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Super short cages are the fashion.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mascara^Snake, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. I think they look great.
  2. Ms Amanda - Does mine count as "Super Short"? It is 50mm mm from the front of the ring to the end. It feels great when it is on but it is a struggle to tuck everything in. I would never be able to do it if my Mistress was in the room with me.
  3. Just been researching. My device is 65mm from the back of the ring (this is the dimension that the adverts give). The cages go down to 45mm. Does that mean that I will have to downsize?
  4. like the looks of them too. been looking at getting a 2 in one over all , it is funny when I was younger wanted it bigger now think its hot to see how small it can go .
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  5. If anyone had informed me that I would have initiated a cage size thread I never would have believed them.
    However, we just acquired a cheap Chinese one for a trial and I'm really taken with it.
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    Glad you like... i have worked down to what i think is my limit...which leaves no room at all for manoeuvre.. along with the insert it is pretty secure too..

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    oops...that came out bigger than expected! lol...
    i have come to love it though...and am pleased i can now carry it longer term..

    [Bigger you say? How small did you mean it to be? ;) Xx Verity]
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  8. Isn't it amazing how squishy the average penis is.
  9. We got mine as a short term tease option but my wife loves it and wishes it didn't cause irritation after a few days. I love how confining it is!
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  10. @CorsetJane@CorsetJane , where did you find one so very small? That would be perfect for me and would really serve to further minimize the bulge in my panties. I'm sitting here feeling that confined already and it seems delightful!
  11. I don't even want to know what it would take to get it stuffed into something that small
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  12. I have a device that small, is very comfy and fits like a glove. It's the 25mm one that was on Amazon.

    One problem though. Being that small left no room for moisture to escape and irritation was inevitable. I suppose if removed daily for a thorough washing everything would be fine, but she doesn't want to be bothered with me asking for the key daily, and I didn't like the temptation.

    My current one is 32mm and has just enough room to air out a bit.

    I will say that some of my undies don't fit quite as well with my current device, were purchased with the smaller cage or being cage free in mind.
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  13. Both of mine are fairly small, I posted pictures of each of them. I thought my slightly longer one would work out best for longer term wear, but I've discovered that the short one is actually the most comfortable. It is 1 1/2" long. The very first cage that I bought was twice as long and nearly twice as wide, my little thing looked silly in it and it fell off. lol
  14. Keyword "Average" ;)
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  15. @CorsetJane@CorsetJane oooh jane that's my one but my one has not got the thingy in the middle. i has my one on at nitetime.

    new cage 3.jpg
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    So far the only cage I found that fits.

    [Verity the lovely moderator writes: I've adjusted the image for now, but in future please post any large pics to your photo album here, and then link to them? Thumbnail size is fine for threads. Thanks]

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  17. I recently got 52 mm and a 28 mm cages. The 52 mm fits nicely and I want to wear it long term, but I need to bend the base ring to stop my tiny balls from slipping through. I have tried the 28 mm one, but it may be too small for me! I think I should try a little "harder" next time.
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  18. mine is the one I use for an avatar.i think it is as small as one can get.once I am in it is pretty comfortable considering the head is the only thing in the cage.
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  19. Gosh no you could fit into one a quarter of that size.
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  20. which
    which model?
  21. It's the same as Corsetjanes and Jemimas (pictured above)
  22. Ebay
  23. Maybe if you can fit in to one amanda
  24. I've tried two other's a silicone one that was junk. And a much smaller one but the base ring was just a hair to small needs to be a inch base.