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Stroppys prototype full belt

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by slave stroppy, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. just a quick update the chap texted me yesterday asking if i could pop over to the workshop to see what they had been up to with the belt so i went there dinner time today. Wow! its starting to look like i imagined it should have now and as he was keen to progress with it i asked him if he would like me to try it on while i was there and give him instant feedback about any alterations etc thus it was i was seen heading to the tiny shop floor toilet clutching a mass of stainless steel. The waistband fitted lovely just needed a little bending to shape me correctly and once that was on i fitted the new part i asked him to make based on my drawing i did for him. The idea was that where some folk have a collaring ceremony and always wear a collar i wanted it to be possible to lock on the belt but it is fitted with a cock ring included in the design and this is locked in place meaning you do not have to remove the belt at all so it could be like a wedding ring is worn permanent. It also helps to make everything so much more secure once in place. Next i fitted the cock tube onto the belt and it sat really well although the length of the ready made item i purchased off e-bay is too long and needs to be shortened a bit, finally the outer cage was placed over the whole assembly and the nuts tightened up "this will be a lock on the final design and boy was it scary ! The waist belt is thicker than my standard one i have and also wider slightly so feels so much more substantial around the waist. The outer cage needed
    reshaping as it is too big at present but once the tube is trimmed down as well the final shape should be ready. I had taken a spanner and screwdriver into the toilets to fit things and he was passing them over the stall door while i fitted them before he went out while i fiddled around with things. When i came to remove the outer cage as it was too large i could not remove it and started getting into a panic trying to prise it off the studs !!!!!!!! only had a phillips screwdriver which wouldnt help me. Anyway i did get it off eventually and made a note of which bits needed which done to them and started taking photos of it in place on my phone. I then dressed and went out into the workshop and started explaining what had and had not worked and they could not believe i had the belt and cock cage on under my work clothes. He cut the outer cage down with a grinder leaving me with the base shape so i could try it over the whole belt without it fouling the cock tube and we shaped it slightly more to sit closer to the body. I had come up with an idea of how a steel cable or rod could be fitted and then removed if wanted while the belt was locked on which would pass up the butt crack and add security but also allow a butt plug etc to be locked in place and he marked out how and where it would fit. I had even come up with the new name for the belt we are aiming to call it " Behind Bars" and the slogan would be something like all slaves need to be behind bars. The Behind Bars sign would be laser etched on that panel at the rear of the waistband with a couple of steel bars like a cell door by the side of it. The section has also been extended down slightly to incorporate the cable pivot and lock for the crotch. I suggested that we could describe the various stages of attachments as they can be worn complete or in different levels such as cock ring only, or cock cage, or outer cage only, or the whole lot as being different prisons such as wormwood scrubs through to alcatraz......... anyway i digress lol the whole thing is scarily coming to fruition and we are hoping that they could soon make up the finished item fully polished and gleaming and get me to post some pictures and see how many we can sell.....maybe early Christmas presents............do you need your man " Behind Bars"?
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  2. Pictures to come soon but it is going to look so secure and solid in its final guise so hopefully the wait is nearly over for all this effort in getting it into a saleable state.
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  3. yes keep us updated....sounds like your having a wonderful time with your belt design;)
  4. very interested in the final product. would love to find out more
  5. @slave stroppyslave stroppy sounds like it has come on leaps and bounds ..well done!
  6. Thanks for the responses rest assured as soon as i have some sparkly pictures of the belt i will post them here and then hopefully maybe some will be sold.
  7. i too am very interested to see how it turns out!
  8. Well its been a while but i have just collected the latest version of the new belt and i have to say it is starting to look like i had hoped almost a year ago, there are still bits to do such as the crotch fixing rod but the overall look and feel is very near to how i had hoped it would be. The belt comes in different sections so you can wear and be locked in various stages of steel and shown is an example of the waistband after a colour powder coat had been added this will allow any colour to be specified to make the belts that much more individual if stainless steel polished is not your thing. More pictures will be in my album. For now its a case of trying it out for the weekend and seeing whats needed next.

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  9. Thanks philfred
  10. The new belt looks quite impressive. It looks that it shouldn't need much as far as adjustments. I look forward to your update on the final adjustments.
  11. its ever so big and strong looking.
  12. Nice to see the belt leaves access to tease or torment the wearer! <weg>
  13. Thanks for the feedback folks and i have listened Rita to the various comments made about the access etc with regard the keyholders position as much as the wearers and hopefully a balance can be struck. Work in progress as they say and yes Jemima it is big and strong looking and when its locked on there is no mistaking that its there until its removed by the keyholder. The final shape of the outer cage should have a smaller profile than this one as this is a very fiddly thing to get just right allowing room for the toys! and the inner cock tube so a little more fine tuning before all is finalised. Am loving the feedback especially with regard to possible improvements or just personal tastes as the guys in the workshop are not "into" the scene so everything we are doing is just my take on things from my experience gained thus far.
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  14. What do you think it will cost to sell?
  15. i do wish i knew! the chaps keep making comments that i have cost them a fortune so far what with all the various changes and alterations they have knocked up but that is the trouble with them not being "into" the scene, they cannot picture initially the details that are required to be able to wear something like this. I am hoping that the final design once chosen and finished will allow for a quicker build cost so hopefully aiming around mid range. Maybe they will have to sell a few to start with at a lower cost to get them out there in public but i do think they will be competitive and at least they will be home grown British.
  16. Well the chaps in the workshop have been really busy recently afte I showed them some really positive feedback from members here and on fetlife about the new belt, so thanks for that all. They now seem to have really gotten the finished item in their minds as well as it has been in mine, it is having a couple of tweaks to the crotch fixing points and also a new lock is being fitted to see if it looks neater. There is also talk of changing the cock ring section slightly to make it interchangeable with different sized rings to suit the individual weare exactly. The belt feels very very secure when in place now with no access to any bits that have been locked away, now we are on
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  17. @slave stroppyslave stroppy At some point you need to stop fiddling and get it for sale. Remember when others release a belt it is never 100 right and until you sell some you will never know. Maybe you should get them to make some pre production models.
    Slave baby Phil
  18. Your,e a bit of a mindreader I think phil when we met on tuesday that was more or less the decision we came to, they are going to make up around ten to start off with and sell them off at cost just to get the ball rolling and we shall probably take the belt up to the BBB in birmingham to see wif this any interest there. Have you still got that contact at uberkinky? you mentioned before who might be interested.
  19. @slave stroppyslave stroppy yes ... Pm me please. I want one, I will road test it for you.
  20. i will put you on my list mate and let you know
  21. Any update on the sale?