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The Hunci method - anti pullout seal

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by hunci, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Hi Fellow Members!
    I have not been for so long in the lifestyle but constantly thinking about anti pullout mechanism.
    My points were:
    - cheap
    - applicable for most of devices
    - blocking pullout is not the main goal but inability to hide it is
    So let me share what I developed.
    It needs only dental floss. you have to knot a loop (slipknot or other behind the head of your penis. Not too tight what blocks blood current but enough tight to block it being pulled down. Now lead the floss through the front opening of your gage and turn it back to the padlock. Lace it into the padlock's hole. If you have slidein padlock like I have the knot the floss somehow into the slot of padlock. Cut the surplus part of the seal and ask your keyholder to lock you.
    Now you can pull out only if you cut the floss. In this case you cannot replace the floss because the padlock is closed and you cant slide a new floss into the gap, so you cannot deny that you cheated.
    I introduced this method my wife. She liked the idea of this control.
  2. Agree, thats a very good anti pullout mechanism. I did my first DIY CB about 15 years ago this way. Tried it with a loop made of metal wire but had to realize that either the glanse will slip out too easy or it will be far to narrow. There was no really good size to find. So the idea of using wire died, but not the idea itself.

    Unfortunately I can not upload any photos in the moment bcause CM won´t let ms do this. There always occures an error. :(

    Today I use a rubber band for the loop. My CB for permanent use has got no A-Ring. This is pretty much comfort.
    OK, inserting photos out of my existing Albums seem to work .... I am confused now!
    So, at least here is this one:

  3. hopefully some serious company realize this idea.
  4. the BuddyLock uses this method, but it's quite bulky and there's too much room inside. If you're a grower. there's not enough tension on the loop when erect and it's possible to slide the cock up and down in the tube and cum that way...
  5. The method is spreading :)
    After a month I had published this, a guy on fetlife wrote exactly the same pretending as his invetion. When I asked him he told he had not been aware of my idea. Very interesting. Even the material (dental floss) is the same as mine. Pathetic.