The Fraternity Stud

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    The fraternity stud

    I wasnt as attracted to Rob as I was to Tom. Not at first. He had a good build, but was more of a beer drinkerguzzler reallyand seemed a little goofy to me. But he smiled and laughed a lot so I knew he liked to have a good time. I was torn over whether to see him or not, but in a twisted logic sort of way, I didnt want him to feel rejected if he happened to find out that I had seen his friend Tom, but not him. So I said, OK, Ill see him at an out-of-the-way coffee shop. Well talk, laugh some, and thatll be it. Itll all be innocent, (Yeah, right, like anything that has to do with the men in my life is innocent!).

    So I dressed a little downactually a lot downcompared to how I dolled myself up for Tom. I wore jeans, but they were still tight enough to show off my young figure (those were the days!) and a conservative dark blue cotton blouse with full bra that hid most of my cleavage (36C if you must know). My long reddish hair and light blush makeup looked nice though, and I did wear cherry red lipstick, dangling silver earrings, high heels, and a splash of perfumesort of like an urban cowgirl doll!

    Rob showed up and I was pleasantly surprised. I had never really looked at him up close in a date situation. He was nicely dressed with the collegiate lookbrown loafers, khaki slacks, and a casual yellow knit shirtI think the one with the alligator on it. (It was green, whatever it was). Even though he had a buzz cut his blondish hair looked clean and natural, considering. He seemed a little nervous and I found that endearing. As he talked I noticed how his blue eyes sparkled and how his large hands totally engulfed the coffee cup and made it look like steam was coming right out of his palms. We were laughing a lot and I started wondering if this might lead somewhere. I touched his arm a couple of times as we talked and he didnt flinch like some men do. In fact, he seemed to like it and moved a little closer and kept looking into my eyes.

    I got excited, but we had nursed our coffee about as long as we could and I thought we had reached a good ending point. I was about to thank him for the good time when he took my hands in his, looked directly into my eyes, and in one long breath said, Julie, I know this may sound a little forward, and I hope you dont take it the wrong way, but I was wondering if you would like to come over, kick off your shoes, maybe have a little wine, and enjoy my new hot tub? I was totally nonplussed and speechless. He saw my hesitation, gently tugged on my hands a little, and added, Come on Julie, itll be fun!

    I couldnt say no to those blue eyes and that happy smile, so I said, OKI guessbut only for a short time, I do have to get back.

    He said, Great! and off we went in his cute little cream-colored BMW with the sensuous leather seats. It was an exhilarating ride and I dont think he stopped at a single stop sign along the way.

    Well, Ill spare you some of the boring details since after several glasses of wine it was all a blur anyway, but somehow I ended up laughing with Rob in his hot tub on his covered patio with me wearing nothing but my thin white panties and bra. And after he leaned across and kissed me the bra and panties went pretty fast too. They werent hiding much anyway. We giggled our waymostly naked with bath towels wrapped loosely around usfrom the spa into his bedroom where I fell backwards onto his bed with my eyes closed and my arms outstretched. Im sure I looked like a delectable goalpost for him to score on. He fell on me, as if by accident, and immediately started open-mouth kissing me and rubbing my nipples, and I was so hot that my tongue got practically entwined into a knot with his. We both wanted it, and I reached down and grabbed his cock as we kissed and it felt as hard as a little tree-trunkthicker than Toms, and I thought maybe a little longer too, though I couldnt be sure. One thing I was sure ofhe was a lot bigger than my hubby, whom I was now beginning to see as somewhatmaybe a lotundersized. Either that, or I had just discovered the two most well endowed guys on the planet. And somehow, I didnt think so.

    There were no words spoken. I was extremely wet and open and he knew it because he had inserted two fingers into me and was twisting and rubbing them on the walls of my vagina while his big thumb rolled lightly around and across my clitoral hood on the outside. When he removed his fingers and positioned his shiny mushroom cockhead at my wet entrance, I thrust against him like a little wench while he pushed his way into me and slid in to the hilt. There was a little stretching pain at first because of his thickness and the speed of it all, but it was quickly replaced by the most pleasurable open, but filled, sensation I had felt in a long time. It was sort of like a small truck had driven into the tunnel of my vagina and opened it up. I hooked both of my heels to his ass and pulled him to me, and while I dont remember my exact words, I think they were something like, Oh, baby, oh baby! and You feel so good! and Fuck me hard!

    And he did. For the next 20 minutes, he practically pounded me through the mattress on one end, while devouring my nipples and lips on the other. We panted and sweated like lusty hogs with the feverlove fever that isand I had a trembling orgasm after about 10 minutes, and an even stronger one that rippled through my chest after about 20 minutes when he grunted and shoved so hard into me that he practically drove my ass through the bed. He came (as did I, right after) and shot a huge glob of cum that he must have been saving up for weeks. When he slumped, totally spent, on top of me I felt it leaking out and down my ass onto his bedspread as his once manly cock shriveled into a pink marshmallow.

    Neither of us moved for at least 5 minutes. The wine was wearing off and I felt a little embarrassed that I was lying buck-ass naked pinned under this big lump of a manhubbys friend no lessand had been so consumed with wanton lust, the hot proof of which was leaking out of me as we lay there. But the truth was that I had had more orgasms in one week with Rob (and Tom before him) than Id had in the last six months with my husband. Strong ones too! And not only that, both men were light years more sexually passionate than my husband had ever beeneven before we were married. I had clearly found not one, but two, hot lovers!

    I started thinking about what Id been missing and decided that if I did it just for the sex, didnt get emotionally involved, and always came home to my hubby, then whats wrong with that? Yes, it was cheating, but thats the way a man would think about it wouldnt he? Besides, the sex and orgasms were soooo good I dont think I could have stopped even if I had wanted to. I was already past the point of no return.

    Still, when hubbys black friend John called a few days later, I was faced with one of the toughest decisions a now-wanton little red-haired southern girl like me has ever had to make.

    But Ill save that for next time, if theres any interest

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