The black sex machine

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    The black sex machine

    (WARNING: interracial sex and cheating ahead. If these offend you go back now. Otherwise, enjoy. No flames please.)

    Twenty-five years ago, a white woman with a black man was a big dealespecially in the south. As an Army brat though, I got to see and interact with all stripes and colors of people and I can honestly say there wasnt any prejudiced blood flowing through our veins. Still, there was racial prejudice and even hatred, all around us. A red-haired, fair-skinned white girl seen alone with a coal-black skinned man like my husbands friend John stood out like snow on a palm tree.

    And, as Im sure youve figured out by now, I dont like to offend people. But the person I least wanted to offend at this point was John. What would he think if I had agreed to see Tom and Rob, but not him? He would think it was because he was black, and hed be right. Because he was a beautiful person, that would be the only reason I would even think of turning him down, and that would be a stupid reason.

    So, I decided to meet with him, cautiously, in a non-public place. I thought it would be nice if we could go for a ride in his new Chevy sedan and talk.

    Im not proud of it but I would be lying if I didnt say that I felt a little like a white hooker waiting for her black pimp as I stood on our agreed-upon corner waiting for him to pick me up. To allay suspicion I stood near a bus stop sign, and I dressed conservatively, like I might at work. I wore a pleated black knee-length cotton skirt, white two-inch heels, natural hose, a white ruffled v-neck blouse, and a black business jacket. With cat-eye glasses, a single strand of pearls, and a black vinyl purse in my hand, I must have looked like a bank teller, or a spinster going to choir practice.

    I laugh now when I think about it. Maybe I was trying to reduce the color contrast between us by dressing in black. If so, it was subconscious. Sometimes I think when you try so hard to not draw attention to yourself you end up drawing attention to yourself in a different way.

    When John drove up in his blue Chevy, I walked over to get in quickly. But before I could, he jumped out, ran around, and said, You look great Julie! Then he opened the door for me! Normally, I would have thought, what a gentleman, but under these circumstances it was obvious to anyone watching that I was either going out with a black man, or he was my chauffeur. I shouldnt have let this bother me. Sometimes I think we let the mores of society affect our individual choices too much. After seeing Johns fresh-scrubbed face, big smile, and gentlemanly manner, I decided, what the hell, I dont care what other people think, and I was foolish to even worry about it in the first place.

    Besides, John was a handsome and muscular guy. He wore a gray long-sleeved ribbed knit shirt that fit tightly to his upper torso and showed off his bulging biceps, steel-pipe arms, broad shoulders and barrel chest. He looked like the Hulk ready to burst out of his shirt. His pleated black pants along with black leather loafers gave him a sharp up-town look. Even though he was a little shorter than Rob and Tom (and my hubby), he was still taller than meI would guess about 5 10. My 3 heels still left me a little shorter, though 5 heels would have been pushing it a little.

    I slid in ladylike, my legs together, my skirt down, in keeping with my appearance. and off we went.

    You hungry Julie, he said, with a big smile as we drove off. I started envisioning a nice restaurant with an intimate setting and white table cloths where we could talk and get to know each other better.

    Yes, I said, that sounds nice.

    Great, Ive got a cooler in the back with some wine chillin, and some sandwiches and fixins and stuff, and I thought we would have ourselves a little picnic by the lake. Is that OK?

    Y-yesI guess. I said, a little taken aback. That sounds fine. I certainly wasnt expecting to go to the lakenot the way I was dressed, with heels and hose and all. I said, Im not really dressed for the lake though. I didnt know that was where we were going.

    Oh, we can take care of that, he said, still smiling, and I started wondering what I was in for.

    The drive to the lake was nice. The fall leaves had turned shades of orange and yellow-brown and they danced across the patches of light and shadow cast by the afternoon sun. I started to relax, enjoy the scenery, the smells and sights of fall, getting into the spontaneity of it all.

    Dont you love this time of year Julie, he said, Its like nature is writing its own poetry for us. The trees, the leaves, the lightits really beautiful, dont you think?

    Yes, it is, I said, surprised at this observation of nature from an ex-football fullback.

    He turned off the main road and onto a narrow dirt roadnot much more that a path reallythat went into the woods until we emerged in a clearing by the lake with a handful of picnic tables sprinkled around. There was no one else there.

    Not many people know about this spot, he said. I saw it one day from the boat, and thought it would be great for a picnic, and now, here we are.

    It truly was an inspiring spot. I walked over near the lakes edge by some trees and looked out at the water shimmering in the sun. The only boat I could see was a lone fisherman in a distant cove. I was sure this part of the lake would probably be teeming with boats on the weekend. But here we were, mid-afternoon on a weekday, and we had this beautiful place to ourselves.

    John unloaded the trunk and had everything set out. He was well prepared with a big cooler, fluffy blanket, two bottles of Chardonnaymy favorite wineand real wine glasses. He even had stainless-steel silverware with plastic platesnot the paper plates and plastic utensils I expected.

    Here, put this on if you want to get more comfortable. He handed me a big white dress shirtone of his I assumed. It looked long enough to cover me, and I felt out of place in heels and hose anyway, so I went over to the privacy of a small grove of pine trees and got undressed. I took off my shoes, skirt, and blouse and carefully folded them up. I debated about the hose, then decided they would just get snagged on bushes or something, so I removed them too, leaving me with just my panties and bra. I put the shirt on over them and buttoned it up except for the top two buttons. It was plenty big, sort of like a white maternity night gownnot really that sexy. I was barefoot and a lot of bare leg was showing, but John had seen me in a bikini anyway, so I wasnt worried about it.

    Wow, thats a lot better, he said when I emerged from the trees. Now, youre ready to picnic! Im sure that I was blushing as I put my folded clothes on the back seat. I did feel sexy, and this was a pretty isolated spot, and that fluffy blanket did look inviting. I wondered what would happen if we ended up on it. I noticed that he had also changed into some shorts and flip-flops. His shorts showed off his tight butt, an intriguing fat bulge in front, and nicely framed his powerful football-hardened legs.

    We sat at one of the picnic tables in the shade with a good view of the lake and I saw that John was right about having all the fixins. There were stuffed olives, dill-pickles, relish, cherry peppers, picnic-style potato salad and beans, and potato chips. He brought all the accessories too like mustard, ketchup, salt, pepper, and, of course, napkins and hamburger buns. For dessert he had a bag of chocolate-chip cookiesmy favorite. He already had four burger patties going on the grill near the table.

    I know its a clich, but I have to say theres nothing juicier or more flavorful than fresh-grilled hamburgers. Theres something almost sensuous about it. It wasnt gourmet I know, but everything was so delicious, including the wine. He joined me on the wine at first, and then switched to cold beer. I must have had a whole bottle and a half of Chardonnay by myself. It was soooo good. (By now you know that wine is one of my weaknessesthe others being good food and good sex).

    After eating and clearing things away, we sat down on the blanket and leaned up against a large tree. There wasnt enough room for both of us to lean against the tree, so he did and I rested my head on his inviting chest. I must have had too much wine to drink, because I nodded off right away!

    When I woke up John was leaning against the tree with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. My stirring caused him to open his eyes and he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead! Did you have a nice nap, baby? he said, nonchalantly, like I was his girlfriendnot his good friends wife.

    I felt really warm and sexy lying there with his big arms around me and my legs touching his, and I couldnt resist giving him a big kiss on the lips. It started out innocent and tender, but it didnt take long for it to become something else.

    We escalated quickly to open-mouth kissing and him caressing my bare legs. He slid his big hands higher up my legs and started pulling down the waistband of my panties as I reached over and tugged on his shorts. I helped him slide my panties off and then we both worked frantically on getting his shorts off. I know it sounds like a stereotype, but when his cock popped out it was another magnificent wow moment. I was completely mesmerized by it. I thought Tom and Rob were big, but the fact is they were only a little above average. Johns cock was BIG!

    I always knew he packed something, but I wasnt prepared for this. I had also never seen an uncircumcised cock and it put me into a trance. My eyes were riveted to it. I wanted to hold it, lick it, suck it, although I wasnt sure how to deal with the foreskin. I wrapped my small hands around it like a thick little baseball bat, and there was still a little room at the top for my mouth. I transformed into wanton Julie and I licked around the foreskin and sucked and stroked his cock and balls until he was as hard as the tree trunk he was leaning against.

    Damn, Julie baby, that feels so good, he said with his eyes still closed. Youre going to make Big John really happy today for sure. This excited me and almost made me gush with wetness and I didnt resist as he pushed up my (actually his) shirt to my waist and flipped me over to take me doggy style on the blanket. But instead of trying to penetrate me, he leaned down and began licking my inner thighs and then all around my wet pussy, finally finding my clit with his tongue. With my forehead pressed into the blanket and my eyes closed, I was able to focus on every movement of his flickering tongue, his nose poking and rubbing against me, and the friction of his light beard. He actually stuck his tongue in me and even brushed my asshole with it, which always drives me insane. It didnt take long for him to get me into a state of wild-eyed lust.

    F-fuck me John, Im ready. Im ready for Big John, I managed to say. Oh, god, how Im ready, I thought as I heard him getting into position behind me. He entered me carefully and I could feel my pussy stretching little by little to accommodate him. He would slide back out, then back in a little further each time. It was a delicious teasing, and it gave me a nice trembling orgasm even before he had managed to get half way in. He just kept taking his time as if he had all day, and kept going deeper inch by inch.

    I felt his cock hit my cervix and he must have felt it too, because he pulled back and adjusted a little and slid to the side past my cervix and pressed into my cul-de-sac. I had heard about this but had never had it happen to me before. He really knew what he was doing and his cock was truly touching me in unexplored places. He started stroking with deliberate slowness, stretching, relaxing, opening, and filling me like an overstuffed pig. I felt his large balls against me on the in-stroke and my clit hood was stretched tightly from his size and it lightly rubbed my clit each time he went in and out. If there is a pleasure heaven I was in it!

    After about 10 minutes of this I had a teeth-rattling orgasm that turned my legs to rubber, but there was no sign of let up from him. He just kept going in and out, in and out, for at least another 20 minutes. I couldnt believe his staying power.

    You have a tight cunt, he said, and he slapped both sides of my ass cheeks. I almost had another orgasm when he did that. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, but was probably only about 40 minutes, he flipped me onto my back on the blanket. I helped him remove my shirt and bra and he pulled off his shirt. The sight of his hairless black chest was hypnotic to me and when he lowered himself down with his arms and started licking and sucking on my already erect nipples, it was an erotic sight beyond belief. His smoothness, the contrast of his black skin against my white skin, those big muscles and broad shoulders, that tight muscular buttit was like a dream that I had had many times of being with a black man. But this was better. He was really here, and now he was putting Big John into me again!

    If anyone had been watching from the lake, what a sight they would have seen! A big black man fucking the brains out of a little red-haired white girl (whore they probably would have said) who had her legs locked tightly around his broad back while moaning uncontrollably.

    I dont think it would have mattered to John if a whole armada of boats filled with people were watching us. He would have just kept on fucking me like a chocolate covered sex machine on a mission. I dont know if I had two or three more orgasms, or if it was just one continuous one, but my leg muscles were shaking like jelly and I felt like I would get a leg cramp if we went on much longer. As I concentrated to avoid that John thrust into me so hard that I worried about something ripping in there, and then I felt his hot cum shoot out against the back of my vagina in quick strong spurts. I clamped my pussy down so tight on his pulsating cock that hardly any cum leaked out until he began to withdraw. When he did, the top half of his cock was coated in cum and I could also feel cum leaking out onto the blanket down my ass crack.

    He scooted forward then leaned over and held his cum-covered cock close to my face, but didnt say anything. It was as if he expected me to know what to do. So wanton Juliemake that slut Julielicked his hot cum off his cock and balls just like he wantedlike a kitty slurping up milk at the bottom of the dish, getting every drop.

    When I finished he sat back on his heels and stared down at what must have been an exceptionally red, widely gaping, messy, cum-filled pussy. (What a slut you are Julie!). Then he reached down and rubbed some of his cum onto my asshole and actually stuck his finger in an inch or so! Oh my god, I thought, is he going to fuck me in the ass?

    Have you ever been fucked here before, baby? he said, as he continued to stare and lightly rub his finger in and around my asshole.

    Nno, I said, feeling a little frightened that he might try it. But I have to admit that I was also feeling submissive to this big black man looking down at me. I even spread my legs wider as he rubbed me, practically inviting him to do what he wanted.

    Well save that for later baby, he said. I know youll like it, but I dont want to slut you up too much this time. We can make good use of one of these picnic tables when we do it next time.

    The thought that there was going to be a next time, and that he was going to be the first person to fuck my ass and slut me up, and on one of these picnic tables no less, made my heart race. I sat up and gave him a wet kiss.

    I almost wish there had been a fleet of people-filled boats watching. I think they would have clapped and cheered at this point, like they had just seen the ending of a satisfying erotic movie.

    I was so exhausted that I dozed off on most of the ride back. That night I was so sore and tired that even if my hubby had wanted to have sexhe didnt, thank GodI would have had to turn him down. I slept like a well-fucked woman should and had sensuous dreams about next time.

    When I look back on it I was so lucky to have had a man like John as my first black lover. He was such a hunk, and was so nice, so sexy (and soooo hung!), and was such a forceful, but considerate long-lasting lover. He definitely brought out my submissive nature and the slut in me. I know that black sexing is not for everyone, but I could believe that if a horny white girl had a first black experience like the one I had with John, they would probably be addicted too.

    My life turned into what some might call an excessive orgy of sex with Tom and Rob, and especially with John. It lasted an unbelievable four years (until my husband changed jobs and we had to move out of the area) with me meeting each of them from time-to-time on the side. If I wanted sweet candlelight and wine romance, there was lover Tom. If I wanted a nasty quickie at a sleazy motel or a slutty pounding against a restroom wall, fraternity man Rob was my man. But if I wanted someone to bring out my submissive nature, take me gently, but forcibly, talk a little dirty, and do my pussy and ass with incredibly deep and long erotic staying power, then I called on John. And I saw (and felt) a lot of Big John in those years.

    I cheated like this until my hubby found out (or finally admitted that he knew) at which time I became a legitimate non-cheating consensual cuckoldress. What happened then iswell, its a story for next time, if there is still interest in my adventures.

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    Ohhhh, I enjoyed that! :innocent0002:

    I don't read much of the fiction work here, but that was really good! I might store that away to think about in a bubble bath some time soon! :evilgrin0010:
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