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    A Competition.

    My wife and I have been part of a small community club for 10 years now.
    As is normal I am in 24/7 male chastity, nothing special, normal a government standard issue device.

    Once a year our group get together for our sex competition. Its a chance for a male member to win use of his cock
    and get a chance to penetrate a female. The losing male however is de-sexed and his removed organs will become
    the property of a new female owner.

    The game played is simply a game of masturbation. Each male and female is paired off,
    and the male is masturbated until he comes. The 1st male to cum loses, the last male wins.
    I have traditionaly enjoyed these competitions and have taken part 9 times and won all 9. I seem to have
    better than average composure and control of my organ.

    Jilly has been my wifes best friend since childhood and has been the most successful female in the games.
    She has matched my 9 victories from 9.

    Everyone was watching this years draw with bated breadth. The women didnt want to draw me, and the men dreaded
    being drawn against Jilly. There was a lot of gasps and smiles as Jilly and I were drawn against each other.
    My wife's best friend, and I to go head to head in a battle of the sexes. She was a very sexy woman.
    I was feeling confident that I could be the first man to win her sex for my pleasure.
    I would become a legend in the game.

    My wife, Sue, said to her best friend. Well if anyone can beat Tom, it'll be you. Go get them Girl!"
    "Darling, dont encourage her. Its my cock and balls we're talking about".
    "Oh, you've had plenty of use from them already!"

    Everyone stripped off, and the men had their chastity belts removed. Our cocks filled with blood for the 1st time
    in 12 months. It felt amazing, the other guys had all experienced under 1 hour of erection time in their lives.
    I had been furtunate to experience over 9 hours.

    Our hands were cuffed to collars around our necks and our adversaries took their positions between our legs.

    The referee counted 5 and blew her whistle.

    The action began. Simultaneous hands grabbed hold of the man meat they were trying to win and began to pump.
    Jilly took my meat at hand and started her pumping. Her hand was different, it seemed to vibrate somehow and tinge with electricity.
    She whispered in my ear, i have a muscle complaint in my hand so need electrical help to make my hands work.
    In the time it took her to whisper this statement I felt the most intense build up in my manhood i had ever felt.
    I threw my head back and tried to control my breathing. She looked into my struggling face and smiled.
    "Hmmmm, Is the big champ going to give me his prize".
    At that moment I pumped out my man milk.
    "YES, YES, YES" she screamed. "I am the greatest, i've done it, i've got the champ, his cock and balls are MINE!"

    With that, she quickly snared my genitals and within seconds, my cock and balls were no longer attached to my body,
    but being held high as her battle trophy.

    After the competiton, Sue congratulated Jilly on her victory, and had was allowed a nice long suck on my former
    cock before giving it back to its new owner. "Dont worry Tom, this is my most prized item in my cock collection.
    Its the only cock I have that has ever penetrated a woman while attached to a man, and 9 times at that!
    And now its mine."
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