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Strange Question

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by Joshers2005, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. This may be an odd question, but I am thinking of making my own cheap hands-free masturbator somewhat similar to the Venus2000 for under $50 using:
    • a $10 cheap penis enlargement pump that could side up and down my shaft (See Picture)
    • a $30 Pneumatic Pulsator (See Picture)
    • More Plastic Tubing and a Y Splitter

    The reason I am making this is because I used to enjoy masturbating with my old penis pump and my own mouth. I held the tube with my teeth as I sucked and blew into the tube, creating this amazing sensation as the pump massaged my shaft to the rhythm of my own mouth...and the orgasm was amazing. Sadly, sucking and blowing often made me too tired before my climax due to the heavy breathing back and forth and the tube falling out of my mouth when blowing the air back. I am thinking that a milking pulsator will take care of my "blowing back air" part and I can just suck the tube leading into the pulsator.

    Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 7.30.22 PM.jpg

    Will the pulsator only provide a rhythmic suction, which will only enlarge the penis when in the pump...Or will the pulsator provide both rhythmic suction and blowing, causing the pump to slide back and forth. I am curious to know and remember, I cannot afford a custom cage and I cannot afford a real masturbation machine as I only have a $50-60 limit.

    Let me know.
  2. Search YouTube and the internet to find a low cost one you can make yourself quickly. Many videos of that circulating.
  3. Such a device would be useless in my house!
  4. The reason this is a strange question is you have asked it in the Chastity Mansion, a place where the vast majority of us are banned from masturbating. It's like asking for help with building a home made spirit still in a forum dedicated to Alcoholics Anonymous!
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  5. ooh giggle. or it like asking for a big joint of meat in a veggie shop. :)
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  6. I asked my husband about it, he said I should suck it and see!

  7. I just searched YouTube now and I learned a lot of very interesting things. I got my answer in a unique way. I also realized that I was not sucking my cock back and forth with the tube in my mouth; I was actually milking my cock like the Venus2000 does, but a lot slower with no control dials. Surprise surprise. If I do get a pneumatic pulsator, it will both suck and receive air but at a faster pace and shorter ratio. It could still work to what I need.

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong site. You are correct about the fact that it is not a good place but there were topics about the Venus2000 on this site before.

    Anyways, I believe that my answer has been solved.
  8. I also want to let you know that I will not be getting neither of these devices. First off, the Venus2000 is a stroking machine, not a sucking machine. I actually want to feel the sensation of sucking myself. The pulsator will not provide the right type of airflow and in order to get a good milking machine, you need a liner that will grasp you penis and milk it with the pulsator.

    Therefore, none of these options are for me. Not meant to be caged and not meant to make a home-made masturbator machine. I made a homemade chastity device and it failed...so I am not the right type of person to make homemade things.

    This thread is closed and I will be leaving.