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Submissive awakening! Man to sissy, in a week!

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Tinytina, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. This post is mainly about my mind set. Since i was a kid, as most CD's start wearing moms, sisters, or a friends sisters clothes at a young age. I put on my friends moms bikini when i was about 8 and saw myself stealing her skirts, panties and bras. Thier daughter was my age and more my size and style so of course i stole those too. I have always been a straight normal male with a fetish of being controlled, forced to dress and act like a lady, and serve a cock. But as most its always been kept to myself. Throught the last 20 ish years i have continued to dress on and off behind my ladies back. Recently my new gf said she wabted me to be caged and she like control, but wont touch my ass and deff wont dress me up.

    We got my first cage about a week ago. My clitty as i know see what i am, is almost 9 inches long and extremely thick. The cage I recieved had several rings and of course the biggest one fit very snug, but tolerable. When i tried to put the cute pink cage on my clit, it instantly went hard and wouldnt go on at all. I lubed the crap out of thw cage, iced my clitty and finally got it on about half-way onto my soft clit, and locked it. There was 2/3's of my clit overflowing the cage, it felt so good.

    Next my plug came in. And I have been caged for about 4 straight days now, plugged every day for about 16 hrs a day. I have been looking at sissy hypnosis videos, cd pictures/videos, and i realize i am ment to serve. I am a sissy! My only worry and fear is where i am and my reputation. I really what to move far away and start over as a women where noone knows me!

    The minute i was locked up i knew! Life is better in panties, with my pussy filled!
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  2. Congratulations, Tinytina, on declaring your sissyhood. It's exciting and liberating, isn't it. Once I admitted to myself that I was and always would be a submissive cocksucker I finally was at peace with myself. Have you served cock yet?
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  3. @Tinytina@Tinytina welcome to here and I hopes you like here. You are very very big there.
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  4. The title to your thread is a bit amusing, as I am sure this whole thing took more than a week. lol.....
    Have fun and best to you in your new adventure.
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  5. I agree. My guess is that sissy gestation begins earlier. I knew by the time I was 7 that I was more girl than boy.
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  6. It will probably take several more weeks to learn to be at ease with the sissy mindset, to forget about your penis and to get fully accustomed to dressing, walking, talking and acting like a sissy! The journey is such a delight!
  7. Agree totally with my girlfriend DonnaSue, who is my role model. I'm not yet a sissy (that will be my wife's decision) but I've loved my gradual feminization. You will, too. No going back now, girl!
  8. Yes, a few nights ago i ran into another gurl and started to chat, finally we ended up dressing up together later that night. We decided i should call a male friend over and we got to enjoy his tasty meat!
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  9. Am glad you did it. Was that your first cock?
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  10. Dressed yes. But it was really my 7th... i ended up on the bottom. When we were done, i tried to put my plug back in and it kept falling out!
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  11. It's much nicer on the bottom, isn't it? Perhaps you need a bigger plug, but not too big. Would hate to ruin that pretty rosebud.
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