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Tell us something trivial about your life!

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by SubVerity, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. We have some friends staying with us for the weekend , so at the moment doing my best to ensure their visit is an enjoyable one
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  2. Ms K/H and I had her sister over for the night Thursday and I found out the next night that she bitched about almost everything after I left for work the next day. She didn't like what I made for dinner, she didn't like where she slept, she didn't like what she and Ms K/H watched on TV, etc.
    I have to assume that she wasn't in a good mood.
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  3. I'm trying to get fit using on bodyweight exercises (That's a lot of weight lol)
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  4. Went out last night to some local "normal" clubs with some work colleagues, I had a surprisingly good time considering i didn't like the middle of the road chart stuff they were playing it was really expensive, however the 5 ladies i was with all looked amazing and we drank some strange cocktails and beer and all got drunk but goodness i felt my age this morning.
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  5. So i spent the day nursing my hangover while doing the laundry and cataloguing my vynil record collection! A Lovely day
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