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Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by thunderheld, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Hey all,

    Since my (and many other wanna-be subs) attempts to find a nice female mistress has miserably failed, even when trying to develop a good relationship first, and not just lurk/post classified posts... I have come up with another idea (which I am sure has been carried out before).

    I am looking for another sub either male or female, to befriend, and eventually, take turns in domming one another. This could be in daily, 2 day, 3 day, or even weekly intervals. This person would be respectful of my limits, and kinks, as well as I would be there, and a set of rules, and expectations would be set before anything started. I think this would not only be a lot of fun, but also would teach wanna be subs that can't find a mistress what it is like on both sides of the relationship.

    If you have any interests, please post or PM me.

    Thanks for reading
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