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The "Forced Feminizer"

Discussion in 'The Mall (Everything Else)' started by gweny, May 28, 2012.

  1. a very clever idea for all neosteel "arch" wearer..........i think it is great and hope to report soon about my expiriences with this new transformation product..i think it makes the neosteel "arch" even more complete...i am so exited !!!
    reg. GWENY

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  2. that looks great gweny...I'll have to check on that and possibly get one myself.....
  3. you are right,,i can not wait to get mine !! reg. GWENY
  4. The link didn't work for me, gweny, but the pic above looks interesting and I hope to see more pics and info when you get one. Soon, I hope!

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    It was misspelt

    It's http://www.neosteel.de/Nsepsiff.htm
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  6. Lovely!
  7. uhhhh SORRY ! reg. GWENY
  8. hi all...the "forced feminizer" is great,, after a couple of weeks testing i can say, it makes the fantastic masterpiece "arch" even more complete ! it sits nice and gives a flat feeling to the "arch" were the "arch" does not have a frontshild like the T/V chastity belt..even my K/H loves the look of it ! LOL !!real femiene !! for more info feel free to send me a P/M !!
    reg. GWENY

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  9. hi all,,, i thought our "arch" wearer would love a "forces feminizer" i think that is great ! material is strong and easy to fit .once the belt is locked the "forces feminizer" can not be removed !! i wear it now for than 20 days ! my K/H loves it ! LOL !
    reg. GWENY

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  10. I love it!!!
  11. I like the look of this one too. I'm assuming it is possible to pee & to be milked with the device locked in place.
  12. those little holes drain well,, as i said it is only for the neosteel "arch" !! reg. GWENY

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  13. check here,,i almost forgot about the "ERGO" system for the "arch" ,, peening ,what a question as you can see but milking is with the "ERGO" system easy done as you can see !
    for more info feel free to send me a P/M,,i help were i can !
    reg. GWENY

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  14. My husband would look so cute with a vagina. Hmm...
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  15. Gweny,

    I thought you only had the rear cable system?

    Can you compare the Egro to the cable?

    Does the Ergo attach to the penis tube any differently? If so is it better or worse?

    I've always wondered if the Ergo was a better solution than the metal version continuous crotch band.

    * And if you have bigger and more clear pictures of the Ergo that would be great!
  16. exactly what my K/H says !! blush ! reg. GWENY
  17. hi....
    the picturer come from one of my friends ,he got it with the ergo systyem and loves it ! i had the ergo with my T/V belt and it was different , it is all a matter what one get use to . my friend prefers the ergo system , but i personaly prefer the cable system, the ergo is attatched the same way as the cable to the pipe of the "arch" !
    reg. GWENY
    send a mail to neosteel , i am sure you get the right answer to the ergo system
  18. They are Belts for men, with a fake vagina, its forced feminization..

    On that note... its making me think of saving up longer and going directly for a full belt.. i LOVE this idea.
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  19. I would really like one of those as well @NightA@NightA Luckily my Wife has already shown interest in the Arch, I thought she would have found it far too expensive, but she really likes it.
  20. Whoops wrong place ignore this!
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  21. Neosteel still making belts? Might look like my avatar!
  22. OMG, this is soooo exciting and scary!!! But Goddess really likes it, so Lana's sissy pet is going to have to start saving.
  23. i think it silly saying force femniser cos you cant do that. nobody can make you.
  24. I have always fantasized about this and have done a lot of research to acquire one. I was about to purchase one of these but ended getting this instead. I have it on order and hope to get in the coming weeks, but this does not give the flesh look but a look that will never go away and will show that camel toe https://fancysteel.com.au/collections/male/products/sissy-mens-chastity-belt
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