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Super short cages are the fashion.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mascara^Snake, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Ok wear the one in my avatar - cheap cost easy to wear - it was worth the risk - I am at 70 day and counting
  2. Edit *2 inch base ring
  3. eBay as noted above:
    i got the 50 and 45 mm ring (they let you order extra rings at reasonable price. The insert can be cut to length ... i find that the longer, although it sounds fun is hard to drain and it therefore becomes a hygiene issue..i have now cut it so that it still is longer than the plane of the ring but drains ok.
    This is the smallest i've worn and i do love it but have yet to get to the long term (months) wear that i have managed with the open cage slightly larger varieties. Being closed over like a pepper pot is good (some would say) as it reduced access to those erogenous zones, but does make cleaning harder when it is so small and squashed against the scrotum. i am being encouraged to persist...which is what i will do....with a smile...as i do think it does a very good job at controlling me...my male side is totally denied ..and it is totally secure...and whats more it dos not create so much of a bulge in my panties..... ;-)
  4. You guys devices are soooooo small :eek:
    You should always ask for discounts to the manufacturers, as they use so little materials :D
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  5. giggle. :)
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  6. The cage above is what I'm wearing now. I guess for this post it's not very small. I have ordered a smaller and shorter cage like the ones in this post. I find it interesting that grown men are talking about how small they are or how small they can be. While when I was younger it was all about how big you were. How times have changed LOL
  7. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of those. I won't fit in the shortest cage, but I love the idea of being "confined" so completely.
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  9. Zebra, can you wear it 24/7? 70 days non-stop? Do you find that it is hard to dry the skin on you scrunched up shaft leading to redness or is it OK? It certainly looks great but a 30mm cage would be a big change from my current 2.5in JB!
  10. Yes 24/7 70 days with 50/60 more - I would go longer but I have a doc appt
    Really no issues - just have to keep it clean
  11. How is the tiny cage trial going so far?
  12. If Zebra's avatar is the device I think it is, I've got one also and it has been very comfortable. It was the one I was locked in for the final 4 months of my year and the one I'm locked in for what's turned into "at least" 2 months so far. Although I have my eye on a slightly smaller, closed device it appears this one is going to be my final device.
  13. small cage and the added pleasure of 6 adjustable screws

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  14. i'd love one of those ultra-short cages, but can't wear ball-trap devices anymore. The tube-only devices work well for me, but they don't really feel as restrictive as the ball-trap ones.
  15. 2in seems to be about right on me, if I cram into a smaller one, it's not staying n long, what im envious of is the guys that can order off the shelf devices, I had to buy custom so I could get a 2.25in solid base ring KIMG0185~2.JPG
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  16. Nice looking Contender. That’s from Mark at malechastitynow, am I right?
  17. We just got sent a teeny one to review on the blog, hubby's trying it this week so I'll report back. This is what it looks like:

    I kind of like the idea of a very small one as a bit of a punishment device, so interested to see how it goes.

    We did get sent one earlier in the year that was too small for him to even fit in it, but that was more a girth issue than length. It was very cool looking, called The Woody lol.
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  18. I've been experimenting with smallish Chinese devices and a couple home made devices. For me, I'm finding that I feel most secure and captured with a narrow short tube (like 1.15-1.25" ID) and then a larger open end that is easy to keep clean. With an entirely open design and a short device, I seem to have foreskin that will move around and squeeze out gaps and gets pinched very easily. The tube, even a short one, solves this. Then having the head open, with sort of thick bars to reduce pinching, seems to work well.

  19. What do you do with the extra skin, I have noticed that I could fit in smaller too but loose skin comes from all the gaps and makes bruises(uncircumcised)
  20. just another 1.5" (3.8cm) locked and collared day.

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  21. How you guys can wear a cage as small as these I just don't know. Do the wearers of these devices experience early morning arousal?
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  22. No. If it's that small you don't get any erection at all. Therefore you don't get aroused. That's why they don't suit everyone, many like the feeling of an erection, even though it's denied.

    You would be surprised how squishy a penis can be. You could fit into one of these.
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