Stem Cell Research

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    Stem Cell Research

    You cant blame a technology for how it has impacted your life.
    And many have benefited already from stem cell research.
    New limbs grown after accidents that would have left people disabled.
    It is a miracle technology indeed. You cant blame a technology for how it has impacted your life.
    And many have benefited already from stem cell research.
    New limbs grown after accidents that would have left people disabled.
    It is a miracle technology indeed.

    My life has changed however through the application of this technology
    by my wife, Jane. We started experimenting 3 years ago.
    We enlarged my cock slightly, and her clit. I had an extra inch, taking me from
    an average size to 7", it increased my girth too. My wife's clit being enlarged to
    1 inch long. She liked playing with my balls, and they were the next to be increased.
    The dose we used was a little strong for my liking and they more than doubled in size.
    I now had 5 inch orbs in my 10 inch long scrotum.

    Within 3 months of our new enlarged sexuality, my wife wanted a 2nd increase.
    She gave my cock an extra 3 inches taking me to a 10 inch giant. My girth increased
    proportionally, my cock had become 4 inches thick. She took her clit to 4 inches.
    I told her I thought she looked too big, but she compared her clit with my mammoth
    cock and said she was quite small in comparison.
    Summer came and her brother, James and wife came over, Jenny. We were sun bathing in our costumes in the


    I was embarrassed about presenting myself in my swim gear to them. As we all disrobed, it quickly became
    apparent that they had been playing with the technology too. Jenny proudly boasted that James was 1 foot long,

    and she was now 5 inches. Jane was not one to be out beaten, and claimed we were planning on doing some more


    Not to be out played by her sister-in-law and brother, that night she treated us both some more.
    2 weeks later, we went around their place for a BBQ and party, and I was proudly carrying an 18 inch monster,

    my girth had reached 5 inches. Jane's clit was now 6 inches long, a good size for a penis let alone a clit.
    We certainly stole the show, we got more attention than James and Jenny. Everyone was interested in chatting
    and every female was flirting with me. Trying to get a good look at my bulge.

    After the guests had gone home, we retired to the lounge and drank and chatted. Jenny wanted to see in the

    flesh our new monster parts so we obliged if they followed suit. I was 1st to strip, everyone staring

    intensely as I drew done my undies. My wife proudly smiling and grinning at my monster 18 inch serpent.
    My wife followed suit, her 6 inch clit hanging elegantly from her woman mound. James and Jenny followed.
    His 15 incher looking impressive but small compared to me. He had obviously had more treatment in the past 2

    weeks. Jenny dis-robed and her beautiful naked form enhanced by a 5 inch clit was causing a stir in my loins.

    James was finding the view of my wife equally exciting, our wives also. Our organs all started to salute in


    Erecting a 18 incher was proving to be difficult. My erection was approaching 24 inches. and maybe 7 inch

    girth. It was going hard, for short amounts of time, and going soft again. Looking over I could see James was

    having similar problems to me, he was staying harder longer than I due to his smaller size but not for much


    Our wives looked on initially with disappointment but then looking at each other's clits began to grin. Jane,

    with her slightly larger clit obviously feeling dominant to Jenny. She led Jenny to the floor, and lay on top

    of her, missionary position and slowly inserted her erect clit into her pussy.

    "Wow, boys, this is good, is it this good for you too, or is it better for us, cos our clits are more


    With that she withdrew, and let Jenny penetrate her.

    "Wow I see what you mean, this is amazing, truly amazing".

    We watched in awe as the 2 girls fucked each other with their new enlarged woman-hoods as our large and

    cumbersome man-hoods continually dysfunctioned.

    When they had finally finished they're frenzied fucking session, after putting on a frustrating 30 minute show

    for us boys, we asked the girls what we could do.
    I suggested cutting our cocks off and growing them back. But that was met with a big "no way guys!" from our


    "Do you know how much it cost to get big beautiful cocks like those. They look awesome, beautiful, sexy, they

    are a big turn on to us girls"
    "Yes, but we cant use them. They don't work any more!"
    "They do work, they turn us on just seeing them, magnificent, giant meaty man-snakes hanging there.
    They may not work for you but they certainly work for us."

    Jenny agreed "yes, that was the best sex ever, and seeing your big man cocks rising and falling, trying to get

    stiff enough to screw us was a big part of it."
    "And another thing, every woman wants a man with a mammoth snake like that so you can forget about cutting it.

    Its staying!"
    "And that goes for you too James!" retorted Jenny.

    Jane and Jenny came over to me, lent down and started to suck and chew on my big man-snake. The tingling felt

    I was trying to erect but still couldn't. The rising and falling pattern continued.
    They gave me a minute of fun, and then Jenny did the same to James. The effect was the same.
    "Oh poor boys, you have got the most beautiful cocks ever. You know for us, fucking with our clits is so much

    better than being fucked by a cock anyway. Its better for you to have a big monster useless cock than a small

    working one, cos I wont take anymore cocks in me. Clits are here to stay. So you'd better get used to those

    big beauties dangling between your legs."

    That was over 2 years ago, and James and I have both recently reached the 24 inch mark. We are used to the

    viewing sex lifestyle. Watching unlimited orgasms of our wives at play. We of course, watch naked, delighting

    our wives, with our mammoth organs continually attempting and failing to erect.
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    Another Party, Another Idea.

    Jane, Jenny, James and I were invited to another party. It was a garden party of a work colleague of Jenny's, a lady called Pam. In these days of mamoth organs it was an eye opener.

    Everyone was naked as expected. But James and I were the only men with giant if not somewhat useless organs. All the other men had large ball sacs but tiny bud-size penises. Even bud is too big a word, maybe 10% of the size of an natural size clit.

    What's going on here then Pam asked our women folk, looking at our giant manhoods. "Do you like them?" Jen asked.
    "Not really." Pam replied. "They're a bit macho."
    "Macho!?" piped in Jane. "They cant erect them or use them."

    "yes, but they are big. And the boys can be proud of their bigness. The new fashion is the other way. Bigger than natural balls for punching and a tiny penis that could satisfy a fly. It's so small the nerve endings dont branch properly. It is a tiny piece of lifeless penis material. It is just visible to put him in his place.
    "And of course a nice sized clit, to allow us to do the penetrating of our fellow females. Now that girls is what we call female-domination."

    "But as you have brought such big man meat. Cut those things off, slap them on the BBQ and we can have a good meal. I'll sort the boys out with the right levels to give them the dead flesh penis-bobbles."

    James and I looked worriedly at the girls.
    "What are you waiting for boys. To the BBQ, we have some meat to cut off." Jenny ordered.

    :haha4: not
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