know what -700
    Leaving hair/soap in shower drain -1
    Hand Soap in bathroom empty -1
    Forgetting simple task (lightbulb, etc) -22 plus -10 per day till done
    Leaving tissue/q-tip around -1
    Leave Dirty cat food dish on counter -1
    Bad attitude as judged by wife Ladies choice
    Not accepting a penalty graciously 2x penalty + 50
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    Sounds like a good system but a little complicated
  4. js11756

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    Simplifying was a ongoing goal.

    Make a list.
    Decide how often things need to be done (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).
    All tasks were worth one point.
    She decided how important (1-5) the tasks were.
    If not done on time, the points lost was that number (1-5).

    I did the sheet in Excel, and marked off the tasks as I did them - that was the only way I could keep track.
    Excel did all the math. I made the spreadsheet track four weeks - that was the 'month'. The total of all tasks was the goal. If new tasks were added the goal increased.

    I wonder if I could post the spreadsheet for other peoples use. Without using excel or such, this would have been impossible to track.

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