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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by imkink4u, Dec 31, 2008.

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    We saw a post here about a slave boy who was on a menstrual cycle thing. This is nothing new to Mistress Julie and her coach Mistress Sherri. Her pet, Toni and I are also on the same thing, but with a wicked twist. Mistress has a coffee can with tags in it marked from 1 to 31. The game started by her pulling a tag out of the can. Now if the date on that tag matches a date when my "cycle" says it is totally safe for sex, then I will be tied down, released on that date and allowed to come. The catch is Toni has to do it. With no hands. And BTW when Toni gets a safe "pull" then it's my turn. If the date is an unsafe sex day or a date in the month that doesn't exist, IE 31 in a 30 day month, in my "cycle" then on the date pulled another tag is pulled for next month. My luck isn't to good. I could take every block on a football pool but one and loose all 4 quarters. Unfotunatly though, I think the gurl Toni has a horseshoe up his ass.
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