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Super short cages are the fashion.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mascara^Snake, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. I can now say that I'm a member of the Super Short Cage Club. My Mistress locked it on me this Morning October 2. Maybe it's her plan for me to be locked in it for Loctober.
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  2. My new short cage.
    The short tube section is pretty small, and the head expands to fill the end part. The bars are thick enough to minimize pinching. The fact that the tube is pretty narrow and grabs the shaft and the head fills the cap feels very secure and captured to me. The cage part is 1.7" long inside (without the big base O ring).

    (when I wore a closed cap device with the big hole and smaller holes, like Jemima mentioned, I had a lot of pinching out of the center hole But adding a rubber grommet made it very comfortable for me. (mcmaster.com part 9600K14)

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  3. yes it is, nice device he makes:)
  4. I believe some people think its a contest to see who can have the smallest cage
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  5. well i don't. i has a tiny cage cos i got a tiny willy. and i always has had.
  6. love the 'mine's smaller than yours' theme... so submissive, yet so male!
  7. It’s like being in a contest to see who’s less competitive.
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  8. @keephimcaged@keephimcaged Did you already get to testing the device? It looks amazing and your reviews of chastity devices you own are really comprehensive and well written. Looking forward to reading this one!
  9. While I understand what you are saying, I would disagree from the perspective of cage design ... a design that has enough "bars" placed in a manner to keep things in helps tremendously. I used to wear a Jailbird now I wear a looker 01 that is 1/2 inch shorter and I have less (no) pinching of penis skin in the looker where I did get pinched on occasion in the jailbird.

    I'm in NO way knocking the jailbird, it is a great device, I'm saying that you have to find the device that works best with your anatomy and what you are trying to achieve, and that even the well endowed can find comfort in a short device (maybe not a 1 inch, but there is no need for 3 inches), especially when you get the girth measurement right to go with the length.
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  10. when you try and stuff 10 pounds in a pound sack you are gonna have some spill over.

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  11. Well I agree ... but to stay on topic ... when hard my device barely goes past the head of my dick ... yet somehow through the magic of the ever flexible penile tissue, I'm able to stuff the whole flaccid thing in that same amount of space ... go soak your penis in a bucket of ice water for 15 minutes, what ever size it is after that is all the cage size you need ;)
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  12. Ermagerd! I need to know, too! As soon as I saw the picture of it I went to Amazon and it's sitting in my cart now (just in case I change my mind) ;)
  13. I have had several different plastic versions of the cb6000s and all were to long. Just got a metal device that's 42mm long and 30mm wide. Fits perfect and it's very comfortable and secure
  14. Ian wears a cb6ks. I'm pretty sure I could squeeze him into a shorter one, but then it would be too discreet.

  15. Going shorter seems to have helped me a lot. I'm a little over 3.5" flaccid (unless I'm totally shriveled, which doesn't really count imo). My Jailbird was originally 3 5/8, then I got it shortened to 3 1/8 and I just had it shortened again to 2 7/8. My glans rests against the end of the cage pretty much all the time now.

    So despite the conventional advice of taking off 1/4" from your flaccid length I actually had to go to 5/8 before I was remotely comfortable. I think you have to go with whatever works for your anatomy, though. Maybe in the future I'll get a slightly wider but much shorter cage. For me, at least, cramming into the shortest cage possible seems to work best. :) I really like how it looks, too. And it's more discrete which makes me inclined to want to do more while wearing it.
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  16. Mine is super small, the inside length is just over 1.5 inches . its Chinese and the smallest one my Mistress could find. Its a perfect fit and very comfortable, which i need as my chastity is pemanent.
    Here is pic on My Mistress holding normal size device up against it, for maximum small penis humiliation

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  17. There is no room for an erection of any kind whatsoever. Its funny how your body gets used to it. I can feel a hardening inside my body sometimes though when i get super-aroused