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The Plastic Rings can break on a CB3000 -- who knew?

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by DnJsCuck, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Part of our ritual before J has a date with her bull is for her to lock me up the night before and through her date.

    Saturday was different as in my eagerness to get ready I snapped my 2" ring while putting it on. The next ring size down was really snug and in her teasing she got me so excited that I had to make and emergency exit.

    It was a very good visit for her and her Bull on Sunday. I just had to go to the gym and take my mind off things.

    Fortunately, I found a replacement ring from LockedUpLove.
  2. LOL! Plastic breaks. Who knew? LOL!
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  3. At least you broke your while Putting it On. I broke a plastic ring on my CBX 6000s while I was wearing it out in public it wasn't a very comfortable experience. People that I was having a medical emergency. Not one of my better Chastity Moments LOL
  4. I broke two rings and split the tube on my CB6000 in just a few months. If you are going to be wearing it often while watching your wife get sexual pleasure from another man, you may want to buy a custom cage like a Jailbird. I tried the major off the shelf brands and they are nothing like a custom made cage. In lieu of caging you, they can just tie your hands to a chair.
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  5. Just this past weekend Lana's sissy pet broke a CB6000s ring while sleeping....which resulted in a piece of jagged plastic being jammed into her balls. No real damage but a lot of pinching & scratching. She's just getting back into wearing a device, in the old days she broke both the ring and the cage of a cb2000. But she has such a hard time fitting a device, the thought of risking so much money on a custom metal device that ends up not working is worrying.
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  6. over the years I have worked my way through cb2000 , cb3000 , cb6000 and cb6000s all of them eventually failed in some way , I now wear an off the shelf Chinese stainless steel device which I find to be more comfortable and affords better hygiene than any of the plastic devices , stainless steel custom cages are even better if you are sure of your size , but any stainless steel device if it is a good fit will be more durable and 100% better than plastic with almost 0% chance of injury . The main thing with any device is to get a good fit and allow you body time to get used to it
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  7. Time to go steel!
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  8. When a person is trying to have an erection and he is wearing a Chastity cage it puts a lot of torque on the small plastic pins and rings. The male sex drive is a powerful force, if your trying to control it needs to be contained in bars of steel. Titanium would be nice but I haven't heared of anyone breaking a steel cage by trying to get an erection yet. Where is Super Cock Man?
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  9. I have two small, parallel scars on each side of my scrotum, caused by the unholy mess that was my cb6000. The damn thing tried to chew my balls off. I will never wear one of those damn things again and will never recommend one to anyone. They have been around for so long that you would have thought some r&d could have been carried out to improve the design.
  10. I had to buy a replacement ring recently to replace a broken one on my CB6000s. No doubt, my very next purchase will be a stainless cage, even if it's not a higher priced custom make. CB is a good device to test the chastity waters, but if your in it for the long haul of life, I think you need to eventually move on.
  11. We will look into the jailbird. Looks like a solid device and it being a good fit helps. Thanks!