Superbowl Sunday at the cuck's house

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    Sunday, January 26th.. I had invited all of Jenn's friends and buddies from work for chips, beer and football. Jenn had agreed to be beer wench for three hours. Or did I miss something in the devilishness of her smile when she agreed to do it?

    The game is well into the 1st quarter and Oakland is up by 3. I catch Jenn whispering to Kevin just before she breaks away and heads to the bedroom laughing and looking back over her shoulder at me with Kevin's hand in tow. Giggles fade as they close the door.

    The game is pretty loud on our entertainment system.. and the guys are pretty vocal in support of their teams as well. I'm the one left fetching beers and refilling chips and snack bowls. But in the brief moments of quiet.. I can hear Jenn and Kevin fucking.. Jenn was never very quiet in bed but when on the business end of a real cock like Kevin's.. She cums like a porn star... loud, long and often.

    I catch a few guys perking their ears as if they're not sure what they just heard. I glance away as to not make eye contact. I don't want to be the one to tell them what's going on.. that Kevin is banging away at my wife.

    But it continues.. and the guys just laugh and whisper among them selves. Some of them look at me and chuckle.. others are a bit bewildered.

    The moans and grunts draw to a quiet pause.. just before we all hear Jenn call my name. All eyes to me.. as I shrug and go back to the bedroom dropping some dishes in the sink along the way.

    Once in the bedroom, Jenn starts in on me.. giggling.. "Hey you pathetic boi, guess what?" My answer is not even anticipated.. as she continues "Kevin here just fucked me like a real man. I mean he absolutely POUNDED my pussy full of cock and cum. Something you could never quite manage could you?" Again, my answer is not really required.. I stand in shame.. at the foot of her bed.. agreeing and secretly happy for her sexual gratification and for Kevin's obvious abilities in the sack.

    "Well?... Kevin's cock ain't gona clean it's self.. get those sissy lips of yours down here and wrapped round his cock quickly boi. Come clean us both."

    I step quickly to my task.. Thanking Kevin for his service.. as I tongue bathe them both. Slurping and licking cum from his shaft and balls.. from the bed sheets.. from her sopping wet pussy..

    As I finish Kevin.. He dresses and steps out of the room.. and back to the game. I turn my attentions back to Jenn.. She's just laughing and giggling softly.. "What.. tell me WHAT kind of man fetches drinks and snacks for a room full of guys about to fuck his wife? can you answer me that? How could you possibly call yourself a man knowing the same lips you use to form those words were not less than five minutes ago.. wrapped around the cock that had just given the many fuck your wife cant get from you?" My shame evident in my tears.. my arousal 'nearly' evident in my pants. "gawd you're pathetic.. go get me Joe. NOW!" She snaps..before I can react.

    I wipe Kevin's cum from my face, get up and walk to the front room.. and up to Joe. "Joe.." I motion for him to step into the kitchen with me. "Got a minute?" As he gets up, I notice that Kevin was whispering to a few guys and they've all stopped.. and are watching me.

    I turn to the dishes, unable to face Joe as he enters the kitchen. I start to speak softly. "Joe, you think Jenn looks good tonight?" "Dude.." Joe responds, "she looks as hot as ever-" "well she wants you" I interject "she's waiting in the bedroom for you right now. She wanted Kevin first --I'm sure you heard them both- because she is hoping that he.. and you.. will break the ice as it were for the others. When she finished with him.. I cleaned them both up."

    "So, are you up for it, will you fuck my wife?" I can barely hear the words from my own lips as I speak them blood is roaring in my head. Barely able to hide my nervousness.. none the less, I glance over to Joe and he's just making up his mind as he nods yes and says so. "She's back there.. waiting for you." I motion pointing my nose to the bedroom. Joe grins and turns .. walks and I can hear the door open then close.

    "BOI!.... BOI WE NEED YOU!" Jenn nearly bellows.. every guy has heard heard this.. I step hastily to the bedroom and enter. Joe is standing at the foot of her bed as I enter the bedroom. "Boi" She scoffs "Joe isn't quite 'ready' for me. --I'm sure you know what I mean. Would you be a dear and give him a helping hand.. or mouth as it were?" Though she is asking.. it's clear my compliance not up for discussion. I kneel in front of Joe and help him whith his zipper.. as I reach into his fly to pull out his thich eight inch cock, I can feel it begin to grow.. Joe puts his hands on my head to steady it on to his pole.

    His cock is sturdy enough to be guided by Joes hands.. I reach around and hold on to the back of his thighs as he starts to stab at my face with his cock. Joe jerkily finds his rhythm as he continues to pump my throat. I'm crying and gulping for air when I can.. it doesn't seem to be all that high of a priority for him that get anything but cock in my mouth and down my throat. With Joes back to the door.. my view of it is blocked by Joe him self, but in the periphery of my vision.. I sense movement.. and just as I turn my head slightly to see what the movement is.. Joes hands clamp down on my head blocking my vision as he pulls my face back and forth over his cock.. my lips stretching around it's meaty girth.

    "I think I'm ready now" Joe says with a note of haste in his voice. He steps back and with me still sucking.. he pulls me off balance as I fall to my hands -- he steps over me and on to the bed with Jenn. As I look up.. I see that the fellas have joined us in our bedroom.. every one of them are gathered in a circle around me at the foot of her bed. Joe is about to climb in bed with Jenn as she says... "Well boi.. don't just sit there like the pathetic sissy you are, start getting these MEN ready for me." With that, she lays back.. and motions for Joe to start fucking her.. and soon.. he's at it.. She's panting.. and near another orgasm but still conscious enough to make it clear that she's with a real man. "Oh gawd Joe.. fuck me.. fuck me like a man.. You're so huge.. so deep.. captain pathetic over there has never been this deep.. never so thick oh gawd yes.. fuck me.. fuck me so hard.. yes.." this continues.. as I feel a hand on my shoulder directing my body and head to the crotch of Mike.

    With one hand.. Mike holds my head -nose touching his crotch as he roughly unzips and drops his pants. His cock springs out and slaps against my forehead. Still holding my head.. he shoves his fat cock into my mouth and starts humping my face. All around me I hear zippers fall. I know this is gona be a long game day.

    At some point, Jenn had stopped fucking Joe long enough to give me a few additional instructions. "Ya know there tinky dinky.. you should be ASKING to suck these kind gentlemen's cocks before slamming that bitch skull of yours down on those REAL cocks. You should be ASKING them to please fuck your wife as only REAL men can." "yes Mistress" was all I managed between the sucking and gurggling noises Mike was making in the deep recesses of my throat.

    A few guys later.. Mike was fucking Jenn while she was giving Kevin his second blowjob of the day. As I rotated to the next guy standing in the circle Noticed that it was Jeff.. a big rough lookin' guy who looked like he'd created his share of prison bitches before. His cock was already free of his pants.. his large hands reaching for my head to impale it upon his long thin stick. He grinned a grin at me that left me feeling entirely ill at ease with what was to come. He held my head firmly and started fucking my throat deep.. At first, I fought for control.. but he pulled my head away.. and gave me a hard HARD slap. Cum and saliva sprayed off my face and splattered against the wall. From then on I fought only to keep my breath and composure while Jeff continued to rape my throat. He knew what he was doing... he would take me for three or four hard strokes then let me breath.. then gruffly pull my head back down over his pulsing cock.

    Suddenly, Jeff renewed his gasp of my hair.. and jerked my head back. My mouth was open.. gasping for air just as four other guys at either side of me were fisting their own cocks to completion. Mike held my head firmly back as each of the remaining four pumped their cocks free of cum into my wide open mouth. Mike slowly relaxes his grip and I kept my position as he unloaded his huge balls into my mouth. My face was covered with cum.. one of my eyes was 'glued' shut and I felt more than a little full in my belly. Choking through tear streaked face of shame, I thanked each man for his gift.. and for making my wife so happy in light of my inability to please her my self.

    I was sent out of the room to clean up and pull the apartment back together. All the while I could hear Jenn having the absolute time of her life fucking a room full of real men.

    One by one the guys left some of them would have me suck their cock again. Some would tell me what an amazing piece of tail Jenn was. I remember just enough to agree with them.. but it's been so long now, I couldn't really speak with any authority on the subject. It's been four and a half years since I've made love to my wife.

    As it turned out two of the guys stayed and slept in Jenn's bed while I slept on the couch that evening. I would be called in from time to time to fluff one of the guys.. or clean them all. I also brought them drinks and snacks.
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