The adventures of trans hotwife Bella and her sissy cuckhusband, Cucky

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    Hi all--

    Something new , different, fairly short, not for everyone and pretty far outside of my normal comfort zone-- but fills a particular niche.

    I have only ever experienced 'cuckoldry' in any form IRL as a 'bull' and had fun writing this as something dissimilar to anything else I've happened to post here or anywhere else online.

    If any experienced cuck finds or take issues with how I present this-- I do apologize in advance as I only have limited perspective from what I know and what I have experienced and understand, so if me being an overly affectionate hotwife in how I present this is somehow not palatable, I also welcome constructive criticism. My ego is not so fragile as to feel slighted if I've actually misrepresented this sort of thing, although at first blush I don't believe I have. I am human, after all, and make plenty of mistakes along the way.

    The following involves a far less traditional 'cuckold experience' as you could consider me both my cuck's Top as well as an eager but new-to-the-lifestyle transwoman hotwife.

    Because of my nature, I happen to top from the bottom quite easily here and this may or may not end up being some sort of regular series....I had just written this for someone else's benefit, and wanted to share and gauge interest to see if it would....stir some cages in some way.

    Let me know if you liked it, yea?

    ~Miss Bella


    As we both come to the end of the dinner I had just prepared for us , my phone beeps as I've just received a text.

    It's from a new bull that you're unfamiliar with.

    "Oh, honey, I didn't tell you , did I? I have been so horny ALL day that I reached out to another hunky piece of man candy that apparently has a 10 inch cock....and he's NOT black, can you imagine that?"

    I notice your eyes start to widen as you start to piece together what I have planned, as I continue explaining, "So I thought, I'd love to see if I can deepthroat that sort of package and if I could even take it in my pussy. I've NEVER had something that big back there..."

    You could feel my foot reach underneath the table to touch and tickle in between your legs as I flick your cage with my big toe, feeling that -- through the extra soft cotton panties I had required you to wear -- that you were clearly excited with what I was sharing with you.

    "Mmm, I knew you would like it, so after you get a little bit of a show....I figured we could.....have a fun little threesome?"

    You weren't sure how to respond so you didn't respond by saying anything, only nodding affirmatively, as if you actually had any say in the matter.

    "Don't worry, cucky. I won't make him fuck you. That big ol' dick is for me!" I smiled brightly as you looked relieved you weren't going to be forced to fuck a strange man after he fucks your wife. " Of course I wouldn't want him to fuck you....*I'M* going to be fucking you, WHILE he's fucking me. So as his big cartoon-ish cock splits me open wide, as he fucks me, as my hips sway back and forth, every time he goes deep-- I'm going to be going deep inside you, love."

    I lean in to kiss you across your lips as I smile and collect the plates from dinner to put in the sink.

    You then almost immediately hear the doorbell ring as I exclaim, "Oh yeah, cucky, that text? He was finding a place to park before he made his way up here."

    You turn to see me applying some ruby red lipstick as you make your way back to the bedroom.

    As I quickly dash towards the door , I look over to tell you "Hey honey, be a doll and get in that position we were in earlier. Spread eagle and just wait for us in there, okay? I'm sure we won't be long!"

    I finish speaking and swing open the door to greet Blaine, who appears to be a long-time friend of mine. I greet him with a big hug , whipping my arms immediately over his shoulders and meeting his lips for an immediate deep and passionate kiss. I break the kiss to gesture him inside, "Comon in, 'B', welcome to our home. Care for a drink or would you prefer a drink afterwards?"

    " Jesus, Bella, you've really blossomed haven't you? Those tits! and your long legs! How do y--" I interrupted him because although he was 'my bull' he was mine to dominate as I was routinely 'topping from the bottom' in mostly everything that I did.

    "Shut that pretty mouth of yours and come give my cucky a show." Blaine made his way into the doorway of the bedroom to see you naked, laying spread eagle precisely as I had instructed you to moments before.

    I grabbed the buttons on B's shirt and steadily unbuttoned them as I gave you an 'introduction' to the man charged with being my personal stuntcock. "Cucky, say hello to the nice gentleman here, the man I told you about with the baby-arm for a cock. B, there's my cucky over there....and I was thinking, since you were able to come over on such short notice..."

    I had finally gotten his shirt off and you saw an impressive specimen of a man, completely ripped as he stood just a few inches taller than I did at 6'5". I purposefully had not worn heels because otherwise I would have made him feel a bit less of a man.

    As I pawed at his crotch through his pants, I focus my attention to him, "...I was thinking you could show me what it feels like to get fucked by a real man, while I give my cucky a good dicking at the same time. Two birds one cuck, or something?"

    B scratches his head, chuckling as he shrugs slightly, "Whatever you want to do, sexy, I'm down for...."

    I wrestled with his belt to slide him out of his pants as his cock appeared clearly longer than your wifes although not quite as girthy.

    I help him step out of his pants as I have to pick his semi-flaccid cock up with two hands, as I tell him, "B, I'll get you ready and then we'll move to the bed to get things going, so....."

    As I moved further into the room, guiding B along with me holding him and pulling him by his cock, I kneeled down to take him into my mouth. You had the best seat in the house as you watched me lick all down what was likely the largest cock either one of us had ever seen in person in our lives.

    I start to circle the tip of B's behemoth cock as it quickly starts to swell and grow in my hands. If I didn't have a mouth full of impressive cock in my mouth, I would have looked over to see your eyes grow wide and your cage leak a little bit of cum at the sight.

    I adjust my shoulder length blond hair to get it out of the way as I slowly start to bob against his length. It was almost fully erect now, and you indirectly were concerned for my safety, as it was clearly a 2-hand weapon.

    First I bob on it and take approximately half as B starts to moan and lightly grip the back of my head. I don't need his guidance as just when I came up for air, I push down quickly, forcefully to take at least 7 inches in my mouth before you hear me start to choke and gag.

    I pull back as lots of spit and drool start to cascade from across the sides of my lips, as I look over and smile at you, "Enjoying the show, my sweet cucky? Watch this!"

    As you nodded, I was already bobbing and pushing past my gag reflex to gradually ease down to where it looks as if the bull standing in the room didn't have a cock at all. The irony was not lost on you as I was being a throat champ at the moment, bobbing and trying to fight off choking -- sexy sloppy blow job sounds filling the room as a distinct whiff of cock invaded your senses.

    What seemed like a solid 5 minutes included me backing my way off of the massively long dick before taking it so deep in my throat that i was able to have his balls smack my chin and my upper lip was resting at the very base of his cock.

    I looked up at B as I had his monster completely taken in as he told me simply, "You're the best, Bella."

    I bobbed a few more times to fuck my own throat with his manhood as I then pulled off, catching my breath and responded, "Thanks, but I know!"

    What you weren't quite totally prepared for was me letting some of the juices from my deepthroating him slip down to coat my own rock hard excitement .....I held B by the dick as if it were a leash as I climbed onto the bed and made my way to climb up to you.

    I leaned over you and leaned in to kiss you, some of the salty taste of the man you just met's cock touched your lips as I slipped my tongue in your mouth to meet your own. As we kissed and made out for a moment-- I backed off to ask "doesn't he taste delicious, babe? "

    You nod reluctantly as you were getting a little bit excited and nervous, you could feel me pressing up against your sissy entrance-- clearly a hole I had claimed for myself since your tiny little cocklet wasn't going to likely be able to ever fuck ME. In fact, our entire marriage including the consummation included me exclusively making love to you.

    And I cared for you so, wanting to make you feel as good as these bulls were making me feel. I eased the tip of my cock against and then finally through your tight puckered hole as we both gasp....I start thrusting into you as I slowed down, B lubing himself up and getting himself into position behind were both fearful and so horny at the thought of this man fucking your wife who will be fucking you with the same rhythm because of his thrusts.

    As I could feel B press against my tight and nearly-still-a-virgin hole , he was surely about to wreck my pussy in a glorious way. I look over my shoulder and tell him, "Ease in, B, but once I give you the word, I want you to pound me so that my cucky feels how much you love his wife's pussy."

    B seemingly gladly agreed as I lurch forward, my eyes widened as I pushed completely inside of you -- B was slipping into me ...."Aaaah fuck.....that's big. much is in? "

    B replied, "less than halfffff" he was clearly feeling the squeeze my pussy was putting on his monster as he inched deeper inside. As he reached a certain point, I instinctively bucked my hips backwards, slightly pulling myself almost completely out of you, and in doing so, I could feel his hips meet my asscheeks. I felt completely fully stuffed, bigger than any toy I had ever played with and surely bigger than any cock I had ever taken in my life.

    I was both losing composure and breathing heavily, but I leaned in to kiss you, thrusting my hips into you as I start to fuck you and get a nice little rhythm going. I can feel you start to tense as clearly I was positioned in a way to press intensely against your p-spot. You moaned against my kiss as I bit your bottom lip.

    I looked you in the eyes and told you " I love you, cucky. Isn't this fun? Now come for me, my cucky slut"
    I then gained a little bit of energy as I trust my hips a bit more enthusiastically , you could feel yourself buckle a little bit in your cage as I felt your warm cum cascade across your chest and my I reach back to gesture to B to start doing the thrusting, I keep lurching forward as he fucks me, my cock still buried inside of you-- as I reach to gather and scoop up the cum you just gave us across my nails as I reach to place your warm, salty sweet cum across your lips, " Good boyyyyy"

    I was purring up against you--- every time I lurched forward into you he started pushing harder and completely to the hilt as you saw him smack and spread both of my ass cheeks. I was clearly the middle in the sexiest sandwich anyone had ever devised -- and as I hadn't ever experienced a p-spot orgasm WHILE fucking someone, I felt that this may be the night it happened.

    Minutes go by as he's still fucking my pussy and started to really get a pffft-pffft-pffft-pffft quick rhythm as I could feel my innards forcibly stretch to accommodate our guest so gracefully.

    I broke our salty sweet cummy-kiss to whisper to you with a sly smirk, "watch this cucky-y-y....." as I was clearly getting railed by this stud of a man, I was clinching every muscle I had to force the cum out of him.

    Sure enough, within seconds, B was throwing his shoulders back, hands gripping my sides incredibly hard as he started to blow his load so deep into me that we both almost thought that his cum would start shooting out of my open mouth-- he was that far deep inside of me.

    As he finished giving your wife a proper creampie, I instructed B to get down and clean me up. So, as it happened to be, I wasn't going to leave you hanging without giving you a similar gift of my own-- my love and affection for my sweet cucky was about to coat your own insides-- a figurative flag that time and again made you feel so loved and desired.

    Meanwhile, B had positioned himself laying so that his mouth met my completely-now slightly gaping pussy with his cum running out. As I started picking up speed with my thrusts inside of your tight little sissy box, he had his touch stretched out so that every stroke 'out' of you pushed his tongue against my pussy.

    I was nearly and clearly in heaven as the sensations were too much for me to hold back from---and I start to press forward until you feel my throbbing cock twitch and swell like the tide with each rope of hot ladycum I planted in my sexy, obedient little sissy cuck-slut husband.

    "ohhhhh fucck" I was grasping at the sheets and wildly shivering my hips against you, as I slowly, gracefully pulled out of you....I lay down next to you, clearly taken with what had just happened but so thankful you were able to share in such the experience that you just witnessed.

    I gesture to B "Drinks are on the bar , honey, help yourself, I'll be in there in a few. "

    I leaned in again to kiss you, telling you, "wow....what the fuck have we been missing out on all this time, babe?"

    You shrugged and smiled back at me, the first time I had seen you smile in some time.

    I smiled right back at you, kissed you again on the cheek as I started to climb out of bed, "Clean up and meet us in the living room, babe!"

    I find your clothes and toss them to you as you watch me make my way out of the room, still naked and mischievous. Although you had no idea what the rest of the night held in store, you were sure that your hotwife fantasies with me were well-founded as I was clearly interested in making sure you felt as loved as the day we married.....with a very specific twist.

    Oh what the possibilities would bring in the days and weeks to come on this new journey.....

    To be continued , perhaps? Let me know if you liked it and if it deserves a follow-up
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    And, yes, the twist on a familiar formula was well ....uh..,.received.
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    Love it! A continuation is needed
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    Loved this! Always prefer the loving cuckoldress vibe. It would be great to hear more of their adventures, maybe even their origin story.
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