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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by Loris1, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Hello All,
    Been away for a while, I do hope everything is well. Respect to Miss Watchful for her fantastic efforts with this site.

    I just wanted to tell.. to explain something to someone.

    I have been in and out of a Lori tube for years, my mistress/partner (whom does not live with me but visits regularly, has amused herself occasionally, but in reality mostly tried to please me with chastity.

    All that has changed now and it has all happened on a very simple basis.

    The last five months I have been mostly in - especially since Xmas.
    Yet, I am now totally owned and fully conquered, but in the most gentle fashion.

    Everything revolves around her and she has asked, demanded only one simple thing.

    I am never to ask to be released. I have truly pledged this to her and this is a serious and non play matter between us. This simple fact has changed everything.

    We agreed this last year, around September, and what I did not realise at the time is that this has given her complete control over everything my body, my brain, my very soul.

    She knows me well enough to understand after between three to five days lock down I become completely obedient to her needs. and she knows this well. Sometimes she wants this total obedience, sometimes not, but each way she decides- by controlling my orgasms and planning in advance.

    For three months or so, she has been 'experimenting' and this has meant that I am frequently locked for two weeks or so at a time. Durting this time I am closely observed for compliance and my level of worship of her is expected to be exemplary. I am coached if I fall down on anything. She does not ask a great deal, but I know a moment of thoughtlessness - no spoon near the cup, will be noticed and will return to my Karma.

    I am presently locked for six days with the promise of a month this time. She now knows full well that the moment she walks through the door I only have eyes for her. She has deliberately raised the stakes by allowing me to lick her to orgasm.
    If she tires of this attention she sometimes releases me for a single orgasm which she controls she will explain to me I am never to come without permission and then I have to beg her to shoot. Sometimes, and I never know when, she will do this, deny me when I beg and put me back under lock and key, only to wait another few days.

    By mutual agreement my cock is hers only now and I am not allowed to request favours for it - it is merely her plaything.

    So I say to other Mistress's and would be Mistresses, this is the first simple and most effective step, after which you may do as YOU please with it and him.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER - NEVER let him ask, [/U] Seek a vow from him, make sure it is genuine, then lock him in - this is the secret to total domination - no whips or chains required.

    one last thing before I return into the vapours of the web
    I would like to ask if any Mistress would like her sub to join this sub, and also take this oath, then perhaps she may wish to have him place his honest and genuine pledge here. Perhaps the Mistress should record this, as it is her that must be saitisfied that he has given over to her fully and really.

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