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Temporary tattoo idea help needed

Discussion in 'Crossdressing in all it's variations' started by Keyholder For CSG, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. I sure would be open to this one.
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  2. The temp tatto never heard of, except for children. After first bath it is off. Is there something that stays maybe a little longer but not for ever?
  3. Very nice Ms. Karen . Never been orders to have that, do have the temp tats a lot on my butt, lower back, and especially over my sissy clit. This picture was pre clit caging!

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  4. a) A tattoo of a garter around his thigh that gets MY VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. I LOVE YOUR THINKING :))))))))))))))))))))))------------------------------------------------------------------
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  6. Well shortest cage is the one I use as my avatar. Only difference is the cateter is 22 cm long. If you get an erection, normally there is no room to grow more in a 1 inch cage so balls and the Works are stretched to the front. Not much discomfort. I only had problem with escape, when not using cateter. When on, ring is sung. When errect, the ring is very tight, but does not cut. Sometime I do "turtle-ing" and escapes. I bought a piece of silicone that wrapped around it and seems to keep me from escaping now, and remains comfortable. I ordered it from AliExpress in China. There when goes for 25 dollars, here in Brazil they sell the same thing for more than 140 dollars. So well Worth the 5 week delivery time.
  7. The other night I saw a waitress in a bar with a garter tattoo. It was done very well and it was sexy as hell. She was wearing short shorts and she was quite young, probably just turned 21. I'm not into women, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her all night.
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  8. :)
    Very cute tat Stephie!!! And LOVE your nails!
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  9. attraction is a beautiful thing..............
  10. ohhh yes...........
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  11. yes.................................................................................................
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  12. I would like my wife's name above my caged dick. Saying ( ......'s use only)
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  14. Maybe You should check aliexpress? There are similar tiny "bikinis" (are they still bikinis and ropes?)



    Look around and there is _tons_ of skimpy bikinis (or ropes named bikinis :) )