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The honour system

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by L-u-c-y (Partner), Aug 8, 2017.

  1. L-u-c-y (Partner)

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    Oct 20, 2015
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    How many of you take part in chastity without wearing a device?

    For those that don't, how important is it for you to feel a physical device on you?
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  2. Very important that I have a device.

    Have tried the honour system. Found it to be an annoying mental burden.

    When it's a device, I can let go and surrender.

    Hope what I said makes sense

    Kind Regards,
  3. I do while we're finding a device that fits and is secure. What's interesting to me is the fact that left to my own devices I'd normally last no more than a week, but with my girlfriend telling me I'm not allowed, it makes it much easier for me, knowing that if I did anything without permission I'd be breaking her trust.

    I get the feeling once my cage fits well I'll feel naked without it, but until then I am on the honor(Yankee here) system.
  4. Nice questions. I will be following this thread with attention
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  5. We did the honor system while I was waiting for my PA to heal and waiting for my device to be made (total of about 6 months).

    It took some mental discipline, but I think it also showed Mrs that I was genuinely serious about wanting her to deny me sex-—the fact that I could have masturbated during that time but didn't.
  6. We us the honor system without any problems, except it's really hard not to fall off the edge during our tease sessions.
  7. I'm on a mixture of the honor system (for when I travel) and locked for when I'm home. Thankfully when I've been traveling I've been very busy and haven't had much time to myself. Although I do find that at my most stressful times is when I'm most likely to indulge in some self abuse. That is when I have to fight the urge the most.

    I do enjoy the feel of the device though. Sometimes when I travel I still wear the device (put it back on after TSA) but I do have the key so it is still the honor system.
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  8. I'm using the honor method, as long term devices are not practical in my life. Works well, though requires some self discipline. My periods of denial are not too long though. I'm allowed to masturbate during her periods, but cum has to be frozen for later consumption, which is a deterrent!
  9. During past periods of chastity, I sometimes locked myself before going to bed, but most of the time I was not locked for the simple reason that I did not have a device that I could wear all the time. My Jailbird is a wonderful piece of artistry, but I ordered it too big, so driving in it and working in it was often difficult. I have longed for a device that I could wear all the time.

    Just over a week ago, I got a new Holy Trainer 2. It fits me perfectly and I love it. In the eight days I have had it, I haven’t taken it off. The night before last I desperately needed to cum. It was one of those keep you awake until 5 am with horniness experiences which will be familiar to many. I am convinced that if I had not been locked in my HT2 with the keys 80 miles away, I would almost certainly have given in to the sleep-depriving horniness and given myself an orgasm. But I was unable to because I was locked up without a key. I now find myself wondering how long I can stay in chastity now that I finally have a chastity device that I can wear full-time, and almost always without any access to the keys.

    For me, being in a chastity device is crucial for surviving those times when the need to masturbate is overpowering. Also, the ever-present grip of the device on the cock and around the balls is physically and mentally comforting. To me, a comfortable physical device is fundamental to progressing with the chastity lifestyle and successfully extending your periods of chastity.
  10. I don't have the strength to resist day 3 urges.
    Very high sex drive and fast refractory period.
  11. The honor system was how I got my wife into chastity and what I recommend to guys who want to try chastity out. If you show up with a hunk of plastic on your penis and tell your wife to deny you orgasms, she is going to think you are crazy. :) I suggested trying teasing and denial to see how much more my orgasms could be. Over time my wife go to enjoy sex only for her pleasure and having some control over me by doing what some women have done since the dawn of humanity.

    Only when I suggested we go longer to see what happens did I suggest a chastity device. The way I did it was to introduce it into an existing fetish much like you can more easily add whipping into an existing BDSM relationship than showing up with a whip and a request for you wife/girlfriend to start whipping you out of the blue.

    I can masturbate and even escape from my cage, so it is more a reminder of my promise to my wife and a speed bump to give me pause before I break that promise. It also keeps me on a higher level or arousal. After all this time, wearing my Jailbird is no more bother than putting on a wrist watch.
  12. i'm not locked, at least not physically... my Owner uses hypnosis to control my cock. it ranges from being unable to touch to cumming on a trigger word or having a mind-orgasm without spurting... it works perfectly!
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  13. We use the honour system completely. i have just completed 55 days of denial. i had an accidental ejaculation, but She was actually present and supervising. I have never had an orgasm without Her present (well, not for many years), but if i did, i would tell Her immediately. She would know anyways, by my demeanour. It works for us, but i can certainly see how some would need to have the device (lack of self control), or need it as a constant reminder of their situation.
  14. We did the honor method for about a year until it became obvious that I was being dishonorable quite frequently when She was absent.l So, now I wear the cage when She is at work or otherwise away from home (and me). This seems to prevent my mind from drifting into never never land.