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    Hi everyone… I’m new to the forum and a single guy, looking for a long term Female Led Cuckolding Relationship…
    I’ve decided that the cuckolding lifestyle with a FLR dynamic is something that’s really important and the core of who I am sexually and I don’t think the traditional dating scene is going to be for me.

    I’m hoping to find a best friend and soulmate to share the life I’m lucky enough to be able to experience….

    What I’m looking for, in a meta sort of way… My thing is that I’m not looking for sex, per se, but more of a lifestyle dynamic in which the “sexuality” of the relationship is built around a Cuckolding/FLR/Sub-Dom foundation… With the core idea being that the relationship is essential to the sex…

    About me… I’m in what I think are the best years of my life… I’m lucky enough to have the freedom and resources to live my dream and spend my time traveling & enjoying life on one adventure after another…

    I’d love to find the right girl to tag along and share my life with… If you’re interested in a LTR with a guy who lives for outdoor adventure, travel, & epic experiences, I’d love to get to know you & see where it leads…
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