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The Evolution of Mistress J

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Toma1021, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. About 2 years ago my wife and I decided to explore BDSM. So the first thing we did was buy a bunch of toys --not really knowing what to buy...but just knowing the toys themselves brought an erotic element to the bedroom that we'd not had before. One of those toys was a CB-3000 --we used it a couple of times for fun and then it pretty much stayed in the toychest.

    We are your typical family with kids and a dog and all that. What separates us from most is when we are alone with the toychest --Mistress J has an insatiable appetite for sex and we are now D/s freaks with Jan relishing the role of Domme.

    Ironically, the toy that sat in the toychest the longest (the CB-3000) was the one toy that truly taught us about Dominance and Submission...

    Mistress had noticed a change in me...I was becoming selfish. Mistress J has a high demand for sex and I was not fulfilling her sexual needs. Truth of the matter was that I was masterbating twice a day before she got home --I was selfish.

    Mistress J asked that I put on the CB-3000 with the Points of Intrigue and that I wear it 24/7 for two weeks. All I can say is "Ouch" and what a difference it's made when it comes to her control --she's truly in charge and knows it.

    It's been 10 days since I've had a release.

    Last week Mistress J demanded that upon her arrival home from work, I have my clothes off, kneeling and the cane collection out for my daily a punishment.

    She proceeded to hand out 20 nasty strokes of the cane and then I had to eat her pussy until she came and then clean it all up. She then let me out of my chastity and rode me until she came again (I was being hit with the cane and not allowed to cum). We did this 2X last week.

    Over this weekend she asked me to fill out a bunch of index cards defining punishments she could consider should I do something wrong (there were some pretty humiliating ones in there...I like humiliation). So we'll see what's in store for this week.
  2. Sounds like a lot of fun for the two of you!

    A game Goddess and I were talking about the last week was to take pictures of our toys (or group of toys like fire stuff, wax, etc) and then when I want to play draw a picture (face down) and that is the toy or activity that we will do. A variation we discussed was to take a picture of each individual toy, draw three and discard one (Goddess chooses the discard).

    Oh yeah... check out my game called black balled if you haven't yet. Your wife might really like it if She likes chastity play!
  3. Looks like you're in for an interesting future. Best of luck! Keep us informed of the progress you two make.
  4. Please share with us your punishments on the index cards.

    I am required to meet certain daily demands or else I face "reminders." Mistress does not consider these punishments so much as choices I make. Punishments are for more serious offenses.

    There are presently four reminders:
    • Cook supper and wash dishes every evening or drink a glass of pee.
    • Make time to stay home each night with kid so she can go to gym or be handcuffed to bedpost while wearing nipple clamps for however long she likes.
    • Make bed(s) or else sleep chained by collar to hardwood floor.
    • Keep house clean to her standard or have balls racked at bedtime.

    These make sure I do the basics.
  5. That sounds like a good system for keeping a slave on their toes. You will soon be very well trained :) I must try this idea to keep my naughty slave in line:evilgrin0036:
  6. I like the index card idea. A good way to share ideas with Mistress without topping from the bottom. I give ideas then she chooses what she likes.
  7. i just showed your post to Mistress Roxy and she loves the idea so im getting reminders too. does anyone else have any suggestions for tasks and punishments on failiure im sure it would be great to have a pool of ideas thanks toma.

  8. Very insightful!
    Interesting to see how chastity improves you submission along with diminishing your selfishness! I’d say the modifications your Domme/wife has made to your life has improved it ten fold. More men should make the sacrifice and choose chastity!
  9. Yes more men and let's not forget females too. My experience tells me attitude and attention to detail increases ten fold as each day goes by. I had a sissy sub locked for 2 yrs continuous the difference in attitude demeanour everything was amazing.