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Temporary tattoo idea help needed

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Keyholder For CSG, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Looks great but should have added a lock or something
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  2. Yes people notice eyebrows, especially on men. Very thin arched and groomed eyebrows will get people wondering but can't be sure what his deal is.
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  3. The trick with a good mind fuck is to let the subject's own imagination fill in the unspoken details.
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  4. I would love it if my wife waxed my eyebrows!
  5. You could just get him a PA piercing and a pink cage for his dinky. Also, get rid of all his underwear and only let him wear panties.
  6. Too late on all counts! He hasn't had male underwear for over a year. He has a prince Albert piercing and a Pink Mistress Lori's plastic chastity tube.

    I guess great minds think alike!

  7. Maybe you can send him for some laser hair removal. You can get great deals through groupon.com
  8. Well, if you need any ideas on how to play mind games with him, feel free to message ;)
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  9. I would create a queen of spades BBC style one ... that should get him some serious attention ....
  10. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge Lock em up - 24/7/365!!
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    Mar 10, 2009
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    Padlock & O+ sign?
  11. If you want to go with the homophobic idea, how about a tattoo above his ass that says, "ALL PENISES MUST ENTER HERE" and then an arrow to his buttcrack?

    Or the simple "Keyholder for MSG's (better if you use your real name) Bitch"
  12. Now there's an idea I can work with.
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  13. Mistress gets my temp tattoos from stray Tatts they last about a week. Take a look at my pics
  14. Mistress has used temp tattoos on my private areas where only She and I would see them. They really added to her fun and my further humiliation. Recently, though, She has suggested getting some that say, "MIstress M's Sissy" or "Caged Sissy" and place them on the back of my hand or on my arm, where they can be seen by the general public. I am worried about the embarrassment and humiliation that I would experience, but I will do as directed!
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    Made a nice tattoo of a flower and the word sissy in pretty cursive. It was simple, pretty and everything was very clear an distinct.

    My husband took a shower, shaved everything nice and smooth to prepare and I applied the tattoo in his bikini area. It looked great and he loved it!

    30 minutes later...

    He comes to me and says something doesn't feel right where the tattoo is. We took a look and to my horror he had an allergic reaction to the tattoo.

    We used baby oil, per the instructions, to dissolve the tattoo. This seemed to make it even worse. We finally got it all washed off but now he has a really bad rash where it was.

    I know it hurts so I'm letting him choose whatever undergarments he wants until it heals.
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  16. If he had a reaction make sure to get benadryl or zyrtec to help deal with the side effects ....
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  17. O man that sucks, what under garments did he pick male or female I bet he still wants to please you
  18. Keyholder for CSG,

    Maybe not as "temporary" as you might be thinking, but still not permanent, have you considered having him get a bikini tan?
    You could start out very tame with only 1 session and only the bottoms, or add the top also as you feel more comfortable and progress. Additionl tanning sessions will make it more noticable and longer lasting, but it is sill not permanent as it will fade away. If you do this, and do multilpe sessions, make sure to line up the top and bottom exactly each time so the lines become very defined.
    Just a thought, and one of the things I do with mine.
  19. More than likely a reaction to the inkjet ink. You might want to try ordering from a professional shop if you want to try again, but order not only the tattoo you described, but a small one you can place on his shoulder or similar area. Try that one first and see if there is any reaction to the different inks. Allergy related to ink jet ink is not uncommon, but it is most often an allergy to just that type of ink.
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  20. I may try that at some point. But the mood is gone now and we'll probably wait a while.

    However, he's not allergic to sharpie ink... I'm kinda excited to draw stocking seams up the back of his legs.

    To answer a few other comments:

    Yes he took allergy medicine.

    He chose to Bali Skimp Skamp briefs. They're essentially granny panties and they go up over his belly button. They're actually quite comfortable.
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  22. I really like this idea. Do you have a link to the temporary ink paper. I have some I would like to use for my husband.

    One I might suggest for your hubby would be: In small print...

    "If you can read this, you might be able to see my husband's penis."
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  23. All the time saved not having to shave could be spent doing household chores...in a sensible "working maid" uniform, of course!
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  24. I love this one. Looking for one for my dom, my wife, and temp tatto not sure. She is thinking perm and I would go for this one. What the hell, you only live once.