The Lecture (Fiction by moi)

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    Fiction by chastity{R}

    It was about time for Goddess lecture to start. Although the hood muffled my hearing, I could tell by the sudden ceasing of what had been a steadily growing clamor that it must time. I couldnt tell how large her audience was tonight although I knew that you could probably cram fifty chairs in the area in front of the stage at the club. Then I heard Goddess voice addressing her audience. She was a highly-respected leader in our local kink community and an acknowledged authority on male chastity or in my case shemale chastity. Id been her collared slave-slut for a little over a year now and had dutifully worn her chastity device 24/7 for a year prior to my collaring on this very same stage. Back then chastity was still something of a novelty to the local community, but lately it was becoming de rigueur for subs.

    So here I was on stage again, doing my part to help Goddess Robin with her lecture on chastity. I was wearing my favorite black leather corset, black tear-away miniskirt and sky-high fuck-me heels. Broad leather cuffs encircled my wrists and ankles which were secured to the St. Andrews cross in the center of the stage. A video camera was set-up to record Goddess lecture and allow live close-ups to be shown on the clubs big television at the side of the stage. (Yes, were a high-tech bunch!)

    Goddess began her lecture by briefly discussing the different types of chastity devices and how they prevented masturbation (or in some cases, didnt). She hadnt been speaking for very long when I suddenly felt my mini-skirt being yanked away to reveal my own chastity device to her enthralled audience. I thought I heard a collective gasp as they saw my long-unused penis securely encased in the gleaming, snug-fitting chastity tube. I heard Goddess explain how it was purchased from Mistress Lori and was made out of stainless steel rather than plastic like many commercial chastity devices. Goddess demonstrated how it locked through my PA piercing by lifting my imprisoned penis up so that the camera could zoom in on it. (I know she did this because I saw the video later on.) She extolled on my chastity tubes other virtues including how it didnt ever have to be removed for cleaning and how it rewarded any attempt at an erection by painfully squeezing my penis on my sweet spot just behind my exposed glans. To illustrate her point, Goddess lightly stroked the exposed portion of my shaft behind the tube so that I started to swell. It didnt take long before I was groaning and writhing in pain as the unyielding chastity tube tightly squeezed my bulging shaft. Goddess next turned her attention to my aching, cum-engorged balls which hung like ripened fruit between my freshly shaven legs. As she held my hairless sack in her gloved hand, she explained how she periodically milked me using a prostrate massager made by Aneros. I was shocked to hear her say that this was the first time shed ever tried to milk me on the cross and realized that she was going to milk me in front of her audience! I felt my sphincter being lubed and next the prostate wand was slowly inserted into my unprotected anus. It didnt take Goddess long to find the right spot and I soon felt a familiar sensation that was a bit like peeing as thick cum-juice begin to dribble from my urethra. Goddess continued to milk me, answering questions from her delighted audience before finally withdrawing the invading wand. I desperately wished that I could have had a real orgasm, but I was still thankful for the relief regardless. Then I felt my hood being raised above my mouth and a glass was pressed to my lips.

    Drink, commanded Goddess.

    I dutifully swallowed the produce from my milking as the audience applauded. I was surprised at how much there was and it took several gulps for me to get it all down. Then I heard multiple footsteps on the stage as Goddess allowed her grateful audience to examine me close-up. I squirmed in my restraints as strange hands fondled my chastity and squeezed my dangling fruit. A rather painful squeeze was accompanied by a vaguely familiar female voice, who commented that she preferred to milk her slave by fucking him with her dildo. I heard Goddess reply that she fucked me as well, but that the prostate wand seemed to do a better job when it came to milking.

    Gradually the audience left the stage and made the way toward the kitchen for refreshments. I was left on display for the remainder of the evening for those who didnt get to see close-up earlier. At one point a husky female voice remarked, I dont believe that little tube could keep you from masturbating! The next thing I knew, a strange hand was stroking the exposed portion of my shaft. My captive penis quickly grew erect, but the accompanying pain also had me begging for mercy!

    Cum, you lil slut! You know you want it! ordered the mystery voice.

    Ooooooouch! Oh, it HURTS!!! I wailed as the steel tube cruelly squeezed my trapped penis tighter and tighter. Please stop! MERCY!!!

    Fortunately, Goddess must have heard my cries because the unwanted attention abruptly ceased and my painful erection quickly subsided. I was left thankfully alone again for the remainder of the evening.

    My hands were numb and my back and legs were stiff by the time I was finally released from the cross. I was exhausted by my long evening on display and Goddess generously rewarded my performance by cradling me in her warm, loving arms until I fell into a deep sleep.

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    chastity, you story made me very excited. i just wish it were me on that cross
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