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Supermarket security

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by suzy maid, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. My steel cage set of the security alarm as I entered AND left my local Tesco supermarket this morning. Luckily I was not challenged.

    I've not had this happen before.

    Does anyone have an explanation?
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  2. Mistress Lucy

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    Are you sure it was the cage? If that was the case surely shopping baskets would set the alarms off.
  3. Probably not the cage.

    As far as I'm aware I they detect magnetic strip tags or certain radio frequencies. Could you have had a tag somewhere on your person? Maybe in a wallet or in a bag you've used on a previous visit?
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  4. Definitely not the cage unless somehow you have magnetized it :)
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  5. A lot for security devices now days are RFID .You sure you didn't have an RFID tag from another store on you? Also maybe your Mistress tagged you :).
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  6. Metal detectors at Super markets? What has this world come to. You can't even go shopping with your cage on with out setting off alarms. Did you check your pockets. It could have been something in your pocket. ( a hand gun ) just kidding. LOL
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  7. Could it have been caused by your MAGNATIC PERSONALITY ?????
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  8. Yea, I know I spelt magnetic wrong
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  9. Any excuse to get a frisk down from the security guard....did you ask for a cavity search?
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  10. How about changing markets ?
  11. "bing bong! This is a customer announcement, there's an unexpected item in the bagging area" :D

    As tesco's would say. "every little helps?"

    Seriously hope it wasn't too embarrassing.
  12. I think as a public service you should go back dressed the same but uncaged!
  13. Most metal chastity devices are to my knowledge stainless steel... It is not magnetic.
    The cause of their alarm and subsequently of yours yours ... is not your chastity device.

    Also supermarket or store security alarms rely on detecting tags or stickers not all things ferrous.
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  14. i survived.