The Four-Some (part 2)

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    Book 2

    Dear Reader, This story is a continuation of “The Four-Some”. Most of the characters in this story were introduced and developed in the first story so I encourage you to read “the Four-Some” first. This story will be more enjoyable if you know what’s going on at the beginning.

    Marie and Steve had been living in Susan and Alan’s house full time for well over a year. During that time the four of them had developed into a tightly knit, cohesive unit in which Susan and Marie maintained strict sexual control over Steve and Alan. They did this with a mixture of male chastity, bondage, and corporal punishment. Steve and Alan were very happy with the arrangement, as were Susan and Marie.

    One evening over dinner Steve suggested to the foursome that he and Marie sell their house and buy into Susan and Alan’s house. He said this would mean including him and Marie on the title and making him and Marie equally responsible for the mortgage. This was obviously a very big deal.

    He hadn’t discussed his idea with Marie beforehand. In yet another indication of the closeness of their group Marie wasn’t offended that he initially brought up his idea with the three of them rather than with her in private first. The bigger issue was that as long as Steve and Marie still owned their house it was like a lifeboat, maybe never used but always available. If things soured in the foursome Steve and Marie could always retreat to their own house. They hadn’t ever wanted to but the fact of its being there, available, might be serving as a comforting reassurance. Selling the house would mean that they were ‘all in’ their relationship with Susan and Alan.

    They all understood the significance of what Steve was suggesting. Susan responded first, smiling broadly and in pretty good Spanish “Nuestra casa es su casa”. Then, more seriously, acknowledged that that would be another big step in the series of big steps that have woven their lives together.

    “Let’s sit on that for a while and talk about it again later”.

    They all agreed that moving slowly on this was a good idea. The fact that the thought was out there put a special excitement into the room.


    Later that evening Marie and Steve spoke about the house. She compared the current situation to their own situation years ago. Steve had moved into Marie’s apartment in the city but he kept his own apartment. He continued to pay rent but was almost never there. When he went to his apartment to make sure that everything was okay it felt like a part of his past; it didn’t feel like home. Giving up his apartment felt like the normal evolution of their relationship.

    “Let’s go to our house, now.” said Marie. “I want to see how it feels to be there together.”

    Twenty minutes later they were standing in the foyer of the very comfortable house where they used to live.

    “I wanted to see if it would feel like home. It doesn’t. It feels like a memory. How about for you?”

    Steve considered. “We had a lot of good times here but now it feels empty. I feel like a snake that’s looking at a skin that it shed.”

    When they returned to Susan and Alan’s house they each had an upwelling of emotion. Marie cried a little. It wasn’t the physical structure of the house they were responding to. This was their home now because it was where Susan and Alan were. And it was where Marie and Steve felt they belonged.

    They told Susan and Alan that they wanted to do it. Marie asked them, a little shyly, if it was really okay with them.

    “Okay with us?” Susan exclaimed. “Are you kidding? When you and Steve were gone, looking at your old house, Alan and I were worrying that you would decide that you wanted to stay there. We would have been devastated.”

    Susan observed that it felt like she and Alan were getting married to Marie and Steve in all but name. Marie agreed and asked how she felt about that. Susan paused, leaned over and kissed Marie softly on the lips. Marie felt a fluttering in her tummy as she returned the kiss with the tip of her tongue.

    “I’m fine with that. You’re my bride.” Not wanting Steve to feel left out Susan kissed him too. “And you’re my groom.” Steve’s cock responded to her attention, straining against the chastity cage he wore.

    Alan wrapped an arm around Marie, who snuggled against him. The two women glanced at each other and exchanged a look. In that look they agreed that were going to have sex with their men, now. Marie and Susan began to undress the man each was with. The men were delighted with this but, of course, didn’t know how it would end. One of the basic elements of the relationship was that the men were almost always wearing locked chastity devices. Marie and Susan had matching keys to the chastity locks that they wore on delicate chains around their necks, always available for use by the women. The guys certainly didn’t assume that they would have orgasms but they loved every opportunity they got to pleasure their women.

    Steven, now completely naked, slowly undressed Susan like he was unwrapping a precious birthday present. He unbuttoned her silk blouse, kissing her on her neck. When the blouse was discarded he let his tongue wander over her bare tummy as his hands caressed her breasts. Reaching behind, he unsnapped her bra, freeing her firm, full breasts. He gave each nipple extravagant attention; he knew that she loved that and was rewarded by her gasps of pleasure as he flicked her nipple back and forth with his tongue. As Susan pulled her pants down Steve shifted his weight and ever so gently let his hand glide over her mound. He knew she was impatient for his touch but he also knew that she loved a slow build up. He tantalized her with his feather light caresses. His finger lifted the edge of her panty and ran over her bare flesh, close to her pussy. Susan gasped with delight and passion as his gentle fingers separated her pussy lips and felt her wetness. The attention wasn’t one sided. Susan raked Steve sensuously with her nails, made him gasp as she pinched his nipples and cradled his head as she kissed him.

    This was to be a special day. Susan wanted his cock inside of her. She unlocked him and gently pulled his cage off and then the ring. He was free and his cock slowly expanded before her eyes. She always loved watching that! She encouraged his erection, stroking his shaved penis and balls. Susan lightly touched Steve’s anus, just grazing the sensitive skin. He especially liked her to play around his asshole.

    Susan gave his hips a little push, indicating that she wanted him to be on top. Steve happily complied and slowly, slowly entered her. He hadn’t cum in two weeks and knew he was on a short fuse so he controlled his strokes carefully. He was determined that Susan would come before he did. Susan hooked her heels over his thighs, pulling him deeper into herself with his every thrust. Then she wanted to be on top. Holding tightly onto him she rolled them over. They remained coupled, with Susan on top. She used his penis, pushing herself onto it, pushing it against exactly the right spots. Finally, she came, trembling and crying out. Steve took this as his permission to cum. He thrust a few more times and pushed himself over his edge. He lifted Susan up with every thrust, impaling her on his penis as he brought her to another climax. Finally they both subsided. Susan lay on Steve as she dozed off.

    Marie and Alan were also busy. Marie wanted oral from Alan, who was very happy to oblige, but before he was permitted to start she intended to spank him to get him into the right mood. She picked up a leather paddle that was convenient and told him to lie across the sofa. Alan lay down obediently, with his arms at his sides. Marie started slowly and softly. His butt cheeks took on a rosy glow. She hit harder and Alan squirmed with every strike. He didn’t cry out but Marie knew he was feeling pain. She struck five more times, put the paddle down and began caressing him. She lingeringly stroked his back, his legs, his buttocks. Every nerve was alive as she transitioned his experience from pain to pleasure. He wasn’t sure where the dividing line was. Finally, Marie eased herself down and softly told Alan to make love to her with his mouth. He started at her breasts, kissing and fondling, sucking and nibbling. Then, slowly, he went lower, down to her pussy that was already wet with her passion juice. He used his tongue as a tool of pleasure. His entire focus was on her: her reactions to what he was doing at every moment, her pleasure, and ultimately, her orgasm. Alan was tremendously excited. His cock was straining against his cage but he knew he wouldn’t be having an orgasm now. That was okay with him. He got tremendous satisfaction from the intimacy that they were experiencing together. Really, her orgasm was his orgasm.


    The next day over Sunday breakfast the group went over the steps that needed to happen: they would get Marie and Steve’s old house ready for sale and list it with a broker. They would get appraisals of Susan and Alan’s house. They would contact the bank that held the mortgage to add Steve and Marie as obligors. When their house sold they would give Susan and Alan half of the equity that they had in the house. They would need an attorney to do this and to add them to the title.


    Emptying out Marie and Steve’s old house and getting it ready for sale was fun for them. They enjoyed working together and did the painting themselves. Also, all the work they did brought them closer to their goal. Marie and Steve listed the house and waited for offers. They were lucky; the real estate market was hot and they got two good offers in a short time. They accepted one and went into contract. Meanwhile Susan and Alan asked two appraisers to come to their house to price their house. The two numbers they came up with were close to each other. This made it easy to arrive at a fair market value for Marie and Steve to buy into.


    Like the others, Alan was delighted at how things were going. “We’ve got to have another ceremony. The collaring ceremony was great but we’re going a step further. We need to do this right.”

    “How about if we all have matching rings?” suggested Marie.

    “Yes! And I want them to be distinctive enough so that it’ll be fairly obvious that we’re all wearing the same ring. People can draw their own conclusions.” Susan added.

    Alan went to his studio to work on the design of the rings. He drew a number of styles until he settled on one he was happy with. The design had strands of ‘twisted gold rope’ weaving around in a circle. Each loop was separate but attached to its adjoining loop and each ring had four such loops. When he showed the design to the others they all loved it. They saw that the rope suggested bondage and the four loops obviously represented each of them. Alan’s design included a very small gold loop on the top of the rings. This loop was intended to look like the attachment point on a shackle.

    Alan’s three mates were delighted with the design and asked Alan to speak to a goldsmith to see about getting the rings made. He knew a jewelry maker whose work he admired. She had crafted custom body jewelry that Alan had seen. When Alan showed her the design and said he wanted four rings she slowly looked up at Alan. “That’s unusual” Alan looked right back at her. “We’re very fortunate to have found each other.”

    The goldsmith, Peggy, examined Alan’s design more carefully.

    “That’s ingenious. You’ve designed the ring to be like a piece of bondage equipment”

    “Well, sort of. It’s such an integral part of what we do that it feels right to include that in the design.”

    Peggy hesitated. There were questions she wanted to ask but this would be a good commission for her and she didn’t want to make Alan feel uncomfortable and maybe take his business somewhere else. She decided to ‘put her toe in the water’, despite the risk.

    “Alan, you know I do a lot of work for the kink community so you know I’m comfortable with a lot of things that some other people might not be. Would you maybe be willing to tell me a little about what it’s like to live with three other people?”

    He smiled. “You mean more than ‘live with’ when you ask that, don’t you? I like you and I don’t mind talking about ourselves with you but our lives are personal and I don’t want you to think it’s okay to talk about us with other people. Is that okay?”

    “Absolutely. I know how to respect a confidence.”

    “Well, we’ve been living together for more than three years. At first it was me and Susan living with Marie and Steve but by now those pairings are ancient history. Susan and Marie are very strong willed, sexy women. They basically share Steve and me sexually. They use bondage and discipline for their pleasure and ours and to enforce their very reasonable rules. Steve and I both love bondage and discipline and feel very lucky to be with Susan and Marie. Over the years that we’ve lived together the four of us have melded into a very strong, cohesive unit. I really feel married to the three of them and I know they feel the same way.”

    “You came to the right ring maker” Peggy laughed. “My man, Morgan, and I have been living like that for the past five years. Sex, rope, steel and paddles, and love are totally linked for us. He’s a solid, strong man who just loves being bound and spanked. And I love being in control. He’s at work now wearing my collar and a chastity cage.”

    Alan smiled at the kindred spirit sitting across from him. “He’s a lucky man.”

    “Susan and Marie are lucky women.”

    Alan ordered the rings. Peggy gave him a set of sizing rings so the other three could determine the size rings they needed.


    George, the real estate lawyer they found to handle the various transactions, was a man in his late thirties. Marie and Steve explained what they intended to do. It took a moment for him to grasp the plan for them to buy a half interest in Susan and Alan’s house and to be put onto their mortgage. He asked what the nature of their relationship was. Marie responded that they were very good friends.

    “I’m sure you are” he replied. He paused before continuing. “Is there a power dynamic involved? I mean, are you doing this under duress? I’m obligated to ask this.”

    Steve laughed. “Thank you for your concern. Yes, there is a power dynamic. Alan and I are totally pussy whipped but there’s no duress. They totally have us in their power. We love it.”

    George shuffled some papers, looked uncomfortable and assured them that he would handle everything correctly.

    The next evening George called Steve, saying there was a detail he wanted to clarify. After Steve answered his question George seemed reluctant to get off the phone. Finally Steve asked him if there was anything else.

    “Uh-h-h, well, there is something I wanted to talk about. I couldn’t stop thinking about how you said that you and Alan were ‘totally pussy whipped’ and ‘totally in their power’. It’s none of my business but … would you mind talking to me about that?”

    “Why do you want to know, George?”

    “Um-m-m, my whole life I’ve had various fantasies about … powerful, controlling women and your saying that really reminded me of all my fantasies. I guess I’m asking you to tell me if you and Alan are really living my fantasy or if it’s my imagination playing tricks on me.”

    “George, you seem like a very decent guy and I like you. I’ll talk to you but not over the phone. Why don’t we meet after work some day?”

    Two days later Steve and George met in a quiet restaurant. Steve told George about how he and Marie used to use male chastity, but nothing else, until they met Susan and Alan. He described how their lives had expanded, including the bondage and spanking that he was so fond of. As George listened his cock started to get hard.

    “Would you mind going into more detail?”

    “Okay”, Steve said. “I’m wearing a chastity device right now. I usually do. Susan and Marie have matching locks and keys to my device and to Alan’s. They have full access to either of us whenever they like.” Steve paused and looked at George.

    “Am I shocking you?”

    “No, no, please continue. My god, as you’re talking I’m imagining myself in your situation and it’s really, really hot. I really appreciate your sharing this.”

    “Last evening Susan wanted to put me into rope bondage. She stripped me, tied me elaborately and blindfolded me. I couldn’t move a muscle. I was really grateful for her binding me; I love it. It takes a lot of work to do a rope tie properly.

    She rolled me onto my stomach and spanked me with her hand. She spanked hard enough that it hurt but not like it was for punishment. She played with my balls and my cock through the cage. I had as much of a hard on as I could with the cage on but, you know, it was limited. Susan rolled me onto my back and straddled my face. I knew what to do. I know her very well and know how to satisfy her. I love getting her off. I didn’t cum last night but that’s okay. I’m sure I will, sooner or later.”

    “Steve, you are living my fantasy. You have no idea how jealous I am of you.” He sounded sad, defeated, as he said that.

    “George, what have you done to include these things in your life? I mean, there aren’t that many women like Marie and Susan walking around but they do exist. What have you done to find them?”

    George looked down and admitted that he hadn’t really done anything. He just lived in hope that one day such a woman would appear in his life. As he spoke he knew how he sounded.

    “Pretty lame, huh?”

    “I’m not judging you George. It can be hard to put yourself out there. But, you know that if you want anything to change you have to do something different.”


    Marie had a great idea that she shared over dinner: The two large bedrooms they used were right next to each other. She wondered if the wall between them could be taken out to create one huge bedroom.

    She shared her vision. “I would love for us to have one huge bed and for all of us to sleep together. Kind of like the ‘family bed’ writ large. I sometimes feel uncomfortable having to choose who to sleep with, even if all I want to do is sleep.”

    Susan loved the idea immediately. Steve and Alan started thinking about it structurally and quickly concluded that the wall was not load bearing and could be easily removed. Steve pointed out that the combined space would be big enough for a double king size bed with enough additional space to build a huge walk in closet. They were all very excited at this idea and agreed to do the project.


    When the house was sold Marie and Steve transferred money to Susan and Alan to buy half their equity. Marie and Steve were entered onto the deed and the mortgage. They were now all equal partners in the ownership and the obligations of the house.

    The bedroom remodeling project was finally over. Their new, huge bed added greatly to their night time pleasure. Sometimes they wouldn’t ‘officially have sex’ but would curl up in bed in a ‘puppy pile’. Arms, legs, breasts, heads, asses, cocks would be intermingled. It could be hard to tell who belonged to what. They all really enjoyed the spontaneity their new bed encouraged. The partner you started with at night wasn’t necessarily the same partner you would wake up with in the morning.

    One morning Susan brightly suggested “Let’s have a big party!” It’ll be a ring ceremony party. We have a fair number of friends. Let’s invite them here. I’d like them to meet each other.”

    They set a date for a month later and started making plans for the big bash.


    In general Alan disliked shopping except for tool shopping. He would happily browse the aisles of Home Depot for hours, picking up and examining more hand tools and power tools than he would ever need. One late afternoon after work he was doing just that. He was in the chain and cordage section examining their stock and envisioning how he might use the rope, chain, locks and other hardware to fabricate yet another piece of bondage equipment. He was lost in his thoughts when a man tentatively approached him.

    “Excuse me, but you look awfully familiar. I’m sure we’ve met but I don’t know where.”

    Alan looked at him. Yes, they had met, but where?

    “Were you ever on the island of Querida” the man asked. Alan nodded. “Did you stay at a resort called Secret Bay?” Alan nodded again, more vigorously. He extended his hand. “Hi, my name’s Alan”. “I’m Aaron” said the other. They stood there for a moment smiling at each other, enjoying sharing the secret of Secret Bay.

    “Would you go back there?” asked Aaron. “Oh yes, in a flash. We had a great time there.”

    “Who were you there with?” Aaron wanted to know.

    “I was there with Susan, Marie and Steve”. Alan had a flash of recognition. “I know! We met each other when you were … uh-h-h sitting on a sort of chair with your lady friend.”

    “That’s right! Melissa and I were working on my training.”

    Alan felt self- conscious standing there in the aisle alluding to behavior that most people would find outrageous. Or, if they didn’t find it outrageous they would be titillated to listen in on the conversation. He suggested they go to a nearby café. Aaron had time and readily agreed. At the café they got drinks, found a table in the rear, sat back and looked at each other.

    “I remember the collar you were wearing. It was beautifully done” Alan said. “I do leather work, pretty well actually, and when I see such good work I remember it.”

    Aaron proceeded to tell him about the competition where he and Melissa won the collar. (See the story “Collar and Cage”) As he described the almost psychic communication that he and Melissa enjoy Alan was fascinated. “That’s what we were practicing at the resort when you and your friends walked up”, Aaron added.

    Alan told Aaron the basic story about the relationship that he had with Susan and Marie and Steve. Aaron, not surprisingly, was intrigued and asked penetrating questions that Alan was very willing to answer. Alan, for his part, wanted to know how Aaron and Melissa met and what they did with each other. The two men found it easy to talk to each other about very intimate details of their lives. Alan, of course, had Steve to talk to but for Aaron, talking to Alan in such an open, unguarded way was like a fresh breeze coming into his life. Aaron had long been afraid of being judged by others, especially men, and here was Alan listening appreciatively and acceptingly. They each had felt shame about their submissive sexual tendencies. They each understood very well that the common culture expected men to be dominant and aggressive. The fact that dominant women turned them on would make them laughingstocks in most situations. Most, but not all. They knew that everyone had their tribe, or needed to find their tribe. Alan certainly had his tribe and he was very happy to welcome another man into it; up to a point. He was also looking forward to getting to know Melissa.

    “Hey, I almost forgot” said Alan. “We’re having a big party in two weeks. We’re celebrating our Four-Some relationship. Can you and Melissa come? I’d really like you to.”

    “Let me check with Melissa. She keeps our social calendar, but I think it’s fine. I’d love to come.”


    Marie told Susan that she was thinking about Susan and Wendy and how that whole episode felt unfinished. She asked where Susan was at with it.

    “I’ve pushed it back in my mind. I had such a splendid experience with her … but I understand that I can’t have everything and that my relationship with you is far more important.”

    Marie responded “The most painful thing was that I felt excluded. I’m wondering, how do you think it would work out if the three of us, you know, did stuff together?”

    Susan brightened. “I think that would work very well! When she and I spoke about what turned her on she said she was equally excited by the thought of dominating a man and being with a strong, assertive woman. I don’t think there’s any reason to not change ‘woman’ to ‘women’. Thank you. Thank you so much for thinking of a way that I can have both you and her.”


    They started inviting people to the party. Although they were casually friendly with ‘vanilla’ people, they knew that the only people they would invite would be kinky. They invited friends from two groups that they participated in. Alan had already invited Aaron and Melissa. Wendy was delighted to hear from Susan and would certainly be there. Alan invited Peggy, the goldsmith who had made their rings and her guy Morgan. Steve asked if they thought it would be okay if he invited George, the lawyer who had done the legal work for them.

    “You’ve spent more time with him than any of us. It seems that you want to invite him. What’s your hesitation?” asked Alan.

    “He seems so unsure. He said that he loved the idea of strong, dominant women but he wasn’t doing anything to make it happen for himself.”

    “Maybe his conversation with you was him doing just that, helping make it happen. I think you should invite him.”

    When Steve called George to invite him he made it clear that this was not going to be a ‘normal’ party. George really appreciated the invitation and said that yes, absolutely, he would be there.


    As the date of the party approached they got more prepared. Alan asked if he thought it would be too over the top if he made a bondage cross to set up in the living room.

    The consensus was “Over the top? Not at all. Go for it!”

    Alan went to work and built a beautiful, sturdy piece of bondage apparatus. The smooth wood was stained a dark brown and finished with gleaming lacquer. Soft, wide leather straps were attached at all the strategic points, with many other attachment rings to promote improvisation. After Steve helped him move it into the living room they stood back, admiring it. Susan and Marie came in and felt that it needed to be christened. Alan, of course, would have that honor. They strapped him onto the cross facing out. As they tightened the straps he started to get hard; he just loved bondage! Marie removed his cock cage and his penis sprang to attention. Alan was strapped at his ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, wrists, elbows and shoulders. As every strap was buckled and tightened he felt more secure and more able to relax into the delicious sensation of bondage. He tested the bonds and tried moving but was held firmly. He wasn’t going anywhere. He knew he would be there until Marie or Susan decided to release him. Susan stroked him lightly, letting her fingers drift across his skin. He quivered at her touch. He could barely feel her as she touched his nipples but then she took them between her thumb and forefinger and pinched. Lightly at first, then harder. He squirmed but of course he couldn’t get away. Susan raked her nails down his belly, all the way down to his cock that was fully rigid. She picked up a tube of lube, squirted some on her hand and gave him a teasing caress of his shaft and very gentle squeeze of his balls. He thrust his hips out as much as he could against the leather bonds, aching for her touch to continue. Susan had other ideas. She tied his cock and balls with a cord and pulled them up, fastening them out of the way. Picking up a crop she touched Alan’s inner thighs gently, then more forcefully. The crop whirred in the air as she hit. Alan jerked with the pain and gasped. She hit again. And again. The slashes burned like fire. Now Susan blindfolded Alan and strapped his head in place. She left him like this for one long minute, not touching him or speaking to him. He had no idea what was coming next.

    It was a kiss.

    Susan kissed him on his lips and then entered his mouth with the tip of her tongue, delicately darting in and out. Her tongue licked his lips and then his tongue, retreating to tantalize his lips again. Alan responded as best he could but the strap securing his head limited him. Clearly, Susan was controlling the action.

    Marie got into the game and continued with his penis where Susan had left off. They were going to reward him for his beautiful construction job. As Susan kissed him and played with his nipples Marie untied the cord from his cock and balls.

    The two women were working right next to each other and couldn’t help rubbing shoulders…and more. As they worked on Alan they stole intimate little touches of each other. After all, playing with Alan was super sexy and it got them in the mood to play with each other.

    Marie began to expertly masturbate him, backing off when she sensed he was close to coming. She wanted to extend his playtime. Finally, she decided it was time to finish him. She slathered lube on his cock to increase his pleasure. As he started to come she pushed a finger into his ass, just a little way in, while she maintained pressure on his cock with her other hand.

    Alan had a glorious cum. He pumped, straining against the straps that held him so tightly. Finally, empty, he sagged against the bonds. They left him there for a few minutes before setting him free.

    “It works!” he laughed as he hugged his two women.


    After a lot of discussion they had finally decided to have their ring ceremony during the party. When Marie acknowledged her anxiety Alan said that he was also a little nervous. It felt like a ‘real’ wedding, with the same level of commitment. Or more.

    Now, it was the day of the party. Guests started to come, with hugs all around. The four of them circulated around, greeting their friends and making sure everyone was comfortable.

    George stayed on the side, nervously sipping his drink as the party swirled around him. He tried to look relaxed, like he was just hanging out but he wasn’t pulling it off very well. This was the first BDSM themed party he had ever been to and he was feeling very unsure of himself.

    Steve saw George looking uncomfortable and whispered into Wendy’s ear. He pointed George out to her, telling her that he thought he would be easy prey if she wanted to sweetly devour him.

    Wendy slowly walked towards George. She wanted to give him plenty of time to see her coming. She was dressed to kill: thigh high black leather boots with 4” heels, skin tight spandex pants, a waist cinching leather corset that pushed her large breasts up into her see- through silk blouse. A few coils of rope and a crop hung from a belt around her waist.

    George absolutely saw her coming. He couldn’t stop looking at her until he realized he was staring and that probably wasn’t good manners. But, oh, he was captivated by the sleek, confident sexuality that radiated from her.

    She stopped right in front of him.

    “Hi, I’m Wendy. What’s your name?”

    “Uh, hi. I’m, uh, George.”

    “Steve told me that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and asked me to check in with you. How are you doing?” She asked like she really wanted to know.

    George was stunned. Here was a gorgeous woman, dressed really sexy, who was talking to him and wanting to know if he was okay. He could only answer honestly.

    “I’m feeling out of my depth here. When Steve invited me he explained what kind of party it would be and I really wanted to come but now that I’m here I don’t know what to do or who to talk to.”

    “What were you hoping to find here?”

    George wasn’t used to talking openly about his sexual interests but this wasn’t a usual situation.

    “I’ve always been turned on by beautiful dominant women …like you.” He looked down, embarrassed at what he had just said.

    “Please go on.”

    “I have fantasies of being in bondage, at her mercy. She ties me tightly and plays with me …sexually.”

    He looked down again; his face was red. Wendy was really enjoying the effect she was having on him. She didn’t have to do anything; he was just falling into her hands.

    “What else does this woman do, in your fantasies?”

    She spanks me and sometimes whips me. She parades me in front of other people, too.”

    Wendy paused for a moment. She wanted to leave his words hanging there. She put her hand under his chin and lifted his head up.

    “Look at me” she ordered. “What do you see?”

    George was on the spot. “I see a beautiful dominatrix.”

    “Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. Look around you. What’s happening here at the party?”

    “A lot of the people are doing what I was just talking about. They’re doing what I want to do”

    Wendy was enjoying how quickly they were easing into a dominant- submissive relationship. George was eager to be in her power and Wendy liked being in control. She was confident that she could take it as far as she wanted and she wondered how far she would go with him.

    She made a decision.

    “We’re going to play together, George. Take of your clothes. Now! Take them all off! Fold them neatly.”

    George did as Wendy ordered. In a few moments he was standing stark naked before her, feeling very shy and unsure of himself. He was afraid that everyone was staring at him. He covered his genitals with his hands.

    “Put your hands at your sides.” She ordered. He complied.

    Wendy walked around him slowly, appraisingly. He was fairly well muscled from his twice a week gym workouts and looked pretty good to her. As she inspected him Wendy firmly squeezed his ass and was pleased to see his cock respond. She thought “He’s ripe for the picking; low hanging fruit.”

    Wendy used one of her coils of rope to tie his hands together in front of him. She left about six inches of space between his hands.

    “That’s not so bad” he thought. “I can still use my hands”.

    But then Wendy used his belt to cinch his arms together in back. His hands were pulled back as well; in just a few moments Wendy had rendered him helpless. She very leisurely let her hands explore his body. His body was hers now, hers to do whatever she wanted. She scratched his back and buttocks with her nails and then sensuously caressed them. She stroked his chest, wandering over to his nipples which she pinched painfully. He gasped with the pain but made no attempt to get away. He actually moved a little closer to her, craving her touch. That’s when she knew that he was truly hers.

    Wendy reached down and felt his cock which was getting harder by the minute. Smoothly shaved balls always seemed more vulnerable to Wendy and she was pleased to see that his balls were shaved smooth. She wrapped one end of her second coil of rope around the flesh supporting his balls numerous times and then tied it off. These wrappings exerted a steady pressure, squeezing his balls. This rope became a ball leash which George knew he was to follow.

    They walked over to where a ‘toy table’ had been set up with lots of equipment for guests to use. Wendy selected a wide leather collar and buckled it around George’s neck. Next she snapped a six foot leather leash onto one of the collar’s D rings. Looking over the selection she picked out two leather ankle cuffs that she buckled onto him and snapped together with a six inch chain. He would have to take little bitty steps to follow her. Wendy attached the two leashes to the back of her belt and walked out into the middle of the party. George followed obediently behind, enjoying being her puppy dog and enjoying the view he had of her ass swinging back and forth as she walked. He was an intelligent guy and knew that he would look like a victim to some observers but he knew that he wasn’t a victim. He felt proud to have been selected by Wendy.

    Susan spotted Wendy and rushed over. They hugged each other for a long time, kissed, and hugged each other again more passionately.

    “I’ve missed you so much” they each said at the same time and laughed as they saw how much they were on the same wavelength.

    George, of course, was standing behind Wendy the whole time.

    “I haven’t called you because …I didn’t want to jeopardize my family’s stability but I think we’ve come up with an idea that will work really well, if you would be into it. Marie had felt excluded and abandoned by me and I absolutely understand how she felt. I’d feel the same way. So, here’s the idea: the three of us women will play together. You haven’t spent much time with Marie but she’s great. Really great. I think you and she will get along really well in bed and out of bed. What do you think? Will you give it a try?”

    Wendy was swept up by Susan’s enthusiasm and quickly agreed.

    “I want to show you our new bedroom” Susan said excitedly.

    She led Wendy and tag- along George to their newly expanded bedroom and super big bed. Wendy was wowed.

    “The four of you sleep here together? How is that working out?”

    “Really well. We all love it”.

    Wendy turned her attention to George.

    “I don’t want to neglect you George” she said with a laugh. She untied the leashes from her belt and unhooked the crop, swishing it in the air.

    “What do you want me to do? He asked.

    “You don’t have to do anything” as she whipped his backside with the crop. The pain caught him unprepared. He stumbled and fell face down onto the bed. Wendy held his back down with one hand as she whipped with the other. She hit him ten times, leaving his backside criss- crossed with red welts.

    “Why, Wendy?” he whimpered. His butt felt like fire and he was unable even to comfort himself with his own bound hands. Wendy did it for him, sensuously soothing the flesh where she had beaten him. She delicately extended a finger to the tender flesh around his anus. George gasped with pleasure now, not pain. Wendy rolled him over and played with his cock a little. He wasn’t going to get to cum, not now at least, but she wanted to give him a reward for his good behavior.

    As he lay on the bed he realized that this was exactly what he had been wanting for so many years. The pain was the price he had to pay for the connection he was experiencing with beautiful, sexy Wendy and it was well worth it. He inched closer to Wendy who bent down over him. Her long hair caressed him as she gently kissed his forehead.


    Aaron and Melissa arrived at the same time that Peggy and Morgan came. Alan was delighted to see them and to meet Morgan for the first time. After introducing them to each other he told Peggy and Morgan how they had met at Secret Bay Resort and he told Aaron and Melissa how Peggy was the goldsmith who made the rings they were going to exchange.

    A few hours into the party Marie and Susan gathered everyone together for the Ring Ceremony.

    They had decided that their first collaring ceremony had been so wonderful that they would do it again. Susan buckled a fine leather collar onto Steve’s neck and Marie buckled one onto Steve. Then each woman snapped two leashes onto the collar she had just put on and handed one leash to the other. Susan held leashes to each man and so did Marie. They kissed passionately all around. Aron produced a ring and slipped it onto Marie’s finger.

    “I take you as my life partner”

    “And I take you as my life partner”

    Marie put Steve’s ring on him. “I take you as my life partner”

    And it continued until everyone had their ring and everyone was sworn to each other.

    As the ceremony was going there was a hush in the room. Everyone was watching and listening with rapt attention. They knew they were watching a ‘real moment’.

    As the final “ …my life partner” words were spoken the foursome kissed and hugged each other and all their assembled guests cheered and hugged whoever they were standing next to.

    Champagne was popped open, the foursome’s marriage was toasted by their assembled guests and the party continued.

    Susan took Marie’s hand and gently pulled her over to where Wendy was standing. Looking at George she asked Wendy if they could be alone.

    Wendy had already removed the belt from his arms so he could move his hands pretty well. She unsnapped the leash from his collar and tied the cord from his ball leash onto the rope joining his hands, leaving him in a very soft bondage.

    “George, dear. Please leave me for a while.”

    Susan took Wendy in one hand and had Marie in her other hand.

    “You both are very dear to me and I think you can soon have those same feelings for each other. Let’s have a kiss.”

    With that she first kissed Marie and then Wendy. Marie reached out to Wendy and hugged her with both arms. Wendy returned the hug and Susan joined in. As the three women stood hugging and kissing each other they let their hands begin caressing each other. Of course, Marie and Susan were very familiar with each other’s bodies as were Wendy and Susan. Marie and Wendy explored each other for the first time. Neither would have dreamed of being so free with another woman they didn’t already know very well but their common bond with Susan smoothed that path.

    Susan was delighted that these two women who were both so important to her were getting along so well.


    Alan meanwhile was talking with Peggy, the goldsmith, and her guy Morgan. He saw Aaron and Melissa walking by and waved them into the group. The three men started talking among themselves while Peggy and Melissa got to know each other.

    The one thing that the men knew they had in common was that they were all submissively inclined, lived with sexually dominant women and usually wore chastity devices. Alan pointed this out as a way to get the conversation started because, obviously, they didn’t normally talk about these things with men they had just met. His initiative cut through a lot of preliminary talk and permitted them to express themselves in a very open way.

    Aaron had been living with Melissa for more than five years and loved the way she enthusiastically bound and disciplined him. Morgan had a very similar experience with Peggy. They met when Morgan was looking for a particular piercing. Peggy designed just what he was had in mind and found that he was also looking for a woman to take charge of him. Peggy liked Morgan very much and found that being in control suited her as much as it suited him. Morgan loved being bound and he loved Peggy. He happily wore her collar and when people asked about it he replied that “I’m a love slave to the woman I love.” Most people thought he was being poetic but some understood that it was literally true.

    Aaron described the non-verbal communication that he and Melissa shared. They usually knew what the other was thinking, with no words being spoken. Among many other things this led to great sex!

    Aaron and Morgan both wanted to hear about Alan’s life situation. He explained how he and Susan had been married and living together in a female dominant manner, with him in chastity and their sex lives often involving bondage and discipline. He described how he and Steve met and how the relationships grew and grew and how now their lives were totally enmeshed. When Alan took them to see the newly expanded bedroom they were both very impressed. Morgan asked if they didn’t still pair off and was surprised to hear that no, they didn’t. Alan explained that he was conscious of that possibility and made a conscious effort to spread his affection equally. It was easy, he said, because it was true. He also spoke about how each of the four was aware of the danger of jealousy and did whatever was needed to protect the feelings of each other.

    When Alan took them down to see his work shop both men were overwhelmed. Alan was a superb craftsman and had several projects going at different stages of completion. Just then Melissa and Peggy wandered in.

    Alan proudly exhibited his craftsmanship, showing off the bondage implements, paddles and whips that he had made. Melissa and Aaron, Peggy and Morgan were suitably impressed, running their hands knowledgably and appreciatively over the polished harnesses and collars.

    “These are amazing” exclaimed Melissa. “I know we just got here and we don’t really know each other well yet … but would it be alright if I put Aaron into this harness?”

    As she asked, Melissa had her hand on an intricate harness crafted out of brown leather. Strong yet soft, it was one of his finest creations.

    Alan loved having his work admired and quickly gave permission “Of course”.

    “Honey, take off everything except your underpants” she said to Aaron.

    Aaron was soon nude except for black satin underpants that revealed a substantial, lumpy bulge. The harness was a bit complicated so Alan helped Melissa get Aaron into it. The harness bound his hands near his waist and his arms close to his torso. A wide collar was incorporated into the design that required him to stand straight. Five wide straps buckled around his chest and abdomen, compressing them. Two other straps went around his thighs. Melissa did most of the work but the experience of having a man’s hands fastening the straps made Aaron uncomfortable.

    “That looks great Honey. How does it feel?”

    “I feel right at home in it” Aaron replied in a dreamy voice.

    “Would you like to walk him around the house?” Alan asked.

    “Sure, if that’s OK” said Melissa.

    The group led Aaron upstairs where he and the harness attracted a lot of attention. This was always a problem for Aaron, and Melissa felt his anxiety growing but she decided that this was probably the safest place he could be exposed this way so she decided to not blindfold him. Usually she would blindfold him in an emotionally challenging situation but she wanted him grow into this one. As he walked around many of the women turned to him and stroked him sensuously. Some swatted him on his butt. All of it was with smiles and the truth is Aaron liked the attention he was getting.

    He had been feeling a tad self-conscious, being mostly naked and bound, but now felt better. He gracefully, playfully pirouetted around, posing to an appreciative audience. He received enthusiastic applause for his efforts. Melissa gave Aaron a hug and a kiss as they sat down on the sofa. Aaron could only sit on the edge of the sofa because of the restrictions of the tight bondage.

    “When I’ve been bound in public it’s always been difficult for me; I’ve felt ashamed and I’ve wanted to hide. Melissa usually helps me by blindfolding me. It puts me in a private world of my own and I can pretend the other people aren’t around, looking at me. But here, with you guys, I feel a lot more comfortable. I don’t feel like I have to hide. Thank you so much.”


    The party wound down and the four lovers, each wearing a matching ring, said goodbye to the last guest to leave.

    “Would it be okay if we clean up in the morning?’ asked Steve. “I’d like us all to go to bed together.”

    They all thought that was a great idea. They took quick showers and hopped into bed. The protocol that had evolved was that the first ones in bed would go to the middle and later arrivals would be on the ends. Of course, this could change as the night progressed. Someone in the middle who got up to pee could find themselves on the outside. No harm done; they had a new person to cuddle with.


    The next morning they spoke about the party and the ring ceremony as they straightened up. It had gone even better than they hoped. Each of them was wearing their ring, symbolizing the devotion that each felt to the others. Susan and Marie were excited over the possibilities that now seemed available with Wendy and they were all happy at how well Wendy and George had gotten along. They all wanted to see more of Melissa and Aaron so they agreed to invite them back to the house for a Saturday afternoon two weeks later.

    Melissa and Aaron were glad to accept and two weeks later rang the bell and were welcomed into the house with enthusiastic hugs.

    As they sat around a cocktail table in the living room Aaron spoke about his experience wearing the harness at the party.

    “First of all, I loved the harness itself. It was so snug and restricting wearing it felt right. It felt like it had been made for me. Wearing it in public was a tremendous challenge for me. I guess I didn’t have a choice at that point but …”

    “If I felt you were in over your head I would have rescued you” Melissa cut in.

    “I’ve actually been thinking about the harness a lot since the party. I didn’t really get a good look at it since I was in it. Do you think I could see it again?” he asked.

    “Of course. I’ll bring it right up.” said Alan

    When Aaron had the harness in his hands he slowly stroked every strap and pulled on each D ring. When Melissa saw how entranced he was she asked Alan if it would be okay if she put him into the harness again. Alan was happy to oblige.

    “Sure, would you like to put him into it here?”

    “Yeah, if that’s alright”

    “Aaron, strip down. I’m going to harness you up.”

    Melissa remembered how the harness worked from the last time and in no time at all Aaron was strapped into Alan’s creation. Alan looked at his work with a critical eye.

    “Damn, that’s good work. It looks great on you and you look great in it. You could be a bondage model. Hey, if I start a business would you model for me on my web site?”

    Alan had no intention of starting a business but he did enjoy the embarrassed reaction he got from Aaron. Aaron turned red and looked down. Alan realized that Aaron was having a more intense reaction to his joking than he intended; he didn’t want his guest to feel uncomfortable.

    “I’ve always had a problem being around men” Aaron said, “Especially when I’m bound. I’m afraid they’re judging me and I just want to hide.”

    Aaron was a little embarrassed for giving his little speech but Steve and Aaron were quick to try to put him at ease.

    “Hey man, I feel the same way. It took me a while to get comfortable at the resort and I’ve never been in bondage in public anywhere else” Steve said.

    Marie wanted Aaron to feel completely comfortable so she suggested to Susan that they put Steve and Alan into bondage as well. Their guest would surely feel right at home if the other two men were bound like him.

    “What a good idea” agreed Susan. “Alan, would you be a dear and get us what we’ll need to truss up you and Steve”

    At her words Alan started getting hard. He wasn’t in a chastity cage this afternoon so the bulge was very obvious. Susan pointed his bulge out to Melissa, saying how both Alan and Steve loved being bound. Susan looked over at Aaron and asked Melissa about the lumpiness under his briefs.

    “That’s his cage, of course. He’s not always locked in chastity but coming over here, for the first time, I wanted him to be on his best behavior. The cage seems to remind him to behave well. Would you like to see what he’s wearing?”

    Marie and Susan replied in unison, “Sure!”

    Melissa had to unbuckle some straps to remove his briefs. When she had them off she re-buckled them.

    “There we go, stand up Honey, so they can see.”

    Aaron turned beet red with embarrassment but complied. Melissa turned him around slowly so the three could thoroughly inspect him. His penis was straining against the bars of a metal cock cage. His ass cheeks had tell-tale red stripes across them.

    Marie spoke directly to Aaron and observed that he had been disciplined recently. She continued, saying that although he looked embarrassed he seemed to be excited at being exposed this way. She was standing directly in front of him as she spoke.

    “What did you do to warrant your discipline?”

    Aaron looked down as he started to respond but Marie put her hand under his chin and firmly lifted it. “Look at me when I’m talking to you”.

    “Mistress Marie, sometimes Melissa whips me because she wants to remind me that she can.” Marie hadn’t instructed him to address her as ‘mistress’ but it felt appropriate.

    His eyes looked down. Marie slapped him lightly across his face. “Look up” she ordered. “I see you’re bulging in your cage. Do you like my paying attention to you?”

    This time he held her gaze. His eyes were wet. “Yes, very much”, he said softly.

    By now Alan had returned with an armful of bondage equipment. Susan politely asked Alan and Steve to strip.

    “Melissa, would you like to help with this?” Susan offered.

    Melissa accepted with a big smile. “Absolutely. OK if I tie up Alan’s cock?”

    Marie quickly used cuffs and chain to immobilize Alan. As he faced Melissa his cock was rigid. “Perfect” she said as she hefted his cock and balls. “Nice and hard”. She picked up a ten foot length of thin rope and expertly wrapped his ball sack, then his penis. She had planned her work so she had extra rope at both ends. She pulled one end up into his crotch and tied it off on a chain encircling his waist. She tied the other end up in front to the same chain. His balls were pulled back towards his ass and his cock was pulled up against his abdomen.

    She stood back to admire her work. “Yeah! That looks good.” “How does it feel?” she asked Alan.

    “It feels like you know what you’re doing with rope” Alan replied.

    The women went to work on Steve next. Ropes were tied to the cuffs on his hands and pulled around his back, then around the front and back again. His hands were immobilized. Susan stood back and looked at him appraisingly. He needed a little something more. She wanted to dress him up a little so she added a collar and leash.

    The three women admired how their men looked. They pulled and poked and prodded, testing the bonds. Steve pulled hard against the ropes; he wanted to make sure they were strongly tied. Once he was satisfied that he couldn’t escape on his own he was free to relax.

    No question about it, the guys were helpless and would stay that way until they were released. The women had so much in common; they loved their guys and they loved having them totally in their power.

    Each of the men was already halfway into their own private world. Sub space, it’s called. A dreamy place where one is relaxed in the knowledge that someone else is in charge and that you are well and truly helpless. More than accepting bondage they welcomed it.

    Susan looked at the three men with a satisfied smile. Turning to Marie and their new friend Melissa she suggested that they play with their men together.

    “What do you have in mind?” Marie had a lot of experience with Susan’s imaginative play and was eager to hear what Susan wanted them to do.

    “First of all, let’s blindfold them. Then we’ll use our ‘feminine wiles’ to get them even more excited than they are right now. They’ll have to guess who’s stimulating them. We’ll compete to see which guy’s cock is stiffest. And I’m sure we’ll think of other things as we go.”

    Melissa loved the idea; she was used to playing with Aaron solo. Playing in the group sounded like a lot of fun. She removed Aaron’s chastity cage and gave his penis a little shake to wake it up. She and Aaron exchanged a happy smile and a quick kiss. They liked playing with their new friends. Susan untied the rope from Alan’s cock and balls to give him room to ‘expand’.

    They blindfolded the guys and turned them around a number of times to disorient them. Susan put herself in front of Aaron, Marie took Alan and Melissa took Steve.

    Susan decided to start hard and then go soft. She slapped Aaron’s butt, hard and was rewarded by his sharp intake of air. She continued slapping, across his buttocks and down the backs of his muscular thighs. Aaron moaned softly, mostly from pleasure, as Susan reddened his skin. She shifted to sensuously drawing her fingers over his back then down between his back. She pushed his legs to get him to spread them and then, ever so gently, stroked the delicate skin around his anus. He loved the sensation of ass play and squirmed towards her hand. Moving around to his front she maintained contact with his hips with one hand while unbuttoning her blouse with the other. His cock was almost rigid as she began massaging the sensitive skin on the underside of his penis. Susan wasn’t done. She pulled over a stool and stood on it. Still holding his penis with one hand she brushed her erect nipple across his lips. It took him a moment to recognize what it was but as soon as he did he began licking and pleasuring it with his mouth. This brought him to a full, rock hard erection. Susan was done. She cradled his face with her other hand and stood back. The erotic pleasure she got from spanking and caressing the tightly bound Aaron was combined with her sensual enjoyment of his obvious excitement and his skilled stimulation of her breast.

    Melissa reached down to the center of Steve’s world: his penis. She was a firm believer in the doctrine that if you have them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow. She held his balls between her thumb and index finger and gently scratched the underside with her fingernail. She was rewarded by his very visible reaction. He moved towards her, his whole body asking for more. Melissa kneeled down and took the head of his penis into her mouth. After thoroughly licking it, especially the fleshy underside, she shifted her attention to the very tip, the pee hole. She worked her tongue into the little hole, separating its two little lips. Steve had never experienced this before and went mad with desire. His cock was rock hard and Melissa was rewarded by clear fluid oozing out which she licked up as her reward for a job well done. Steve’s reaction fueled Melissa’s growing passion. She was aching for an orgasm.

    Marie knew she had her work cut out for her. Susan and Melissa both had the big advantage that they were tantalizing men who were unfamiliar with them. Novelty itself is stimulating. She decided to go a different route. Knowing Alan’s deep love of bondage she added to his ropes. She alternated between adding new ropes with spanking his butt and lightly caressing his cock. She knew her man well and was rewarded by a firm but not award winning erection.

    The three women looked at each other and nodded. They backed off from the men they had been playing with. They all agreed that the cock contest was between Aaron and Steve. Marie gave her vote to Melissa and Steve. They had a winner. At the same time they demanded that the men identify which woman was playing with whom. Steve went first. He had an easy time of it because he knew that he was in the hands of someone new. He easily guessed Melissa. Aaron was next. He walked up to Susan, sniffed, and then sniffed Marie. He confidently declared that Susan had been his woman. Susan and Marie weren’t sure they approved of his methods. Marie picked up a crop and swatted him across his butt two times, not too hard, but enough to indicate her displeasure.

    “It was supposed to be based on our technique, not our smell.”

    Steve was horny as hell. “How about a continuation of the contest? You could compete to see who gets their guy to cum first,” he offered hopefully.

    Alan and Aaron thought that was a great idea.

    Melissa spoke up. “I’ve got a different idea. How about we put your chastity cages back on you”?

    “Yeah, I think that’s a better idea” agreed Marie. “But they’re all kind of big right now. I don’t know how we’ll get them into their cages.”

    “Not a problem” said Susan. “If you get their devices I’ll take care of this little problem.”

    She went into the kitchen and got a bowl of ice cubes. She chilled her hand in the ice and held each man’s cock and balls. In no time at all their fine erections were things of the past; they were flaccid and ready to be locked up again.

    As Marie was returning Susan told Melissa how their locks were keyed alike so she and Marie had equal access to both men. Melissa took a few moments to digest this latest piece of information.

    This was some household! These women knew how to share!

    Usually the men put the base rings on themselves. It took a lot of pulling and pushing for the women’s inexperienced hands to get their balls and cocks through the rings. Once the rings were in place it was easy for them to slide the cages on, and then secure them with their locks.

    “Whew, that was hard. It’s sure easier when they do that.” from Marie.

    Once they were locked up the men’s extreme horniness subsided. They still felt the need but it wasn’t as urgent or insistent as before.

    “Let’s undo the guys” said Melissa. “I could use a cuddle.”

    With that the three men were unbound. Being released from bondage always brought complicated feeling to the men. It felt good to be able to stretch but they each missed the secure feeling they got from bondage. With their chastity devices on them they couldn’t even casually stroke themselves. They were each very happy to cuddle up with one of the women. Aaron went to Melissa, Steve, Alan, Susan and Marie all sort of snuggled together. The afternoon wound down with the six of them sipping wine and snacking until Melissa and Aaron got up to leave. Everyone agreed that they would get together again soon. Everyone also wondered how their sex lives would intermingle in the future.


    The package Susan was waiting for finally arrived. It was already evening when she took it aside to open it and was delighted to finally have what she had ordered in her hands. She now had a double ended dildo with a harness for her to wear. One end was for her vagina and the other end, well, the other end would go wherever she wanted it to. She smiled delightedly as she figured out how to put the harness on. Susan was very eager to take it out for a test run.

    Alan was working on something in the workshop.

    “Oh Alan, could you come here please?” she called out.

    “Sure, what’s up?”

    “Well, I have this new toy and I’d love to try it out on you. Could you please give yourself a quick enema and take a shower?”

    Alan’s eyes got big. They had never gotten involved with anal play but … this looked very interesting. He felt a stirring in his groin as he imagined the dildo being thrust up his ass.

    “Yes, sure, can you give me 30 minutes?”

    Half an hour later they were in a bedroom. Alan was naked, kneeling on the bed. Susan was proudly walking around with an 8” erection. She put lube on ‘her penis’ and a generous amount of lube all around Alan’s ass. Slowly, slowly she leaned ‘her penis’ into his ass. As she pushed and pulled on the dildo in Alan’s ass the dildo that was inside of her moved as well. She liked the feeling. The harness didn’t hold it absolutely in one place, which was perfect. Alan knew that what he had to do was to relax into it and the best way to do that was to push a little, like he was making a crap. As Susan slowly worked it in, back and forth Alan did his part, letting it in. Finally, the dildo was all the way in. He was impaled on it. Susan reached around and felt for his cock. He was rock hard. Susan loved the feeling of power she felt. She was delighted that she had found a ‘new sport’ to play with Alan, and probably Steve, and who knows, maybe other people as well.

    Alan surrendered himself to the experience. He found that he liked the full feeling of the dildo in his ass and especially liked feeling possessed by Susan. Alan excited himself even more by wondering what it would be like to have Steve’s cock in his ass. Susan had lube on her hands and started to stroke his cock with every thrust of her ‘penis’. That focused his mind. He wasn’t with Steve, he was with Susan and she was fucking him. The pressure grew and he didn’t last long. Soon he exploded, shooting his load into Susan’s hands. Alan collapsed on the bed with Susan on top of him, her cock still filling him.

    “Thank you, that was amazing.”

    Susan withdrew from Alan, took the dildo harness off and let him know that he wasn’t finished yet. Her pussy was still stretched a little from the dildo as Alan softly began to lick her. He extended his tongue deeply into her as he found her most sensitive spots. Susan was already fully aroused from her dominating experience with Alan and it didn’t take much for him to bring her to a full, satisfying orgasm.

    They lay in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

    Not long after Marie and Steve came into the bedroom. They smiled as they saw the lovely couple slumbering peacefully. Marie got into bed first, gently draping herself over Susan. Steve followed, spooning with Marie who pushed her bottom against his caged cock. Steve reached over Marie to Susan, gently caressing her breast. Susan responded by kissing Marie.

    As he sank into a dep sleep Steve remarked to himself that he was one lucky guy.
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    Thanks, i realy enjoyed reading this (and the first part) story.
    Is there going to be a sequal?
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