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Suggestions for Vanilla Domme Clothing

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mistress Jules, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. I suspect that the idea that people go around projecting attitude is a bit wishful thinking, and a bit more like 'resting bitch face'.
    Clothes matter, if they didn't then men would have dropped wearing suits long ago - instead they wear them and allow others to make unreliable assumptions about how competent they are.

    The aim of my post was to point out that certain fashion styles have also been fetishised, yet they remain in the mainstream. Someone scene aware would pick up on those cues and recognise a likely dominant.
    Heels, pulled back hair and liquid eye-liner are all mainstream, but on one person, maybe a domme.

    It's no different than when Kristen Stewart was wearing Converse and braces and yet dating Pattinson. To those that knew, she was obviously signalling something different and lesbians worldwide formed an orderly queue.
    Had she been projecting her inner otherness in jeans and baggy jumpers like the residents of Hebden Bridge, then maybe we'd have to wait for her to say something.

    A male in chastity is reasonably only going to be thinking about his penis 24/7, and maybe not so much of his Mistresses sartorial choices, so 'comfy domme' is perhaps inevitable, I just don't see doing the opposite is somehow invalid now that everyone can read minds.
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  2. Mistress Jules

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    Oct 27, 2013
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    At present my daily wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirt and trainers, with a hoodie if it is cold. Dressing up means trousers, t-shirt, very often trainers or ankle boots and a jacket or jumper.

    My shoe collection is sparse - 1 pair of heeled business shoes, 2 pairs of knee length boots one flat and one heeled with multiple trainers. There are an extra couple of pairs of shoes but with 6 inch heels they are for dungeon wear.

    In my defence, there are multiple corsets, stockings and floor length skirts, unfortunately they are not particularly useful for day to day wear lol.
  3. "Pish" as we say here
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  4. Actually I'll go further and say that I find your attitude offensive.
  5. I don't think clothing is what makes the woman...........rather the opposite actually - but for those that respond to stereotypes the Lula Forrest cropped leather trousers seem to "have it all going on" as they say.......