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The Gray Ranch?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Casual_Reader, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Whatever became of the "Gray Ranch"? Lori, owner/designer of the Lori's line of male chastity tubes (the metal ones that secure with a penis piercing), was all gung-ho about creating a femdom/male chastity commune/resort/thing, back in the late Nineties. Did anything ever come of it?
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  2. There was a guy running one somewhere. I saw his ad but do not remember where he is located. Basically in return for labor to fix up the place and maintain it, he pairs you up with a playmate into your fetish who is also there to work or just invited to take care of the guest's needs. Apparently they did establish a ranch at one time but I think the landowner would not renew the lease. In any event it closed down and not the guy has purchased land but cannot afford to build it on his own so he came up with this idea. Have not seen a mention of this in a year. BDSM was my main fetish so I tended to follow stuff like that. Perhaps he was on Fetlife. They have an active BDSM community and hold munches and events. Ask your question there.
  3. A web search only showed a reference to Oregon.
    So I'd guess either it's very underground, which is highly unlikely. Or it never took off.
  4. It got built and no one Came so it closed down. Just kidding I couldn't resist
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  5. There was a lady that was going to open a BDSM B&B in Va. she put a lot of effort then all of a sudden changed direction, made an announcement that she wasn't going forward and then was never heard from again.

    I believe there was also one in Europe that was very popular then closed.

    Most of the time we're not told why these places either close or stop their development.
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  6. This was a joke " no one came,
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  7. They probably don't make enough money to be viable, or alternatively come into problems with the local community (can't see a rancher being happy with a "bunch of perverts" on the next farm over).
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  8. You might have to get into Pony play and rent out a team to the rancher next door. I wonder how that conversation would go at the local Coffee Shop
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  9. In NC there's a former ranch that's now a nudist resort.

    Local community or poor business plans and practices and/or needing more capital than expected. Or a loss of interest.

    As for the rancher down the road, many are more open minded than you might think. That said some aren't. The trick is to find a place where you can be a good neighbor and not alienate the ones who don't care and limit the things the ones who hate us can say.
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  10. I could sell you some land in Canada but Winters kind of Suck
  11. Thanks but as beautiful as your country is, winter in SW Va is bad enough. There is NO WAY I'm leaving Va to go some place COLDER. Plus I hate all of your hockey teams except for the Senators ... well and the Canucks.