Steelwerks Extreme (Thoughts and Experience)

Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by scott Kelly, Jan 10, 2010.

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    STEELWERKS V.2.jpg I've been out of the Steelwerks Extreme Tube for about a week. Em has enjoyed teasing me and wanted easy access. But in about thirty minutes Darius, my wife's black lover, is coming over for a lunchtime quickie and Em wanted me locked up again.

    I've had some chores to do while she gets ready for him. In particular, she had me clean the bathroom and lay out clean towels for them after they fuck. She also had me take out all the trash, including the recyclables. She knows that I believe the waste disposal industry is totally mobbed up and recycling is just a scam. The recyclables require a long walk to the other side of the complex and she makes me do it just to torture me, I think. She was particularly strict and impatient with any imperfections in my service to her. But, of course, this menial stuff is just the run-up to Darius' arrival.

    There's been some private correspondence between them that included some discussion of me. That's all I know. So you can imagine how distracted I am.

    I wish I could touch myself but that's out of the question. The revisions that Chris at Steelwerks did for our device has made long term chastity in steel a reality that was long sought after by Em and I. But now that we have it, Em has decided to change how we do chastity.

    For now, she wants to lock me up for extended periods, say six weeks to three months, then have me out for a while. She likes having my penis available for tease and torture and, though she has pointed out that she's not a spontaneous sort, getting at my penis and balls is for her the exception that proves the rule.

    The revisions that Chris made were a minor change in the size of the ring- just a 32nd of an inch- and a return to a hinged ring design. He also made a screw for attaching the ring to the tube that works with an Allen wrench instead of his standard proprietary key.

    I have a problem now and then with one of my nuts pulling through most cock rings in standard sizes. If I get a ring that's excessively small, then I have chafing issues. In the past, I've had to settle for something too small or too loose. Having an Allen screw system allows me to reposition my balls without being able to remove the tube. The precise sizing has reduced the frequency of the pullout problem. These are the little extras that you get from Steewerks that most other makers aren't able to provide. And the service and commitment to customer satisfaction are what dreams are made of. Chris is a great guy and part of the fun of working out your dream toy with Steelwerks is getting to know him.

    Gotta run. Darius just drove up.

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