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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Retiredinaz, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. I have had an interest in chastity for several years and have owned quite a few devices. Most of them, however, were just toys. All the plastic CB devices are not secure at all and become painful to wear (at least for me) after a few days or a week at best. Anything with a rear scrotal ring just didn't work either. I was beginning to think that enforced chastity with a cage or belt was just for short term play and talk of months or years in chastity was just a fantasy.

    There was ONE last consideration though, getting a chastity cage that utilized a PA (Prince Albert) piercing to hold a medical grade stainless or titanium device in place might be the answer. This would, however, involve six months of planning and considerable cost. The thought of a getting a piercing through my urethra was also a concern...or should I say a FEAR. This part was actually a "walk in the park". Almost painless and it healed quickly, followed by three more monthly visits to stretch the piercing up in size to a 4 gauge pin. All that worry over nothing.

    So back to my plan. I had my piercing and ordered a Ms Lori device. Her chastity cages with a Prince Albert piercing are the ONLY way to go. It is 100% secure and not coming off without the key (unless of course you are a machinist). As one keyholder wrote, "once your guy lets you lock this device on, YOU OWN HIM"! PERIOD! Another described Ms Lori's devices as the Lamborghini of chastity cages. These are quotes from right here on CM. I agree. Mine is so comfortable that when it is not on I actually feel that something is missing. One thing you need to be cautions of is that your stretched piercing has healed completely. Most piercing professional will suggest starting out with a 10 gauge and stretching up in size every thirty days or so to an 8g, 6g, 4g and even a 2g or 0g if you are man enough to make that commitment. I have a 4g and do not recommend anything smaller. A larger pin will be able to distribute the weight better. Ms Lori's devices are very heavy. It is also a good idea to start wearing compression style athletic underwear. This helps support the weight of the device.

    With regard to cost, the average price of a Ms Lori's device is about $700 with a four to five month wait. Piercings with the four curved barbells to get to 4g will be about $100. Four pairs of Under Armour Originals were $20 each or $80 and misc. antibacterial lotion & Aquaphore at $20 for a total of approximately $900.

    Now with this serious of a commitment it would be best if you already had a wife or GF that was "on board" with the program. If, however, you are solo, then at first you might want to play on EMLALOCK which is an online time-lock program. It is confusing at first, so do a lot of one hour Test sessions before locking you keys away...and ALWAYS have an emergency plan of release. ALWAYS!

    Now you might be able to find a remote keyholder there, but it is sort of difficult and time consuming. A much better place for that is right here on CHASTITY MANSION.

    So there you have it. I hope that my six month plan to a serious Lifestyle of Chastity has been interesting and informative. Please keep in mind, these are just my experiences...yours may vary. Feel free to message me with additional questions you might have. Thanks for reading.

  2. I came to the exact same conclusions. I now where a steelworxx tube jacket 02, 2 gauge. I'm not sure if lori's devices are more secure in the lock but I'm certainly not a lock picker so without the key I know of no way to get it off. I also use obviously naked underwear for support which I agree is very important wearing these types of devices. Now I just need to get my wife back on board.
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  3. Yes, many do say that the Ms Lori devices have a locking setup that can be circumvented. Well all of that involves tools, drills, liquid steel, etc. I'm not a machinist type of guy, so that really doesn't apply to me. I also can't see doing any damage to my device without the possibility of getting locked back up, thus exposing my indiscretion. Bottom line, when I'm locked in my cage it is 100% secure for me!
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  4. BTW, I love your Avatar! :)
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  5. yeah i'm pretty handy with some tools but would never attempt to mess with the lock. That could end in disaster lol. The reality is almost any device can be circumvented in some way but to a certain point the security is good enough for most people to not even try, I mean we asked for this after all. But knowing that its not really possible to get out gives me a thrill I can't explain.
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  6. I agree 100% on both issues, security and thrill!
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