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Taking chastity serious

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Chastity Newbie, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. After 14 months and several different plastic devices, my wife/keyholder grew very tired of all the broken devices and the time I was "free" due to waiting on a new one. She told me to order a new metal one and end all the nonsense. I ordered 1 and it came in yesterday! When she locked it shut she poked and prodded making sure it wasn't going to break and checking how secure it was. My heart was racing because I was starting to realize this was no joke, I couldn't just simply twist a lock and bust a pin, this thing is maximum security! If if wasn't bad enough having no way breaking out, she also told me the days of having an emergency key are over! Chastity has suddenly gotten very serious!
  2. I got home tonight and was told to put the cage on.

    Been out of it for a few months and wasn't expecting that.
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  3. ha ha. now its getting real :D. By the way you stole my avatar, I want it back lol. JK JK
  4. A kitchen safe turned up today. :eek:
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  5. Sounds like you are enjoying it!
  6. I haven't really had the chance to get into the swing of it again.

    The kitchen safe was sat unlocked and empty this morning so the key isn't in there...yet.

    We had sex on Tuesday and I'm confident I'll be unlocked tomorrow night, so it's only been a three day lock up. I had to go and buy some sudocrem yesterday as it's a bit sore from rubbing around my balls she just laughed when I told her last night, there was no offer of release.

    No idea what the next week has in store.
  7. @CagedBySocks@CagedBySocks , try 2 toms sport shield on your balls at bedtime. That should help.
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  8. The wipes seem like they will cost a decent amount across the month, are the for numbing?
  9. no it doesn't numb you. its a long lasting lubricant. That will keep the ball ring from chaffing also they have a roll on type applicator. should be cheaper
  10. Will the roll on work if I'm wearing the cage?
  11. yup. just roll it on the underside of your balls then slide the ring around and your good to go. you don't need a whole lot, a little works all day or night
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  12. My plastic CB6000s is falling apart, although I have been using it for most of the last 16 months. The seam across the top of the cage is splitting and this device is known for breaking eventually in that spot. I have been free for the last 24 hours as I could no longer wear it. Have been waiting on a steel worxx device from Germany for about 8 weeks now. Hope it shows up soon so I can get serious again myself. I have another cheap Chinese metal cage which I may have to use until the other arrives. Honor system is a nice change, but I need and want something more.
  13. have you tried repairing the CB?
    An epoxy resin glue will do the job.
    I used epoxy resin on two polycarbonate cages that I cut a section from each to shorten them and the glue bond has been good.
  14. I have a Behind Barz full belt, With the open design there is no problem keeping clean. Not off for 67 days. She also found that if you

    take the tube off and leave it on with just the cock ring it becomes a awesome teasing belt. I get edged to death and locked back up.

    Then her fun begins. She is really loving it. Me too!
  15. I had mine split as well.
    I repaired it by smoothing off each side of the join and then drilled 4 holes in the edges (very tricky as the width is about 2mm) then put some pins in each hole. After this I used Gorilla glue.
    Worked a charm
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    This is a very disjointed thread, I cant quite make out what's going on. I can understand a member purchasing a plastic cage to begin with.
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  17. I have a new cage arriving any day now. Thanks for the suggestions on fixing the old one. I have considered that as well. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
  18. Yes metal cage do make it more serious, or it did for us.
  20. For any of the cbXXXX range airplane / modelling type glue works as does superglue. Both though will leave a whaite mark where the glue is, or has been. SO aethetically any repair is a temporary one until the replacement arrives. Most sellors or Millers themselves will replace one that splits if you have had it under a year. I never tried with one I'd owned longer.
  21. Steelworxx arriving any day now. Seriously, there should be no problems again. As long as I got the fit right.
  22. Before n after pics?
  23. We never really got back to the topic of taking chastity seriously, did we. -_-
    Just because one has a metal cage does not mean that chastity will be taken more seriously. I believe it all depends on the efforts one is willing to put into pleasing their KeyHolder. How important is that to you?

    “Do I really want my KeyHolder to be in complete control of me, sexually, whether that be inside or outside of the bedroom, or do I just want to be controlled on MY schedule?”

    It’s up to YOU.
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  24. Do you want your KeyHolder to do something for you(to you) more than ANYTHING??? Well, you better be MORE THAN WILLING to make your KeyHolder YOUR WORLD.
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  25. It's So Simple