The Art Object

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    Hey, c'mon over. Yeah I'll put you in a cage. You asked about it, talked about it, and you bought one. Now that it's here are you ready for me to lock you in and walk away? You might never get out. Would you like that?
    I thought you would. Just you inside those steel bars. You don't know when I'm coming back, or if I'm coming back. Even then I may just keep you locked in your cage. I'll invite everyone I know. Put you on display. We'll watch you until we're bored then go on with our party. You'll be my zoo specimen. How long will it take you to realize this is no joke, this is your life from now on? Will it take a week? A month? Maybe longer to rid you of your narcissism and free your thoughts to explore new possibilities.

    Testosterone gives the male much brawn and little brain. Originally every fetus begins female. Somewhere along the way male chromosomes enter the development. From that point on, ego, combativeness, agression, competition, and domination take over the male brain. All lead to war-like activity; a disaster for the male and for humanity's better part, the female.

    Fortunately the male is always eager to learn, easy to train. He enjoys ritual and authority. He likes marching to orders, following commands, regimentation. This is how you will be led to a new realization. In the begining there will be soothing words, gentle caresses, suggestions for changed behaviour, positive feedback. You will listen to recordings of my voice helping your mind relax and accept your new environment. When you are conditioned to follow my suggestions your mind will no longer act independently. You will progress to accepting my commands.

    I can help your mind make the adjustment. A complete change of surroundings and clothing will give you a thrilling new experience bringing you awake to your wonderful new world. You will wear a permanent collar. You will be on a leash when you are out of the cage. When you think you have second thoughts about your existence I will put you in a leather strait-jacket and rubber hood to remind you of your committment. For disobedience there will be punishment. A riding crop in contact with your ass can be effective to get your mind to relax and accept your new position as an object, no longer an ego looking for advantage, you will be just another object in the room. All of this will be a necessary part of your training.

    You will not be a slave. You will be a live art object, designed and constructed for display with no other purpose than to show the possibilities and advantages of training the male. You will be proof that the common male, with the proper training, can be freed of false superiority and become the slavish being that he is. Working with your original desire for subjugation, and adding conditioning, you can prove mastery over common behaviour. Your ego will, in time, diminish leaving you eager to follow the directions of your Mistress. Your mind will be freed of all past thoughts. The past and the future will no longer exist for you. You will live only in the present. You will be a curiosity, a male trained to accept his proper position, sometimes useful but generally only an artifact.

    In his strait-jacket and rubber hood he sits so quietly. When friends first see him they ask, "Is he alive?" He looks like a manequin bound in leather, poised on the couch. I unhook his leash and tell him to go to his cage. He obediantly gets up, goes to the cage, kneels down and crawls inside. I close the bars of the door and click the lock shut. He remains in his cage the rest of the day.

    Everyone stares in amazement. They want to know is there something wrong with him, why is he so obedient, how did I train him? They are astonished at his obedience, his eagerness to please. He shows confidence, no shyness.

    His will-power has been re-directed to follow my commands with no other thoughts to interfere. He is not a zombie or slave, a mindless slug. My training has revealed to him the shortcoming of the weak and ineffective strutting of the male. He eagerly enjoys his complete devotion to my every command. He has discarded his old personality and become a new being. He now has no conflicts, no anxieties. He is totally free to enjoy the bliss of the present moment. He is proud of what my training has achieved. His mind is now open to every possibility, no longer muddled with past worries or constraints. No longer concerned about future developments. Free to appreciate and live only in the now.

    He is alert and aware of his condition and revels in being a unique, one of a kind, live art object. He likes being on display and gets excited when I take him out shopping in his collar and leash. Sometimes I will lock his leash to a post outside a shop while I go inside. He soaks up the attention from passersby. He enjoys their stares and comments. He likes to tease strangers by standing absolutely still, as if he is a statue. Some of them will walk all around him, looking, and if they poke him to see if he is real, he suddenly pokes back quickly, then resumes his pose. He loves to see the surprise and disbelief on their face as they jump away.

    He has not lost his mind. He knows his past, where he came from, what he was. He has come to a new realization; the false fears, wants, drive for success at any cost, were an illusion. I have helped free his mind of pretense. The masquerade of mundane daily life has been unmasked, discarded. Now he is open to all possibilities, no excuses from the past to derail new ideas. He is a living example of the joy possible with a mind cleared of the clutter of useless phantoms.

    He is more useful than a dog. I don't have to take him out for a walk every nite and morning. I don't have to clean up after him. I am training him to do all the housekeeping chores, cleaning, washing, cooking. I can use him to amuse me with games, or nites out when my usual companions are not available. When I am through with him I put him in his cage until he is needed again. There is no barking, no chewing up the furniture, no upsetting the neighbors. Being properly trained he is grateful and loving for my every attention. If he misbehaves I strap him in his strait-jacket and hood with a gag, lock him in his cage, and forget about him. If necessary I bring out the whip and the paddle. He is thankful that I care enough to teach him new behaviour.

    He likes to see pictures of himself in his hood and strait-jacket, or with his collar and leash. It gives him incentive. He started out wanting to be restrained and now he enjoys it even more. He can't see himself when he is wearing his hood. The pictures of him looking like a rubber doll get him excited. He delights in seeing the image of himself locked in his steel cage. It's four feet long, three feet wide, and two feet high. He can't stretch out in it. Most of the time, in his strait-jacket, he lays on his side and brings his knees up to his chest in sort of a modified fetal position. I keep him there until he's needed for chores, and for the amusement of guests. He is content, even happy to be confined knowing he is safe and well cared for.

    He wears a diaper most of the time so I don't have to unlock his cage. He also has adult size rubber underpants to go over the diaper to prevent leaks. He's really no trouble. Whatever we're having for dinner I put in his bowl and slide it in his cage.

    He enjoys his new life. The old personality has been discarded for good. I got rid of all the old identification, driver's license, credit cards, utility accounts, passport, bank account, shredded everything. That name has been retired. It is no longer needed. His mind is free and open. He is re-born into his new life and no longer responds to his old name. Now he is called Bobo.

    He remains quiet until I call him. When he is out of his cage he will stay absolutely still, like a statue until I tell him to perform a task. He has eagerly surrendered all free will to me. When he speaks it is only to answer my question. He never originates conversation. His mind is not blank. He is very intelligent, perhaps more than me. That could explain his appreciation of what, to some, would appear to be imprisonment. His life now is free of daily concerns. He listens, he follows, he enjoys what he does and the way he lives. I have given him every opportunity to go back to his old life. Often I ask him if he wants to continue with me. Eagerly he always says yes.

    He has chosen to wear a steel chastity belt that confines his genitals. He is never allowed any sort of sexual release. Never allowed to orgasm. Never, ever. This keeps him always eager and alert. He wore a chastity belt for years before I knew him. He says it clears his mind and relieves it from always thinking about sex. Being locked in steel for so long sex is only a fading memory. The desire has been transferred to his new life of restraint, the more restraint, the more he enjoys it.

    I am enjoying this, keeping a male as a personal assistant, having him follow my every command with never a question or disagreement. It's fun taking him out shopping and seeing the looks he gets when people see his collar and leash. He is so useful. He carries all the packages, does the driving, keeps the car serviced. He takes care of all those details that bore us females.

    And he provides entertainment. Friends constantly marvel when seeing him in his cage or posing so still like a statue. Some of them want me to train their male. He is so good at serving everyone when I have company. He takes care of every detail.

    When I send him to his cage they want to know my secret. I tell them first they must help the male realize it is in his nature to want to be restrained. Start with a chastity device. With his penis locked in a steel tube or cage, away from his ability to see or touch it, he becomes dependent on the keeper of the keys. A few weeks of restriction and he will be ready to follow your every suggestion. Slowly and carefully introduce further embelishments one at a time. A collar, a leash, a paddle or whip, a cage. Your imagination will tell you what is needed.

    It may take a year or more to allow his mind to realize the benefits of following your direction. Any male can be brought to realize the superiority of the female. From there it is a short step for him to eagerly want to serve.

    After being conditioned to his new environment there are many entertaining and useful techniques he can be taught; to heel, to fetch, to sit up. Keeping him in his cage for a few months can cause his legs to gracefully thin and the muscles to atrophy. He will have to be taught how to stand up on his hind legs. It will be difficult. He won't be able to stand that way for long. He will prefer being on all fours, but he can be encouraged to stand when offered a treat.

    I am curious and like to experiment. He is an eager subject. He enjoys the cage, the collar, the restraints, the subjugation. It is interesting to me to see an intelligent male enjoy his transition to becomming a docile art object.
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    That's perfect. I love it.

    I'm going to read it again later (and probably again and again after that!)
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    EXCELLENT work! Very thoughtful and evocative!
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