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Temporary tattoo idea help needed

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Keyholder For CSG, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. I purchased some blank temporary tattoo paper that I can print using my ink jet printer. I'm looking for help coming up with a good tattoo for my husband.

    I want it to reflect the fact that he is a submissive, crossdressing, chastised male with a tiny penis.

    I'm not very creative and I need help coming up with a design that will surprise my husband.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  2. Just doodled this for ya

    Attached Files:

  3. "Little penis slaves wear chastity and panties all the time" for the tattoo
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  4. Maybe instead of you printing a fake tattoo for yourself you could require that he get a real tattoo of a little French maid with "I'm a sissy" over it.

    Or better yet use your fake tattoo paper and draw a measuring ruler with the words "penis must be this big to ride" and make the ruler slightly bigger than your husbands manhood. Then apply it to your inner thigh.
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  5. What is shortest cage? Text could be "_name_of_shortest_cage is too big for me" or "Wicked Weasel bikini will hide my dick" :)
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  6. I didn't know what a wicked weasel bikini was, but I do now! Wow, are they tiny. But I think there are a couple styles that might actually fit my husband. I'd love to see him sunbathe in one, the tan lines would be precious!

    Oh my, I just saw the prices... A little out of my budget :-(
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  8. Fake lipstick mark that he must put on his cheek. In bright pink! AND send him grocery shopping with it. Maybe one of those chocker collars in pink with "sissy slave" written on it.
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  9. I have always been partial to pink and pretty bow tattoos just over the caged willy...
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  10. Ok, here's what I've come up with so far

    a) A tattoo of a garter around his thigh

    b) A tattoo of stocking seams down the back of his legs (I'd probably just use a sharpie)

    c) A design with the word SISSY just above his genitals, but I could still use suggestions for the design.

    A google search gave some good ideas, but there isn't much relating to chastity.

    Here's some examples. Feedback???

    259ce60ca7f0fbaeba71e0dc577b8fa5.jpg 3577087729_80b71a5bbd.jpg sissyslavetattoo.jpg
  11. Poor CSG in a Pink 18CP, when Keyholder For CSG will use all suggestions on him, he will look out like biker chick: tattoo and temp tattoo with humiliating texts, pink collar, pink lipstick, bow over cage, tiny bikini and ridiculous tan lines etc. If he will wear half of them i want to see pictures, pictures in outdoor, pictures in the shop etc :)
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  12. Ms. Keyholder for CSG does seem quite intent that Her sissy will suffer humiliation. I'm sure he'll have no doubt of his place in the world under Her rule!
  13. I was actually only thinking about giving him ONE temporary tattoo. I'm just trying to make it a good one and have a little fun in the process. He still has to go to work and go about his daily life so the whole biker chick look, although appealing, is probably a bit too much.
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  14. You going to get a queen of spades one...?
  15. A flowery script tramp stamp that says "Cum Dump".

    When he expresses concern, just say you are planning ahead...
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  16. You could do something that people will notice but won't know what to think. Get his eyebrows waxed in a feminine manner. Shave his arms etc
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  17. I've seen those, but that's not really our thing. We'd both know it isn't true so it wouldn't have any effect. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  18. Good idea. He professes to be very very straight (I sometimes wonder ;-)) so any hint of homosexuality makes him very uncomfortable. I'd like to learn how to better exploit this without sounding obviously fake.
  19. Good choice. You should speak with Your sub/husband. Maybe it is too much and to quick for him. Cheer him up and explain _why_ You want tattoo or other things.

    Communication, communication and communication.

    You _both_ should have fun!
  20. He already shaves everything below his eyes except his arms. He's been going out in public for years in shorts and shaved legs so shaving won't even phase him. Waxing his eyebrows on the other hand is an interesting idea. Do people really notice that sort of thing? to me eyebrows are eyebrows and I don't pay any attention to it. Would people actually notice? This could be fun, I never thought of this before.
  21. Ha ha, I think you misunderstand my point of view here. It's not that I think he'd object to anything I propose. Heck, I could probably tattoo SISSY across his forehead in bright hot pink letters and he'd be turned on by it. I'm the one who wants to keep it more subdued. If we looked at kink on a 1 - 10 scale he'd be an 11 and I'd be somewhere around 4. Most of this stuff I do for him is to make him happy, which I love doing, not because it gets me off.
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  22. "Chaste sissy maid"
    "Property of name"

    Surrounded my flowers and leaves.

    On his pubes above his chastity...

    Not too scary so might be possible in the future....ought to get him thinking....
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  23. I like this tattoo
  24. Then it is way to go!

    And do not forget upload tons of pictures :-D
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